Reviews For Mediafeed

A knowledgeable and informative podcast that is easy to listen to.Learn how to make the best use of technology.
Knightwise is a very great guy who makes this podcast easy and enjoyable to listen to just about anytime you have time! Users of tech both new and pro will benefit from his great knowledge and experience. And your always sure to learn something new! I'm glad the Going Linux podcast recommended the knightcast to all because this is a great show ! Also The special episodes are really great, knightwise does really cool special episodes where he tells cool stories or just takes a break from tech to talk about other interesting things! Great show have a listen you won't regret it!
Easily the best single person linux podcast. He is very informative without being dull, preachy or condescending. Your geek levels will rise exponentially once you start listening.
I've been listening to Knightwise for a long time and he is infromative and knowledgeable. If you want to learn more about technology and how it can work for you this is the podcast you should be listening to.
Knightwise is great at giving a content rich show in a way no one else can. Along with setting really good moods with the music he plays his voice is very calming, until he goes into a rant. I felt lost when he stopped producing the show a while ago. I am so happy it's back. Give it a listen, this show sucked me into geekdom and helped me "make technology work for you."