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Reviews For Music Business Radio

Great podcast. It's been a dream of mine to be in the biz. This podcast helps with insights on how the music business works. Keep up the good work.
David has a unique and refreezing way of approaching the music business. This podcast is a must if you want to hear the truth about the biz and not just the smoke and mirrors. Well done, David! Nick - Drummer’s Resource Podcast
I didn't know I could learn so much in just an hour. This podcast is incredibly informative: each show David Hooper interviews experienced people who know what they're talking about. Between David and his guest, the amount of insight into the music industry provided each episode is immense. If you're just getting started with the music industry, or if you've been in it for twenty years, this show is the show for you.
Really educational and informative. More episodes please!
Great show, great format. Very informative. The host asks the right questions, in the right way. I'm very grateful. God bless you + keep up the great work.
I found this podcasts both enjoyable and informative. Guests inspire those individuals considering a music business career and offers insight on what steps are taken to achieve their goals. David Hooper has a voice that is clear and flawless in performance. I found him entertaining and witty and his questions were right on. He obviously knows how to pull the listeners in to want to hear more. The guests have all been top of the line so far and I look forward to hearing more. . This is a 5 star podcast and I would recommend it for all.
This podcast was very informative to the listener if they wanted to know more about Maura O'Connell. She also sang one of the songs off of her album so that you were able to hear a sample of her music.
This podcast is new to me. I found it while buliding my networking database and I think its fantastic! I've read plenty of books and been to plenty of classes (including Musicians' Institute in Hollywood, CA) but interviews with industry professionals from every aspect every week is something very hard to come by at no charge. For anyone who is interested in learning about the music business listen to a current show or an archived one as part of your daily routine. I include it as part of my balanced breakfast!
I never miss an episode of Music Business Radio. The guests range from songwriters to managers to producers, and this show is informative and entertaining. I am a pop songwriter, but that doesn't keep me from listening to podcasts when the focus is on country or other genres. This is a well-rounded forum that any musician can listen to, learn from, and enjoy.
This podcast is freakin awesome! It shows the reality of the music business. If you're interested in being a competitor in the hard-knock music industry, it would be to your benefit to listen to this podcast! Amazing guests, and an AWESOME segment where the big-named guests critique indie artists with reckless abandon. It's my favorite, you NEED to hear it.
Music Business Radio is a great show to get real answers about the ever-changing industry of music in a relaxed atmosphere. Great job guys.
I've learned a ton about the music business from this show and highly recommend checking out this free podcast.
This is by far the best music business podcast that I've heard. I make sure to download the show every week when it is updated. Useful insight and information by David and the guests. Keep up the great work guys.