Reviews For Vegcast

This podcast is informative but I find the sound quality, the style of the interviewer and the theme music a bit anachronistic and old school. Sometimes the interviewer talks over or argues with the interviewee in a way that almost reminds me of right wing radio. I have to say that he has a lot of great people on and I especially like his "science fact" since so many veg podcasts almost seem anti-science. I don't like it when veg podcasts play music; I think they should stick to informing the public and this podcast always has an annoying musical number in it. Finally, I think the website for the podcast is great and the shownotes are always complete. The host tries to stick to the facts for the most part which I can appreciate. All that being said I do think that this podcast might appeal to some listeners that the others wouldn't, like an older male veg*n audience.
There are a lot of podcasts out there related to animal rights, health, veganism…etc, and this is one of my favorites. Personally, since I don’t live in a place where there is much of a vegetarian community, I like the fact that I can listen to this podcast and hear about some recent veg-related news, hear interviews with relevant people, and hear the “Science Fact”. Good work Vance in taking the time to do this podcast!