Reviews For NOW on PBS

Everyone should be reminded of the type of information this show gives as basic knowledge. Subscribe and listen to this ASAP!!!
David Brancaccio is probably the best investigative journalist working on national tv. His show covers stories that the corporate-owned media don't necessarily want us to hear, and he features guests who are often shut out of the political process, such as single-payer advocates. NOW on PBS is also one of the only programs on the tube which actually depict the awful reality of how the US middle class is being decimated by Wall Street's excesses & our elected officials' complicity. By the way, this show in video format IS available for purchase at the iTunes store.
don't let the haters who dock stars because it's not a video podcast. david & his crew paint pictures even if you're listening at 2x speed as I do (and which you can't do with video). every episode is pertinent, and the older episodes seem prescient in their predictions from 2007 and prior of the mortgage crisis, the economic meltdown, and many other topics.
I would have given more stars if I was able to download the program in video podcasts. I still do love the program. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE make video podcasts available ! ! ! Listening just isn't nearly as good as the full visual plus audio.
I just wish they would offer video in podcast form. I can't afford to purchase the seasons and always miss the broadcast on TV now that they don't show it on Friday nights any longer here WPTV
Fantastic stories that paint a picture I can stare at the rest of the day.
I love this show, it is great to be able to listen to it at my convenience, and it still carries the weight of the subject even when you can't see the video. An excellent Show!!
listen to all.
PBS has a habit of putting together the richest material, probably because it doesn't have to deal with the pressures of advertisers like other stations. NOW is no exeption, a great weekly look at current events, the way only PBS and David Brancaccio could do.


This is one of the best programs available on podcast these days. He has been delivering news that goes deeper for a long time now. I look forward to the podcast every Saturday.
Great variety of topics covered. Great host. Makes you stop to think
This is a stand-out show because it has the guts to follow wherever the truth is revealed. It's like a lesson in real world civics and government 101 every week. David does a great job and is a worthy heir to both Bill Moyers and Edward Murrow.
Concise, factual, necessary. The truth should never be inconvenient and this should be listened to by every consumer and voter.
One the best examples of journalism on TV. Willing to challenge power with thoughtful analysis and a balanced approach to all sides. Able to offer more than just soundbites on important issues often avoided by the mainstream press. One of the reasons I support PBS.
okay, david brancaccio isn't bill moyers (like, who is?), but he does a good job and the show is still an important addition to our anemic news/current events fare. excellent podcast.


ever since moyers left this show has been riding on the rep moyers created. it's anemic and dispiriting what now has become...
Brancaccio is excellent; a worthy heir to the tradition carried by Moyers for so long. He doesn't shy away from controversy, and the stories are in-depth.
By far the best and most relevant tv news journalism today. NOW was started by Bill Moyers during the 2004 presidential campaign season. Moyers has retired and Brancaccio is following in his footsteps. He takes on contraversial topics and is not afraid to question and criticize authority. This is essential listening for all activists, progressives, or anyone who cares about the issues facing our country today. So far iTunes only has the audio version, hopefully soon they'll have video.