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The people putting together the "Brief History of Todd" series should win some kind of award. It's so well done -- one of my favorite series to listen to. I just discovered it in the last couple of months and have already almost worked my up to date -- I'll be anxious for more. Some of the other entries in the podcast are hit-and-miss, but for the most part are fun as well. Todd fans will love this stuff, and anyone interested in learning about Todd should give it a chance.
The "Brief History of Todd" series that forms the backbone of this podcast is remarkable - a series of 30 minute historical vignettes of Todd Rundgren (often with Utopia) at various stages of his career. Important songs are combined with period materials like radio interviews, promos, interview clips, TV appearances and other items that speak to a truly remarkable bit of TR-related archiving. The narration is well written and handled by a voice synthesizer... somewhat distracting, but well-suited to the technophile Rundgren. The depth and the richness of this podcast is likely unrivaled.
I thoroughly enjoyed listening to the podcasts.It's fun to hear all the music from the various phases of Todd's long career. He truly is a very innovative person in the world of rock. The podcasts almost feel like a college course on Todd Rundgren 101. Very informative, educational and entertaining.