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I love Genjo’s dharma talks, must-hear listening for me. Chobo-Ji is a fantastic temple in a seattle, I’ve loved visiting and meditating there. Love that the talks are here, great resource.
Very helpful and informative for those of us who have to practice alone in everyday life. thank you Genjo
Genjo Marinello Osho is a true practitioner of Zen. His talks are compelling, modern presentations of ancient Zen Buddhist insights. He is particularly skillful with compassionately illustrating that the frailties of both students and teachers should only be expected by those seriously committed to Buddhism. Genjo consistently manages to encourage all who listen to keep practicing and to keep developing insights which help us live more fully, one day at a time. Listen and enjoy! Brian Holeman
Genjo Marinello takes the Zen koans and, like a conjurer, manifests them. They are no longer odd stories, culturally and historically removed, they are happening right in front of you in your own life.
Genjo Marinello fluidly interweaves Zen’s rich historical background with traditional Zen commentaries and text to produce a clearly comprehensible style of training. He speaks authoritatively and compellingly, instilling faith and confidence in his listeners that they too can make progress in the Zen way. Genjo Marinello clearly shows that the system of Zen koan study is a great tradition which seeks to understand the individual in relation to the universe. I am so very grateful to Cho Bo Zen Ji for making these recordings available.
I'm a Soto Zen Priest practicing for over 25 years and I allways enjoy Genjo's talks. Listen to "Old Buddha communes with the Pillar" It's my favorite.
After sampling most of the Zen podcasts available through iTunes, I keep coming back to listen and re-listen to Genjo Marinello. In him I recognize a teacher with understanding who has already walked the path I travel now.
Zen koans often seem inscrutable. In this teisho, delivered to a group of nearly 40, during Rohatsu sesshin, Rev. Genjo Marinello Osho makes accessible Case 40 of the Gateless Gate - Kicking over the Pitcher, and allows us all insight into Zen method and practice. Author, and the first Westerner to be ordained as Roshi, Phillip Kapleau wrote about the same koan, saying, "there is a natural flow and spontaneity, (about Zen activity). It arises intuitively, and those that are intensely sensitive can see beneath the action a strength and centeredness, a kind of lightness and aplomb that defies logic. Like a lid that perfectly fits on its box, the action fits the situation with nothing lacking and nothing in excess. And then it's over just as when Isan kicks over the pitcher...We may call it a pitcher but it is much more." The same can be said for Marinello’s seemingly effortless clarity on this subject. With clear command of the subject matter, humor and vivid imagery he carries us into an examination of the truth behind the facade of separateness. We are deftly taken beyond intellectual exercise. He exhorts us to realize "it is all just energy...(and) we are not separate individuals. We are mind become aware of itself and we are inseparable from all other matter in the universe," including the fabled pitcher.