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I love having this podcast separated into segments. I can look through my phone and delete the items I choose not to hear. Saves time. . It’s so much better than having to listen to the entire hour every day. Thank you!
I love being able to pick and choose the news bits I want to hear. Thank you!
There was a time public affairs programming was something that the FCC would require of the broadcast networks. News was a cost of doing business and it was good. It’s no wonder that news anchors became authoritative, trusted, household names like Walter Cronkite, John Chancellor, Peter Jennings. The news wasn’t flawless but integrity wasn’t rare and facts held the day. Then came cable news, and news as a profit center that seeks ratings, and, with the web, clicks. If you’re looking for extreme positions, polarizing debate, or manufactured controversies, sadly you won’t find it here. News as it should be.
The most fruitful podcast ( to get updates about what is going on across the world ) with NO ad !!
I have been listening to the audio podcasts of PBS News segments in order to keep up with the "non-fake news" but it's been two days and no segments have been published! What's up? Some technical problem? While it certainly won't be "fake", by the time this week's audio segments get published they will truly be "stale"!
I do really enjoy this podcast, including breaking the show segments into...segments. Excellent reporting and I can pick and choose. However, for the past month or two, downloads have been incredibly slow. I have very fast broadband, and other podcasts come through at lightning speed. But not this one. Not sure what's happening, but there are times when the connection times out repeatedly and I have to give up and skip those episodes. Hope someone from the show picks this up!
Great non-partisan journalism and reporting
I love the regular content but I'm consistently baffled at how low the audio is mixed. Relative to almost every other podcast I listen to, I usually have to turn this one up much louder than others just to hear it above ambient noise at home or on my commute. I can't think of another podcast for which that's a consistent issue.
I was surprised by how little the pbs newshour depends on the visuals. Very easy to listen to and follow. However, every so often there are segments that have the audio from a different segment (as in one gets double played, and one is just missing while each has a unique label), or segments where the audio cuts out partway through and just has a whole bunch of empty audio. This podcast has become one of my go to ways to keep up to date on news. So, I'd absolutely say it's still worth it. Just be ready to skip when needed.
I always enjoy what I hear on this feed but I don't always here it. Sometimes the podcast is totally silent. Other times it goes silent halfway through the segment. Sometimes the segments have different titles but the audio is the same content from a previous segment. If they can sort out these details, it would be a must subscribe feed.
I appreciate that the segments are published as separate episodes. I listen to this podcast daily and supplement with some other news sources.
I often try to listen to this podcast on my way home from work at 8 pm. Some nights the day's episode is posted by that time. Sometimes the day's episode is not posted until the following day. Wish there was more consistency. I am so happy when it is posted a few hours after the episode is aired. Very disappointed in the reliability of the podcast posting.
I love PBS Newshour and had watched it for years on TV, but now that I don't have cable I am delighted with the podcast. My favorite segment is Shields and Brooks. However I have stopped downloading election news because I am so weary of meaningless and nonstop speculation about what Trump might do next. There must be something else to talk about surely! This is the first time I have ever turned off PBS (or NPR) and looked for less in depth coverage.
I figured PBS would be interested in telling the full story but alas another media network. After listening for over a week. I have learned nothing about Hilary's positions and tons about he said she said about Donald Trump. Pathetic. I'm tired of the crap and media trying to control the public opinion.
A great way to catch the best news program on the go.
Nobody beats the Newshour on news or analysis and here you get both!
We need more podcasts that get people on opposite sides together.
FYI: The podcast stopped auto-downloading from the feed on June 21st for me. It looks like the segments since have an incorrect date of Dec 31, 2000. Not sure if it's just me having problems...
I wish this show could be uploaded earlier than it usually is, because I hate listening to it at night or the next day but overall I enjoy the unbiased reports
This is a great PBS legacy show which is being broadcast on NPR audio only for years which is great, but the podcast is being chopped up for no good reason which makes it impossible to listen to.
I prefer the episode version rather than the full version. I like to listen to only the chapters I am most interested in. Please don't take it away.
Great podcast for the latest news. It would be great to have better transition between episodes so it's easier to tell when one ends and the other begins.
Since I rarely watch TV this is pretty crucial for me to catch via podcast - I great far more out of this than I could get from any network news, with more indepth reporting than sixty minutes. Even when listening to this a day or two late, I still get insights I wouldn't get from anywhere else
Nothing new here
For some time unannounced reason, this app ceased to download no matter what I did. I now have to go to the Apple Store to download segments one by one which is truly annoying. Please restore the ability to download!!! I don't want to listen to entire broadcasts at a time so like the news in segments and prefer not to stream them or to rely on cellular service.
I love the Newshour and have listened in one form or another for many years. I like having the individual segments on the podcast, but often they cut off in the middle of the last few words. It's distracting and feels amateurish Also a couple of the interviewers need to tighten up their questions insteading of going on and on. And stop interrupting unless you've run out of time or the the question isn't being addressed. Ask your question and then let them answer! The Newshour seems worse about this than they used to be.
The PBS News Hour is really the best news show out there. If you're not familiar with it, you'll see why immediately. It's so different (and better) than any news you'll get from any cable news channel, broadcast TV, and even NPR. But the problem is this podcast is just not done very well. Aside from the obvious issue - delivering individual sections as podcasts instead of the whole thing - the last few seconds tend to be cut off most of the time.
By far, the most listened to podcast. It is now dead... Long Live the Kig!
Not able to dl new episodes. Shame, too... Great news program
Love the show. Where is the episode from yesterday?
Love the Newshour, love the way it's broken up by story. Unfortunately they can't seem to find one unpaid intern who can put the podcast together competently. It's mislabeled or won't download embarassingly often. I'd call it amateurish but that would be an insult to the many fine amateur podcasts.
Should say news in Approxiamately 10 minutes. I'm trying to find stuff to add up to 40 hours a week so I figured, some news station has got to have an hour podcast. Did a little jump for joy seeing "news hour" in the title, only to be disappointed clicking on the link. FAIL PBS
Went from bite size to the full broadcast, then back to bite size.
I love the show but please release it as on podcast
I consume a lot of news, fox, msNBC, NPR and PBS. News hour is my first to listen too. I like that format is by segment. So I can skip stories I'm not interested in. Plus it's balanced news that typical shows many perspectives on events.
This is the PBS News HOUR. The files then should be about an hour long, but these are only a few minutes in length. I'm on my iPad and if it weren't for the other reviews, I wouldn't have even been able to tell than the multiple clips are all from the same hour. Breaking the show up like that is silly beyond belief.
I need the full hour, who wants to mess with multiple sements, downloads, etc...?! Nonsense. Living in Thailand, I need serious information. Currently, there are no podcasts that give a practical and full accounting of political events in the US. There are plenty of political sites and blogs, but the Newshour is the televsion show "of record" and has been for decades. Not bothering with the DL. Thanks but no thanks, PBS not doing me any service or favors on this one. 4mins of audio, really why bother.
The PBS NewsHour remains by far the best daily news show in the U.S., both in terms of depth and balance. My only complaint: I realize that this has been the subject of an on-going debate amongst listeners of the podcast, but I personally fall into the camp of those who prefer a single, unitary daily episode. Could not the producers find a way to provide both a unitary and segmented version?
Brooks and Diones best collaboration since Neon Moon.
They are back. As if they never left! Anyway segments are great. Thanks!!!
I listen to this program everyday. No new stories have been posted since the 21st of February and I would like someone to look into why this Podcast has stopped updating. This is one of a very few select places where people can turn to for news that is stand-up journalism. I am not a cynic nor am I a pessimist - there is such a thing as unbiased journalism and PBS is it. There isn't a political agenda behind their reporting or their choice of stories that they cover. They often provide opinions but those opinions are balanced out with facts and professionalism (the same thing can not be said for other networks: like faux news channel (FNC)). I am going to keep this short - please fix whatever problem that is occurring with this podcast because I look forward to listening to your programming everyday. I swear to God, I am going into withdrawal due to a lack of PBS, I've taken to watching CNN and NBC (they don't quite measure up). Fix it!
The segments are best for me. That way I can read the heading and decide if I want to listen. I want this option to keep coming.
What happened to the podcast with story segments? Why can't both segments and the hour-long format be offered?
These segments are a key part of my news life. Please bring them back!
please bring them back! I support @UNCTV in order to pay for the @NewsHour. No way to contact PBS to ask nicely to return the segments, so I'm complaining here and asked nicely on Twitter. i won't listen to hour-long episodes, sorry.
I don't want to scrub through an hour-long podcast in order to find the stories I want to hear. That's why I stopped getting Science Friday.