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See I am apart of The Seacoast Church in Mount Pleasant SC. In fact my Dad is one of the pastors, but when I found this I totally just was like WOW because I am apart of Custom, I miss the things said bye the bigger pastors, and in “Big Church”. Thanks to podcasts I can listen to the messages and talk about them to my mom or my dad if I have questions. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK SEACOAST!!!! See u Sunday!
I love following along with the teaching team at Seacoast Church! Their messages are always encouraging and very practical.
Unfortunately I had to move from the area, but I am so blessed that Seacoast Church has a Podcast! This is truly an inspirational, bible based and even funny at times. I love Pastor Greg and his messages truly hit home. If you are looking for a church online, this is the place to go if you are homebound or if you haven't found your home church yet. Mine is still Seacoast! Love you guys!
Love the fact that the messages at Seacoast are always available. Great way to get encouragement.
I used to attend Seacoast in Mt. Pleasant and am now living in South Korea. With English services being few and far between here, it's wonderful to be able to join Seacoast every week online! Thanks Seacoast!
Really enjoying this podcast. Very encouraging and relatable.
I'm from Pittsburgh and my sister told me about this church. Started listening to the podcasts with skepticism but the messages were so simple and moving that I felt inspired to change my mindset. I'm now 10 months into my walk as a follower of God and feel so blessed that He caught me when He did. Greg has a gift to interpret God's word and share it with us in a way that is so captivating and easy to understand. Love these podcasts and am grateful to have them!
I moved from Chas to Alaska over a year ago and the podcasts keep me connected! Seacoast is the church that set me free and will forever be my home.
My husband and I moved to Florida a little over a year ago... we have found it very difficult to get connected into a church here. The podcasts keep me filled with the word, and inspired. Thank you so much Seacoast!
I met my Savior Jesus Christ Nov 23rd 2003 at the main campus of Seacoast. Pastor Greg has a gift for speaking the truths of the bible in a manner so that the unchurched or disgruntled-churched, like myself, can relate. I unfortunatly had to move from Charleston and now live in Atlanta. Yes I have plugged in to a local church, like all Christians should, but it's great to drive around during the week listening to the rock solid preaching from Greg. Kelly Nash
Pastor Greg and the Seacoast team consistently deliver inspiring, theologically sound messages that feed you regardless of where you are in your walk with the Lord - from the most casual seeker to long-time Christ follower. Highly encourage you to subscribe to this podcast and listen regularly - we go to the Longpoint Campus every Sunday but I love having a thick stash of Seacoast sermons on my laptop to listen to for inspiration, encouragement and accountability while I travel on business.


Pastor Greg and Jeff Surratt take you on an amazing journey in finding God. Please check them out in Mount Pleasant, SC. We love everything you do all the way from New Mexico. This is the best Christian podcast.
I love this podcast because it keeps me connected to one of my favorite parishes with one of the best ministry teams I have ever known! Ernest and all the rest are the best! Keep it up ya'll, North Loves ya!
As a former Isle of Palms resident and Seacost worshiper, it is great to be able to see and hear Pastor Greg here in Laguna Beach , CA.! Check these podcasts out and if you're in the Charleston, SC area, be sure to check Seacoast out. You'll be blessed.