Reviews For Talkingreef

This pod cast provides extremely detailed information about different topics. I am a new marine aquarium owner and I have learned an extensive amount about reef keeping in a very short amount of time. The show goes into a lot of depth starting from relatively basic and moving into the more detailed information. Whether you are a newb to the marine aquarium world or are quite experienced, this pod cast is for you!
This pod cast is for everyone from beginners to advanced hobbyists. If you listen to it you will be an export before you know it. Rob tells every thing slowly and easy to under stand for beginners. He has his own web site where there are thousands of people willing to answer all your questions. There are also 4 way conversations to talk about different things. There is a new episode every week.
This is a terrific show concerning the hobby. Sound is well balanced from host to guest. Its great to hear how to pronounce names I have read for years! Well thought topics keep it interesting.
I stumbled across this website and have not left, this is a new and innovative way of informing the advanced and the beginner reef aquarist on the sucessful keeping of reef aquarium, corals, fishes, etc...
Lots of portable information. Not only can to load you ipod full of great resources to help you along but it has lots of data for the seasoned reef keeper. IT's about time and not a moment too soon.
Today my small hoby has become a universal talking point! -Way to go Rob!!
Talking reef is a great show with a lot of great things to talk about. I love all of the interviews that Rob has in the shows they are very helpful. This is the one reefing podcast that, in my mind, I think you need.
Ive only been into the hoby for 3 months. This podcast has halped me so much. Its helped me corect some mistakes ive made and clear up some of the confusion and frustration ive experienced from the books ive read. Also it helps bust the myth that keeping a marine tank is hard work. Keep up the good work!!!
I have learned more for this one podcast than I have for 3 magazine subscriptions and about 50 books. It's broken down to an understandable level that can be easily implemented right into your tank. I love the video podcast where rob shows the inner working of a marine ecosystem. Within a month of downloading my first episode I have taken my tank for a constant battle that I was about to through out to a thriving ecosystem that all my friends are jealous. Thanks Rob!


Rob has obviously spent considerable effort and research on these podcasts. I have been a marine aquarium keeper for over 30 years and still learn something new with each episode. These podcasts are a tremendous asset for reef keepers and marine fish enthusiasts.
Highly recommend this podcast to those with saltwater aquariums. Rob does a great job addressing the interests of both the beginner and more advanced reef keepers.
I spend alot of time in the car during the day listing to my Ipod. TalkingReef is my favorite podcast of all my subscriptions. Rob and his guest are very informed and and well spoken. Keep up the good work and keep the podcast alive.
I subscribed to TalkingReef podcast a while back, and I can't even begin to tell you how much I've learned. I enjoy the shows so much that I save them, and sometimes I'll listen to them again. It is a great way to learn more about reef keeping or even regular marine aquarium keeping. There are new shows every week, and they are always great topics.
This podcast is a marine aquarium lover's best friend. With over 40 podcasts to choose from so far, you can learn just about everything you ever wanted to know about taking care of your marine/reef tank. Subscribe now.
Very informative and helpful. Always looking forward to the next episode!
Worth your time to download and listen too. There is so much to learn about this hobby and this is a great place to get information. I will listen to everyone that comes out.
During my time as a reefkeeper, I have perused, read, asked questions, and given answers on quite a few reef forums, but until I found the "TalkingReef" podcasts and Rob's website, I, personally, didn't feel very interactive. The podcasts range from beginning information and techniques to more advanced topics, such as substrates and lighting. The community has become a very interactive one, with Rob addressing many questions and tips that come up on the website. Being able to listen to someone addressing these topics is definitely icing on the cake when it comes to gaining more knowledge about saltwater aquariums. I definitely recommend this podcast!!!!
Rob and his staff are always more than willing to help us newbies. This podcast offers all the answers to hobbyist new and old. Keep up the great work.
I have just gotten back into keeping marine aquariums after being away from the hobby for 18 years. Much has changed and Talking Reef has been a great help to me. The podcast is always interesting and educational. I highly recomend this podcast.
Setup my first reef tank 6 months ago, found this podcast less than a month ago. Since finding the podcast, I have learned so much. It's a must for anyone starting a reef tank, and I believe it's a must for anyone else that has a reef tank. Great information, tips, interviews, etc. The forums on the website are great too!
Rob does an excelent job in the introduction and explination of the marine tank hobby. He gives the clear insight that you (and i ) have/ had been lookign for no matter if we are new and looking into the hobby or if we have been doign it for years. this is a must listen podcast! and the accompanying website is a valuable asset as well!
A great informative show for both beginner and advanced marine keepers. Lots of information. -kassun
Aside from interactions with fellow hobbyists, for over 10 years my only source of new coral aquarium information has all been written. I can easily say that I have spent more time reading aquarium literature and websites than everything else combined. Now, for the first time ever, I get to listen to reef talk while I am doing other things. The sound of reef nuts talking about coral biology or husbandry techniques is melodious to my ears. Additionally, since there is a new epidsode once a week there is always new material to hear about. At the moment, I would gauge the content to be at a beginner to intermediate level. Greatly recomended for all reef aquarium enthusiasts.