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I love and relisten to this podcast because there's frequent conversation about how atheist, skepticism, and rationalism interact with real life issues. The normal hosts are also very funny.
I used to love this podcast. I've listened for many years. Lately though, I can't stand Jeff constantly talking over the other two members of the show. I wonder if the other two realize how women feel now?
Fantastic show
This is the only podcast I don't hear at 2x speed. My only comment: Jeff Dee calling on Russell for not being more prepared, total douchery. When you start paying him a salary for being in the podcast, you can review his performance. Other than that, perfect. And I'm not even a gamer!
These guys are the best. The show is essentially live, don't expect edited perfection. Dennis, Russel, and Jeff just work so well together. It's not rare to get appearances from other ACA all stars and big names in the atheist world, make this show a delight. Great content even if you are not from Austin.
Outstanding show, BUT... Someone please tell Dennis to back his nostrils off the mic? Hearing his frustrated breathing throughout the episodes is fairly annoying.
So good, I've listened to the entire backlog. There are quite a few atheist podcasts these days but this one is the best in my opinion. Fans of the Atheist Experience will love this little jewel that's been going strong for over ten years. Smart, insightful, funny, entertaining and very very blasphemous :)


By aWHOfan
The Non Prophets is the top 5 podcaast on Atheism. Each episode brings up great dialog. Explains why Atheism makes sense. Really like S... Apologist Say. Show brings humor and true stories from around the world. 2015
Topical, hilarious accents, and great commentary.
Added to my regular rotation of podcasts. Signed, A Thoughtful Dissenter.
This is the greatest show to sit bac and listen to for hours on end. Thanks ACA and Dennis... Keep up the good work!
One of a few shows I rely on to keep me going. I have listened to them all and think it really gets better with time. I hope they keep it up for years to come. Om a side note its awesome to knoe some pf my favorite atheists had so much to do with my growing up. I wouldnt be half the neckbeard I am today without D&D and all those video games you guys helped to make!
Helps atheists not feel alone in this world. Thanks.
One of the best podcats ever. Great discussions... keep them coming.
Articulate and clever discussions on topical issues of interest to atheists.
I have loved this show from day one. There are a lot of shows where a group of people talk about the news but not all do it well. The Non-Prophets give good insights to the headlines while keeping the listening fun. It feels more like you’re listening in on a conversation between friends and less like a radio show which works well for the show.
Gives me my fix of overthought rationality, every 2 weeks or so
Seriously i went thru multple episodes of dang near every atheist podcast out there. Found some good ones but none hold a candle to these guys. These dudes are atheist gods (and godesses)!!! They cement my conviction that religeon is just a big fiction. Thank GOD for atheism.
All of these guys are awesome, but Jeff Dee is my hero.
This crew consisting of a few Atheist Community of Austin members consistently produces quality humorous news, listener mail, and “Sh!t internet apologists say!” Spot on and love listening to them in the car.
I am a newly out of the closet Atheist in NYC and I just can't stop listening to each and every podcast you guys have made. Boy, do I have a lot of catching up. I started with the first 24 podcasts starting from 2005 and I haven't gotten bored with it at all. Dennis, Jeff, Russell, and Matt also, you are truly opening my eyes. If only you were on cable, I would watch every one of them. you guys are now my idols [don't worry I won't stalk you guys]. But if you're ever travel to NYC I'll be there to shake yours hands. The education and entertainment I'm getting from you guys is priceless!!!! I wish I could put more stars, five is not enough. All you need to do is play Losing My Religion as your theme song and I'll die happy man [hopefully in the very far future].
A fun show with talented hosts and interesting topics. Give it a listen!
I love to question myself.. It keeps me sharp...but i really would respect that in the podcast I listen to you do more homework. You will win more listeners if you answer harder questions and not just jump on the media wagon.. Christians do have good points at times.address those issues that deal with death and this life is all we have so we should live it!!!!This is IT!!!!!


By Voodoo6
this was a good show in the past, this new version is pretty aweful though. jeff dee's ravings are about as enjoyable to listen to as scratching a chalkboard, dennis is about as insightful as a bag of hair... russel remains the only bright spot. ill still tune into the AExp but this show is a dud and there are plenty of other athiest podcasts more deserving of my time. so long and thanks for the fish.
So happy you're back again. Don't stop working so hard. We appreciate you. There are a LOT of podcast like this out there but I find myself waiting for this one in particular.
I love the show and am so glad it's back. But now, GB has fallen off of the face of the planet. Your fans love all of you at the ACA.
Love the podcast except one thing...Dennis has absolutely no mic etiquette and makes disgusting breathing noises everytime he says anything, when you listen to this on headphones it's disturbing to say the least.
THat is basically it. I really like this show the best of the three ACA produce. I think Denis Loudet is excellent with his introductions and I really miss them. Justin Jackson from TWIS tries to have the clever opening but Denis is way ahead of the game in that area. Come on back guys or at least mention when it will be back on one of there other shows. Thanks and look forward to new episodes.
What is the maximum effective range of an excuse?
This podcast is essential to the dissemination of clear and well-thought-out arguments for a secular state.
It's like The View but for people with brains.
If you are an atheist or simply like the topic, this is the show
I am so glad to see The Non Prophets back, in all their podcast glory, after a long hiatus. This show has meant a lot to me, as the only atheist in my family, these shows have helped to keep me sane. I really appreciate all of the hard work that goes into this, and the time that is sacrificed. The shows are a great mix of funny, and serious, with news items being discussed, the occasional special guest, and of course, lively debates and discussions, making this one of the best Atheist podcasts out there.
Insightful discussion from a fun group of Atheists.
Love the podcast. Bummed that it's been such a very long time since you have put out a new show. Oh well. It was fun while it lasted....hope there's a bit more in the tank.
This show is so entertaining, always interesting, and the hosts are witty, smart, and fun to listen to. If you're an atheist/liberal looking for some commentary on religion and politics, look no further! I promise you, you'll be hooked after listening to one episode.
It's not often you hear the word "inspirational" used to describe anything related to atheism, but that's what this and the public access show from the same folks are to a closet atheist such as myself. It gives me hope that someday, I can break free of these bonds of fake servitude to an invisible man in the sky. And even if that never happens, it lets me know I'm not alone out there; that there are others who think like me. And sometimes, that's just enough to stay sane.


This show is vulgar and crude, but thats what makes it so great! Thanks guys! Keep up the good work!
If you can find the right episode you will enjoy it but you may want to dig a little
It's liked a pimped out Atheist Experience.
Tired of going 1+ months without a new "weekly" show


By Ajshig
Keep up the good work guys
Tried listening to an episode, but the amount of P-popping (and to a lesser extent, Bs and Ts) renders this show unlistenable with headphones.
I enjoy the topics discussed on this podcast but listening to these guys argue for half of the show about small details gets old fast. Will stick with the Atheist Experience and Matt without all the rest of the dead weight.
Great podcast covering news and church/state issues from an atheist perspective. Unscripted, informal, with a tone that ranges from the very serious to downright silly. Occasionally it rambles on a little bit, but that's all part of the informal charm. Definitely one of the best atheist podcasts out there.
There are plenty of podcasts that let us enjoy our freaky, nonsensical beliefs. Some of them even claim to be skeptical. This is not one of those podcasts. The Non Prophets are not accommodationists. They are not gentle and ancient souls who are willing to set aside their informed beliefs for the benefit of flakes and kooks. If you're looking for that sort of bottle-feeding, look elsewhere. The Non Prophets will not cuddle you and tell you that your beliefs are just as valid as science. The Non Prophets will do this: They will bring you the news you were either too busy or too lazy or too uninformed to find for yourself. Listen to this podcast - You won't regret it. Unless you're really stupid.
Great show. 'Nuff said


By Bigevy
I love what these guys do!
I used to love NPR, but was really turned off by some of the recent host rotations. The episodes with Russell and Lynnea are painfully bad and contain plenty of blatant political soapboxing. Lynnea's whiney voice and poorly constructed rants makes me want to strangle small woodland creatures. The golden episodes with Matt, Jeff, Dennis and Shilling are behind us, though I always hold out hopes for guest appearances. There are still good episodes produced now and then. Thankfully, Matt is usually around to provide some class and good discussion. Definitely dig into the archives and listen to the first 3-4 seasons. You will not be disappointed, despite the dated news.


kind of boring because these guys tke themselves so very very seriously. They are so so correct about everything don't cha know!