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I still remember listening while on break at my first job, back when cheapy had moved to Japan. I’ve become a podcast addict over the last few years, CAGcast continues to be my favorite. Sorry it took so long to rate and review guys.
This is my first gaming podcast since 2012. I now listen to 5 gaming podcast and the Cagcast is still my favorite over all. CheepyD and his little brother Wombat are entertaining. Ohh and they also have Carrot Top on the show!!!! It’s great!!!
Solid show for anyone who likes a wide selection of games.
This show has gone down over the past 5-6 years and devolved into two old men complaining about children’s media, their backs and health problems, while one member tries to keep some small bit of logic and cohesion on the show. They talk over one another, interrupting and basically fighting (and not in any kind of funny or entertaining way). I had to unsubscribe, I can’t take it anymore
Seriously, CheapyD and Wombat (and later Shipwreck) were the first voices I've ever heard in video game podcasting. And for the longest time, they were the only gaming podcast I listened to. That all changed when I went from being a multi-console guy and began focusing only on one console. I thought finding a podcast like yours but focused on one console would be even better. But man was I wrong! The CAGCast is still my favorite gaming podcast, and the only one I need to listen to. Sorry it took me about 10 years to get around to making iTunes reviews!
Something about Cheapy D and Wombat makes you want to pop a cold one and just sit back and relax. I can't say the same for the other video game podcasts around for the sole reason that most of the guys talking sound too stuffy. Cheapy, wombat, and shipwreck have such great chemistry and it's awesome to say this podcast has great consistency over the last decade or so.
I've listened to CAGcast for years and it's still my favorite podcast. I wish more people knew about it. I love games but that's not the main reason I listen. These three guys have such an amazing chemistry and so entertaining that I listen to hear what's going on with them. I love the recurring jokes, real life stories, banter and opinions on pop culture and other non-game related news. The game talk just makes it all the better. Tell people to subscribe even if they aren't gamers. They may still love this.
Such a fun time growing up with these guys, figured I would finally put up a review!
Been listening for way too long not to rate. Great podcast about video games but also touches on tech, tv, and movies. Keep up the good work guy
I love the dynamic between these guys. They talk about some of the video games i care about, but I find myself listening more so just becasue i enjoy hearing about their familes and how they keep gaming as part of their life. Wombat is my favorite tbh, which Shipwreck in a close 2nd. Cheapy D is meh. Seems kinda cocky and eliteist lol. But is tolerable!
This is the one video game podcast I listen to weekly. All 3 hosts are good and provide good laughs and information.
great to listen to. love the lightbulb banter. wonderful dynamic from the three hosts!
About 60% of the time they were talking about past events and family events before even talking about games, even then they only talked about current games, not bargin ones like I thought they would. Also, they talked a lot about comic movies and books, which was not in the description either. I hope that this was just a couple bad weeks vs what the rest of the casts will be like in the future.
I’ve been listening to this show for years. One of my all-time favorites and I never miss an episode. These guys aren’t just a podcast I listen to every week, but they are like old friends that I always like hearing about. Hasn’t missed a beat since CheapyD came back from Japan. Looking forward to many more episodes.
I love the show, finally giving my review after a full year of listening. You guys are great and the fact that two of you have children and still are into gaming gives me hope. That said I feel that you guys are negative on most games, and praise for a game you like is on the lower side. Other than that I love the show, I like shipwreck the most because his taste in games are similar to me, except I have a love for my ps vita games.
Though I am not a huge gamer, owning a PS4 and play it maybe 5 times a month, I absolutely love this podcast. I am subscribed to probably 20 podcasts, and these hosts are equal with my two other favorite shows' hosts (That would be Pretty Much It and Screen Rant Unground). Cheapy, Wombat and Shipwreck are so entertaining and funny. Even if you are not a gamer, you will enjoy this. And to be honest, they go off on random tangents about non-video game discussions, which is part of the reason I love it. For example, the episode I'm listening to right now, they're talking about sandwiches, and its hilarious! Anyway, listen to it. Its great.
I quit listening a while back. David clearly thinks he's better than the other guys and is very condescending. Even when David buys them gifts, he expect them to be grateful on the air and sing his praises. You can do better by listening to about a dozen other podcasts. AVOID!
I like them.
this is my favorite video game podcast, the hosts have great chemistry and always bring great insight!
I love this podcast, what really makes it enjoyable is the banter and discussions between the 3 hosts. My only gripe is that the hosts opinion on gaming in general can be too similar thus making for a more mundane show at times. Things are always more interesting when Wombat fires things up by offering a different perspective on a news story. But when it comes to the games in general, they all seem to enjoy and dislike the same things... you rarely get their inputs on Vita or Nintendo games.
Between the boring stories of the Tokyo American club and shipwreck's wiring progress and wombats terrible humor, this show is JUST BAD.Not to mention they all seem to have Xbox bias.I love xbox, had a 360 all gen and have now switched to ps4 but unwavering love for a brand that is making a ton of mistakes is laughable.unsubbed.AVOID AT ALL COST.
The guys at CAG give their listeners a pretty unique and laid back show that provides glimpes into the gaming industry while also giving hands on impressions of the newest games.
Cheapy wombat and shipwreck are playing chess while all those other videogame podcasts are playin checkers son! BOOM.
Been listening forever ^_^
A wonderful triple threat in the podcasting community! All 3 guys work so well together and are super informative. Funny and interesting, this podcast is a must listen to if you enjoy gaming and tech news and reviews. Keep up the great work!
This has been a staple podcast for me for the past 6 years. I feel like I know these guys personally as friends and enjoy their banter. Great for the aging gamer.
I love the CAGcast. Every episode has never disappointed. Cheapy, Wombat and Shipwreck always keep us entertained with the latest news on video game media and the entertaining events that happen in their lives. Combination of both makes their podcast very intriguing. Every week I anxiously await the new episode. I wish I had discovered them when they started out in the very beginning. I believe I started in the late 100's episodes. Been a fan for almost 2 years now. If you love up to date media info on video games, I would recommend the CAGcast. Still my number one from all the others I've listened to.
Love the show been listening for about 3 months and it awesome
A bit of everything! Keep the shows coming.
Best podcast (and website) to keep up with the best deals in gaming.
Often funny and the sidekicks are tolerable compared with the Giant Bombcast.
Figured I'd finally take the time to write up a review after listening to the last hundred episodes or so. Every time I hop in my car and put on a podcast for my daily commute, I'm always excited when there's a new CAGcast -- it goes on unquestionably before anything else. I'm not sure what keeps me coming back though ... maybe it's Shipwreck's detailed reviews of all the indie games I've never heard of, Wombats smart alek quips and sassy attitude, or CheapyD's funny stories and 0 patience for Wombat. I'm sure the podcasts get reptetitive to do but every time I start one up it's like sitting down with some old friends. So, regardless of the topic, it's always entertaining. Keep it up guys ... also, Ship, quit playing PC FPS with an xbox controller ... listen to Cheapy!! He has seen the light!
Shipwreck brings the gaming, Wombat brings the funnies, and Cheapy seems to bring the toilet stories. But I think that somehow in that odd equation, they have figured out the solution to awesomeness. Its not the best gaming podcast ever, but its an awesome podcast for sure.
Been listening for years, love the show. Keep up the good work!
I've been listening to this podcast for a few years now. Even though I don't game much anymore, I still listen to every show. This is more than just another game podcast, this is more like a radio show that includes talk about games. The personalities, random personal stories, and bad jokes keep it entertaining and set it apart from the typical boring game review podcast.
So a Jewish man runs a website dedicated to being cheap? Said Jew calls himself Cheapy? You're joking right? Well, nobody will ever accuse him of being self aware.
This is one of the best video game podcasts. The Dynamic of this trio is excellent.
Cagcast is my favorite podcast, i listen to many. including 8-4 which is always better when CheapyD is in the house. Whats not to love? I enjoy listening to and respect everyone's gaming opinions on this show. I bought Saints Row 3rd because cheapy said it was a good time, i considered how much fun sailing a boat to the edge of no where would be, and decided against, thank you Shipwreck, and I gave KoA a rental because of Wombat, i mean and im cheap! Cant buy all this stuff. Wombat is always entertaining. And the family talk is always great, i care about Cheapy's bowel and back problems, sad to admit it, but i wonder what Mrs Shipwreck is doing in skyrim. wombat is alway good for family ancedotes. Keep up the good work! P S I subscribe on the reg now.


By Jmo914
I like CAG because they give you the down low on all the great deals. Only problem with it is Wombat.
Despite Cheapy D's gastointestinal problems, CAGcast continues to be the best gaming podcast, esp since the old Joystiq podcast got reformatted (I still miss the unholy trio of Chris Grant, Ludwig Kietzmann and Justin McElroy; those guys were great). It's weekly, always topical with some extra bits thrown in. Cheapy, Shipwreck, and Wombat have got a good thing, and I hope it lasts a long time. And don't be chump: Subscribe to the cheapassgamer newsletter for constant video game deals!
I look forward to hearing this podcast each week. Keep up the great work! Oh... and Wombat-only other person I've know of that not only knows , but also has a special place in their heart for Alex Kidd in Miracle World. :) (little late on the the review, sorry guys)
I'm here every week, just keep doing what you guys do.
How is this not in the top 10-15? These guys are great, please give them a try if you have not listened yet. Give it a couple listens to learn the crew. Great job guys, thanks for the hard dedicated work. Breads done.
The most purely entertaining gaming centric podcast. One of only 2 podcasts that I feel are worth my time weekly.
I love this show for the same reason most people hate it. The completely non-game related parts. If I wanted game talk I would go somewhere else. Plus wombat is awesome.


By Fauxley
I lasted through the vaguely homophobic banter, and lasted through guest appearances by cheapie's kid every episode. Latest episode, ten minutes in and we're still doing stupid jamaican accents and discussing taking a stool sample. Huh huh! Guys talking about poop! That's hilarious! This show is great when they remember to actually cover games, but I'll use my time elsewhere from now on.