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Love this podcast for keeping up-to-date with ARRL news from a national, and even world perspective. I do have a question, between each section of the ARRL Audio News, there's a morse code three bleep series of tones that sounds like a dah-dit-dit, or a lettter "D" Does anyone have any idea why this is there? Or is the producer just being cute!? Mark, KI7JDA
Thanks for keeping the world informed on topics importan to the ham!
Great for any Ham Radio Op. Just wish ARRL would put the new podcasts up faster. 73 Dan/KD7UFF
Great listening for hams; great information about topics in the amateur radio world.


By w8qh
Is extremely informative audio show keeping the public and Amateur Radio operators updated on all the FCC rules and regulations. As well public service announcements, Ham Satellite updates and most importantly how we can serve the general public through Amateur Radio