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I love Misplaced Comedy!!! Saw their live show 2 years ago... It's great to see they're still doing what they do best!
Very funny! It really is like SNL on a podcast! Anybody who doesn't like this obviously had thier sense of humor removed!
It's called misplaced comedy for a reason - the comedy has been placed somewhere else!


By JoeG
Yeah! Nice Productions. No boring Talk. Definitely Topical Current Events Comedy. If you don't know their Characters or Read Headlines - you may not get some of the jokes. - JoeG!
This guy is on something...annoying and not worth the one star rating I generously gave it.
Great "In your Face" Sketch Comedy! Kinda reminds me of Old National Lampoon Albums, or Cheech and Chong albums... No Wonder these guys are everywhere!
Not only is it not funny it also doesn't make any sense. No wonder it's FREE!