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Paul made his money long ago, and has nothing to sell. He just wants his listeners to be smart about investing their own money, and explains exactly how to do it in simple ways. One of his great ideas is to simply invest your money in 2 different mutual funds and leave it there 'til you retire. His website has tons of great info.
Many years ago as I first ventured into the world of understanding investing I discovered Paul Merriman. I can say without a doubt I’ve have learned more from this podcast than any other thing I’ve done. No hidden agenda here, all you’ll find is solid advice for those who take the time to listen. I’ve had the pleasure of meeting Paul and hearing him and Chris Pedersen speak at the last two AAII conferences. He is a true gentleman who loves what he does....educate people!
This is one of a few financial and investing podcasts I listen to. Paul is a little dry. But I love his comment, “Get your information from University Street, rather than Wall Street or Main street” . I have learnt a lot especially about mistakes you can make investing. ( have made some of them and hope to avoid others due to his advice). The best Article/podcast I’ve heard is “the ultimate buy and hold portfolio” .This really shows why you diversify.The next one I like is how to turn “$3000 into 50 million” .
It is difficult for most people to understand how to best invest for retirement and to plan to use your savings in retirement. There’s lots of ‘noise’ and different advice from different sources. Paul Merriman provides a clear methodology that’s rooted in academic research and evidence and will position you for a successful retirement.
The content here is game-changing. Paul is on a mission to teach, educate, and train with no gain to himself. Great, impartial information for those who want to be DIY passive investors that squeeze the most possible return out of each asset class and an overall diversified portfolio


By ndlex
He makes great arguments with proven data for why his approach is best. I follow his portfolio in my investments. We could do without the coins noises in the background though. It’s very distracting...and really ridiculous.
I love the simplicity and style. Easy to listen and learn. This program is designed to teach, not entertain! If you want to be entertained...turn on the TV!


By DSAbuin
He rambles a bit. The podcast could be cut down to 30 minutes.
I have been listening to Paul for years. He has pointed me in the direction of academic research and away from stock picking. I owe him a ton of the credit for my progress.
Thank you Paul Merriman! I was introduced to your teachings simply by chance. You have led me down an amazing path towards financial independence. The path has taken me to many blogs, podcasts and books, but I always come back to you and cannot wait for every new podcast or article.
I’ve listened for a few years now, and gone back to listen to many back episodes. Paul’s advice is sound, makes sense, and is actionable. Half my assets are with a large financial institution’s private bank (.5%), and they are very comfortable with my using Paul’s recommended ultimate buy and hold portfolio. Paul, keep up the good work. We appreciate your efforts.
Paul is knowledgeable and engaging - and entertaining, too! We enjoy having Paul as a guest on our podcast, and I'm now a subscriber to Sound Investing. Thank you Paul!
Very helpful, easy to understand. Incredible amount of information that I paid thousands for over the years. I wish he'd been doing this when I was 20!
I first heard of you watching Ken and Daria Dolan on TV. I wish I had your recommendations back then (~1990's), anyway I follow your advice and it it has been very profitable for my family. Thanks for all the work you and your team do for your foundation.
I have read most of Paul's written work and listen to his podcasts. He gives good advice, I have 6 years going on 7 with a 10%+ result. He has a common sense way of communicating, no secret sauce, that the ordinary person can follow successfylly.
Love the pace and helps intro level investors begin to soak up important knowledge. Thanks for the insights Paul
I've been listening to Paul's podcast for over a year. It's the first thing on Wednesday mornings on my schedule. Paul's insights are excellent, although I don't buy into the small cap value tilt and higher expense ratio DFA funds over Vanguard. But there is so much more that he teaches that makes it worthwhile. Just one minus - the Ken's Bulls and Bears interviews that come up once in a few months. Ken Roberts is such an inept interviewer that it's painful to get through these despite Paul's professional responses. I just can't listen to Ken Roberts for more that 2 minutes. Thanks Paul for hosting such as excellent podcast.
Paul has a clear and passionate dedication to educating and empowering ordinary individuals to take control of their finances. Only a year ago I knew next to nothing about investing - I happened upon some of his Marketwatch articles and then moved on to his podcasts and began to really feel like I had a grasp on what it means to build your own personal retirement plan. I only wish I had come across his work 10 years ago so I could have started implementing it in my own life sooner. I know so many other people who are in my position, generally intelligent people who have always been intimidated by the seemingly impenetrable world of investing. I've recommend Paul's work to them and I hope they will get as much clarity and confidence out of it as I have - cannot recommend it enough!
Paul host of Sound Investing highlights all aspects of investing in this can’t miss podcast. The host and expert guests offer insightful advice and information that is helpful to anyone that listens!
If you like facts and figures Paul Merriman has them. If you want a blueprint for investing he has that too. The detailed content coupled with his relaxing voice make Paul's podcast the best one in my feed.
Hi, I found you from the interview with Rob Berger (who I am a big fan of!). I really like yourpodcasts and can't wait to dig into some older ones. I am 27 and people like you and ROb really help me see the future. Thanks again!
Thank you Paul!
Paul and his guests share inspiring and actionable lessons on handling your money and retirement the smart way. HIGHLY recommend listening and subscribing if you want the knowledge AND mindsets to improve your life and reach your financial goals!
Paul is a first class educator and truly wants people to learn about investing. Thanks Paul for the great job you're doing and I look forward to many more podcasts.
I really enjoy listening to Paul. He is wise and helpful. I love his investing philosophy and how he teaches it. I have not loved the recent focus on Motif. I hope the show goes back to the old format. Thank you Paul for all you do!
I just found Paul Merriman and will turn him on and listen just to calm my nerves during this nerve wracking time. Thank you sir I'm following your tactics and feel more confident of preserving and growing our nest egg
Paul Merriman has interesting content if you have the patience to wade through his boring financial sermons that don't make any sense. If you like going to church and listening to those idiotic, circular and pointless stories that make you scratch your head...he's the man for you. He needs a good verbal and written editor to make his points succinct. Exhausting to listen to him ramble on and on...
This is one of my favorite podcasts
Easy to learn so much from a trustworthy voice.
Fantastic Podcast. Informative, interesting and entertaining. Five Stars.
Week after week - I look forward to listening to this well-researched investment advice. Really great info.
Best investment podcast I know of
There is so much out there suggesting those of us investing for retirement need to actively manage our assets - despite our amateur status in a professional arena. Paul's approach is ideal for its recognition that we are better off emotionally AND financially with a set and forget strategy.
This is as good as it gets in terms of investment advice. Anyone investing in the market over the past 20 years would have greatly outperformed the averages if they followed Merriman's advice. Solid and easy to understand.
If you like boring and pedantic ramblings about investing and personal finance then this is for you!
Finally, a financial expert with the heart of a teacher. Thanks Paul, for sharing what you know to help others.
I love Paul's new podcast. His topics are timeless with good information for all to hear. I apppreciate his dedication to the financial industry and his desire to educate! Thanks, Paul!!!
I stumbled across this podcast series a while back and I've greatly enjoyed it ever since. Paul Merriman provides timely, sober and thoughtful advice that will guide you as you navigate through the chaos and mania of the markets. I couldn't recommend this more.
This is a terrific show for both experienced investors and those just beginning to understand how investing works. I would highly recommend it. Paul outlines strategies that are easy to understand, simple and stress-free to execute. I have acquired greater knowledge and confidence on investing thanks to his experience and expertise.
They broke up their long podcast for shorter ones. Works for me. They are consistent in their message. Yes it can be slow at times which is why shorter podcast are great. One reviewer's comment was "boring" but no nonsense financial information isn't going to be THAT much fun. Give it a chance and listen. The message will help you become a more consistent investor, less of a panic seller, and have sufficient asset class diversification.
Great information, great content, and great user feedback. Fantastic Podcast!
Paul has an amazing ability to break down financial concepts and explain potential pitfalls for even the most novice investor. Thank you so much for your information that is really worth so much. What a great service!
Mr. Paul Merriman continues to generously share his 40+ years of experience in the money management industry. Informative and entertaining podcasts take listeners to a place where they can invest wisely & live fully! Thank you, Paul.
I now have time to listen again after a long absence and I am disappointed. This used to be one of the most enjoyable and educational podcasts on itunes. What happened?? The interplay among the 3 hosts was what made this show so enjoyable and made the lessons they provided even better. Off to better programs for me.
I listen to Paul on the way to work as he provides logical, useful investment information for the common folks.
These guys formerly used a radio style format that was informative and entertaining. They have gone to a low cost, low end production style that is dreadful. It is slow moving, boring and makes the user work hard to get anything useful. They need to up their game and get a better produced format. Its a shame they are a good firm and try very hard with their mission to educate investors. No matter that they made the format changes for cost or stylistic decision, it is a looser.
Great Podcast !!!!! You guys make it fun to listen to. Keep it up! One question what happened to the other guys?
As a relatively young investor, I find that this podcast provides a foundation of investing principles that have helped me to clarify and begin achieving my long term financial goals. There is a lot of noise out there regarding investing, but this podcast helps bust certain myths and provides investors of all ages sound advice. Paul does an excellent job of helping his listeners learn about asset allocation principles that have a long track record of enduring both bear and bull markets. Get your life back. Stop listening to the Jim Cramers of the world. Stop constantly looking at your returns on a daily basis. If you really are looking for sound investing advice this is the podcast for you.
Paul does a great job at explaining his rational for no nonsense investing. Basically, well diversified, low cost index funds investing passively. Boring is good. His podcast is easy to listen to and very informative. The website is a wealth of information. Great show.