I have listened to you for a while then I fell off on listening to you now I am back.keep up the good work Jim!
What a great guy, someone I’d appreciate any family members to listen to. I’ve been listening since 2012, my only two points are 1) Please get new advertisers GAIA promos are worse than the ton of people who use Blue Apron or the hair color commercials 2) Please challenge your guests on their claims, you’re extremely kind and talented I know you could easily ask for another opinion or question extraordinary claims, Jim Harold is a class act. I know podcasters don’t make tons of $$ so the advertising I can somewhat understand, please though ask your guests the tough questions, Redfern in particular is a reappearing guest, though please ask for proof to his claims, only letting your guests control the conversation makes it hard to feel like this is a Jim Harold production. Again, Jim Harold is terrific person but please stop letting your guests hijack “your” shows. Jim is a hard working person that puts out really good content, but please make the show a conversation and not a single person (guest) taking the opportunity to take control over your hard work and time. I’ve been a subscriber since 2012, though listeners are getting bored now, please ask the guests the tough questions (extraordinary claims require extraordinary proof). Jim is great, I hope you subscribe but I sincerely hope you as I do ask him to truly interview his guests, you don’t need to agree with everything a crazy person says to have loyal listeners. I wish you (Jim) the very best and will continue to listen when I can, you are so nice I think your guests take advantage of this, journalisms requires you to ask questions not just listen. Peace and love from Seattle
I love how neutral and professional Jim is. I love to listen Jims other podcasts as well. I like it so much that I am a plus member. It is so worth the investment. I highly recommend this podcast!
I've listened to the paranormal podcast for 8 years now and it's the best paranormal subject matter podcast out there! Jim has the best guests... the best subject matter and is the most professional. Keep up the good work Jim!
Jim does a fabulous job. His guests are intelligent experts and he goes through a variety of topics every week. This podcast is worth a listen.
Can’t get enough 😎👌🏻👍🏻
I finally subscribed as it takes me forever to do anything and I love it as much as the campfire stories. I'm sorry I waited so long!


Been listening to Jim since 2009 . From his paranormal podcast , The campfire , The crypto report etc ... , He does a great job . And like it was said before , Most of his guests are experts in certain areas of the paranormal . The best paranormal related podcast out there for sure
I discovered Jim’s podcasts many, many years ago, and have been a constant listener since. He takes a serious look at several complicated and interesting subjects. Jim has quality guests, fascinating topics, and perhaps best of all, he is very classy. These shows are top quality.
Jim Harold does a beautiful job hearing out unusual topics and asking good questions of his guests. Although some topics are a bit “out there” I always enjoy listening to it. Jim is very respectful of his guests and it makes for an enjoyable podcast to listen to.
Deep dive into all things paranormal. Fascinating subjects great content. One of my favorite podcasts!
I’ve listen to all the podcast in this genre and I can say without hesitation, it is by far the best! If you love the Paranormal this podcast is a must. The subject matter is broad and cover all things Paranormal. This is what drew me in to Jim Harold’s Podcasts. He has 11 different shows. I stopped sayin which was my favorite as I love all of Mr. Harold’s shows. As much as they are well thought out subject matter, content and guest, the way he conducts his interviews is a breath of fresh air. Pressing but not confrontational, respectful but keeps things going and easy listening. Beside his free content, he has an excellent plus club that has many topics and is very reasonable and actually an outstanding value. He devotes shows to specific subject matter within the Paranormal range and beyond. TAKE THE TIME TO CHECK OUT ALL HIS SHOWS! You’ll be glad you did!
I enjoy Jim wisdom and humor. How he treat guess and fans with such friendliness. I even listen to his other podcast series and I join his VIP. I just wish on paid stream the ads would be remove, other than that it is awesome/ however, he allow for dangerourer options and never give heands up. some of his guest are into occult and talk about rising up demons. i am not sure jim cares who listen to his shows it seem.
I found Paranormal Podcast and Campfire last fall and love it. I look forward to every new show and usually re-listen to older shows to get me through my work day! Thanks Jim
Oh, hooked on Jim Harold. Great topics, perfect pace through the podcast. It does all chime well with Jim Harold’s voice. Thank you.
Sometimes your episodes are boring. Let me explain. When you have a guest they spend half or more of the show talking about themselves or their background. We want to hear about the topic. If they wrote a book they can talk about snips from the book. It just seems like you guys don’t stay on track. Bs-ing a lot about day to day things like your preferences on weather or breakfast etc. We want to hear about things we don’t normally hear. Detailed experiences of the unexplained. Sometimes you do this but not often enough. I like your voice and you pick great topics but just keep that in mind and you will do great.
I stumbled onto Jim about a year and a half ago! I was happy to hear Jim as the feature guest on Coast To Coast AM just a few nights ago! No one deserves it more! Jim does his research as well as anyone. He has a deep love of all things paranormal. I tend to like things more on the ghost side, and Jim has the most content available that I have found that’s credible. From his Campfire podcast, to this one, or his television review, it’s all top notch. Covering everything that’s worth covering. Not just the mainstream stuff, but real life accounts of personal experiences. Maybe one day I’ll give my account to Jim’s Campfire! Let’s just say it’s pretty long, and deep. Complete with historical research! Anyway, this is about Jim, not me! He’s as good as I’ve heard! A+ over aces!!


I’m a Christian somehow stumbled upon this Podcast! It’s great! Good stuff I needed to hear! Thanks guys! ❤️ keep up the good work!
As a longtime listener to Coast to Coast AM, I was happy to know that out of the plethora of "Paranormal" programs there was another show that provided good quality content on a routinue basis. Jim Harold continues the legacy of Art Bell with good interviewing skills on a variety of topics. He is able to interview in a way that allows the interviewee to explain their story/position/belief in a way that is non-judgmental, and gives the abilityfor listeners to leave with their own conclusion and thought process. Keep up the great work!
Jim is a good interviewer, he always gets great guests! He just talks about books coming out, does not go in depth.
The topics and guests are always interesting.
I look forward to each week's new podcast. Jim is a superb host and interviewer -- he asks great questions, is very professional and has a great personality to listen to. Most of his podcasts really get me thinking, scare me to bits, remind me of an experience I or someone I knew had, or just plain blow my mind. I've purchased a few books that were mentioned on the show when he's had the authors on. Good way to explore more. Very thoughtfully done with great guests. If you're interested in anything paranormal, you must check it out!
This is a great podcast Jim asks great questions. I also like how he gets right into the stories. Been listening for a long time always look forward for new updates.
If you are like me and love everything spooky and weird, this podcast is for you! Some fantastic topics and great interviews. Love it!
The guest seems to ramble more than give you his opinion. He always seems to revert to a book an ideal or a story. He can’t give a decisive answer
How can you not like it?
I've been listening to Jim Harold's "The Paranormal Podcast" for a few years, and I enjoyed it so much I became a Plus Club member (to gain access to exclusive content). Jim is a talented interviewer who asks intelligent questions on a wide variety of interesting topics, and lets his guests tell their sides of the story without judgment or interruption. He leaves it up to the listener to decide. His Plus Club includes podcasts that explore targeted topics, such as the afterlife, ghosts, crimes, conspiracies, and criptids, and is worth every penny! Whether you're just learning about the paranormal, or have been interested in it for decades (like me), you'll learn a lot of information about topics that have puzzled humanity for decades.
Title says it all!
Anything that Jim Harold broadcasts is top notch......this podcast is no exception.
Very similar to coast to coast. Well done


This is speeded up I can some times not understand
I listen to many paranormal podcasts and by far Jim’s podcasts are the best! I understand that many podcasters ask for support, but not many of us can afford to support every podcast. Especially in my case, I am a broke college student who cannot afford to support like I would like too. Regardless, of my circumstances Jim doesn’t discriminate and still pushes out free episodes for us who cannot support yet. Hopefully in the future in my career I can be able to support all the podcasters I listen to. Again thank you to Jim for being sympathetic and caring to be able to still care about his listeners and not push money between his listeners and him. Keep up the wonderful work and please never change!!! - Joanna P. from the U.S.
I love the paranormal and I love this podcast. Many interesting topics and guests. Jim Harold is a great interviewer.
I love all of Jim's podcasts. This one is no exception.
Awesome show very interesting guest every episode. My favorite topics are about the UFO Phenomena. Glad I got an iPhone so I can rate this podcast five stars keep the great work Jim!
I LOVE the paranormal podcast and listen to it every night. Jim is incredible. If you like coast to coast you will LOVE the paranormal podcast. He has some of the best guests and has an amazing voice !
One of the worst paranormal podcasts. Basically each episode is a guest talking about themselves and how they got into the subject, usually they try and sling a book or lecture. Very little in the way of actual paranormal cases. Don't waste your time!
I’m so sad that there are not more episodes! Love the content!
Jim let’s you tell your story however long it is it’s not live programming but every one has a story thank you for listening to the people that can’t call in to late night open lines just to get our story out because everyone has that one odd thing happen and we have a person we can reach out to
I came across this episode by searching for “Paranormal,” and as a native Bostonian, I was very excited to hear about some spooky NE stuff. But the first 20 minutes of the 45 minute episode is Jim plugging his various friends over and over again. “Try Gaia, it’s only 99 cents” - I get the point when you say it 50 times. He also spends 10 minutes talking about his guest’s TV show and podcast until FINALLY getting to the first NE legend at about minute 20...the Salem Witch Trials. Are you kidding me? You choose the one legend that EVERYONE has heard about? I don’t know if the other episodes are better, but this is one of the worst single episodes I have ever listened to and I am not eager to listen to more.
I have listened to Jim since his first podcast and I still listen today. He is a great host and I love the show.
Love the Paranormal Report with Jim Harold. This along with Mysterious Matters are probably the best paranormal podcasts I've come across.
This podcast is incredible the host is smart and intelligent the podcasts is also interesting to me over all it’s a really good podcast
Total push for advertising and plus more than getting into the real stuff the higherside chats blows this guy away with his questions to organic fans would recommend this show to no one
Love your show and the guest!
Here's my first review for Jim's show: I really enjoy the variety of guests as well as the host's professionalism when discussing topics such as UFOs, ghosts, etc. His tone and approach add a lot of credibility, intrigue and fun to these far-out subjects! I stopped listening for a while (too many podcasts, too little time) and have only recently been catchin up on Jim's episodes. He is simply the best in terms of his professional, well-researched, and fascinating shows. Great job, Jim! Keep on.
I look forward to this podcast every week. Great topics and Jim keeps it classy!!!
This pod cast is a definite must need for my work week!