Social Work exam review

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Great class and a useful tool for study
I was looking for some opinions and feedback not just some definitions of ADHD.
Wondering why it fades out? Is that just happening to me? I like what I'm hearing so far, but notice I'm not getting the full lecture.
Many do the episodes are decent; however, many of them are so poorly recorded that you can't understand anything. Add that to the "ummm" and "uhhh" that occurs every 15 seconds, and you might want to skip this one.
The information is good but very outdated. Study an up to date book as well
this was great...i'm using this to study for my exam. I have also attended a prep class which helped me to understand questions and how to study. I'll give an update in a couple of months after the results of my test. In a few short months I can officially call myself a licensed social worker in the beautiful islands of hawaii ^_^ I just LOVE ITUNES