Reviews For PARANORMAL PODCAST | Jim Harold

Total push for advertising and plus more than getting into the real stuff the higherside chats blows this guy away with his questions to organic fans would recommend this show to no one
Love your show and the guest!
Here's my first review for Jim's show: I really enjoy the variety of guests as well as the host's professionalism when discussing topics such as UFOs, ghosts, etc. His tone and approach add a lot of credibility, intrigue and fun to these far-out subjects! I stopped listening for a while (too many podcasts, too little time) and have only recently been catchin up on Jim's episodes. He is simply the best in terms of his professional, well-researched, and fascinating shows. Great job, Jim! Keep on.
I look forward to this podcast every week. Great topics and Jim keeps it classy!!!
This pod cast is a definite must need for my work week!
What I love most about this podcast is the wide range of topics covered on the show from UFOs, Black Eyed Kids, Sleep Paralysis, Exorcisms, Life After Death, Mothman, Mandela Effect, and so much more! Jim Harold is such a great host and asks a lot of tough questions that really make you think about things you would have never thought of. Been listening for a a couple years and just love it. It’s great for the busy commute in and from work.
Jim interviews some great people! I’m always learning something new.
I don't listen to any podcasts...except for ones from Jim Harold (The Paranormal Podcast, Campfire and all his Plus Club goodies). No one keeps my attention like Jim: he's fair-minded and kind (unlike some paranormal radio hosts) and ask great questions of his guests. He never interrupts and makes them shine--which means a great listening experience. I download Jim's podcasts onto my mp3 player and my family and I will dim the lights and settle down for some awesome interviews and stories. Highly recommended!
Jim is a great interviewer and this podcast covers a wide variety of weirdness. I’ve been listening for years. Very professional.
Jim does a great job with both this podcast and the campfire podcast. He has great guests who bring much insight.
The Paranormal Podcast, as well as The Campfire (both by Jim Harold), have become staples in my life as my "me time". Listening to any of his podcasts bring the same sort of comfort as having your favorite beverage in your hand or any other simple pleasure that you just couldn't live without. He has offered distraction during the most difficult times in my life as well as enhanced the happiest. I got hooked because he covers interesting material, has a positive attitude, a good level head, and doesn't waste half of his time on the podcast blabbering nonsense (like some). Highly, highly recommend.
Really enjoy listening to Jim's professional treatment of a variety of topics. Broadcast quality is excellent and guests are interesting. Much better than other podcasts I have listened to.
Jim Harold is an excellent guide into topics spanning the paranormal. Similar in style to a famous terrestrial radio program, this one is more focused and consistently compelling. This is my go-to show for this type of fare.
I’ve been listening for about four years. Some great guests and fascinating topics! Much variety, too. However: Longest and most frequent ads of any podcast, and I listen to many. Some last nearly 5 minutes. Seriously. (It’s like he’s putting his kids through college!) If you’re looking for an interview where you feel he’s really delved down and asked the (any) questions a skeptic might, this sure won’t happen. He listens as though he’s taking it in, as though the guest is a client. I understand that dynamic: guests won’t agree to be on a show if they think they’ll be challenged...But some NEED it, they’re full of “it”. A great interviewer knows what the audience wants to ask, and probes, I thought?!! Some are just plain nuts. Frequently pandering for listeners to write a positive review..I resent it, frankly. Reviews should be balanced and honest. The reviews here reflect not the real story but a desire to please Jim Harold, who is certainly a nice guy but he’s also doing this for a living. Jim vocally can’t stand/doesn’t get negative reviews. He asks fans to come write good ones just to counter a bad one. But I don’t understand how anyone in the public eye won’t learn from critical feedback. It’s how we improve, and his product, while often marvelous, can certainly be improved.
This is one of my favorite podcasts! Jim is very professional, open-minded and knows how to make people feel comfortable when he is interviewing them. He’s real! Not artificial like some podcasters, reading from a script. The content of this podcast never ceases to entertain yet completely blow my mind away - so many interesting topics... many of which are particularly relevant to today’s world and current events. Highly recommended!
Whether you’re a big believer or not, Jim always has guests on the show that get you thinking beyond the norm. He treats each guest with respect, nonjudgmentally, so they feel comfortable in relating their views and theories. So glad I found this show and will continue to listen.
I stumbled upon Jim’s podcast back in 2008 and I’ve been a fan ever since. There are soooo many episodes to listen to. Jim Harold is the best interviewer and asks the guests great questions that get great answers. He’s also respectful towards all guests and respects all views and opinions. He’s level-headed and doesn’t automatically believe everything is a ghost or UFO. I feel like my life has actually changed in part because of this show. I listen to podcasts, become interested in subjects, end up buying the books by the authors who were guests, and then begin to see the whole world in a new light. Ten years of this has made me a more open-minded person and I’ve learned so many things that I never would’ve learned otherwise. I’ve liked plenty of podcasts over the years but Jim Harold’s is the only one that remained a staple in my playlist for all these years. It has only gotten better and I look forward to what the future holds! Thank you, Jim for all of your work!
I’m a fan of several of Jim’s podcasts, especially this one and Campfire. He is superb—as good a listener as he is an interviewer. Enough has been said by others, so I’ll just throw in a resounding, “Me, too!”
One of my favorite podcasts, especially on the paranormal. Jim is a fantastic host!
I really enjoy listening to the Paranormal Podcast. Each episode is a different paranormal subject. In particular, my favorites are the ones about the afterlife! Thanks Jim...Keep up the good work!
Love this podcast!!
I’ve been listening to Jim Harold for about 10 years and he is a real pro - always great shows. Jim is an experienced and respectful interviewer, always has very interesting guests. If you are interested in the paranormal check out Paranormal Podcast.
Jim Harold is always so polite and is a great host. His topics are mostly very engaging.
Jim’s a great interviewer. His topics are extremely interesting and he asks the questions that you want to hear the answers to! I’ve been listening to Jim since almost the beginning, and I’ve never gotten tired of the podcast. Check it out! While you’re at, check out all of his podcasts! You’ll be pleasantly surprised.
Jim is an excellent host. Make sure to check out all of his podcasts!
I’ve been listening to all of Jim’s podcasts for over ten years. Sometimes (though not often) he will interview someone that’s probably a little too out there for me, but regardless of the content, I always listen anyway. Jim is an excellent interviewer. I think he does a very good job speaking with guests and he is polite, he never loses his cool, and always shows courtesy and respect to the people he’s interviewing. He is also a little quirky and has a great sense of humor. Thank you, Jim, for many years of really great entertaining podcasts.
Jim Harold's Paranormal Podcast is one of my favs, (the best being Jim Harolds Campfire!) Who doesn't like a full hour of interesting and educational material about the paranormal?! Jim Is an amazing host and his guests are always super fascinating. I don't miss an episode!
I have been listening to the Paranormal Podcast since 2008 or 2009 after I first about it from the Grizzly Bear Egg Cafe Podcast (RIP). In my opinion, Jim Harold is the grand-daddy of all paranormal podcasts and he is one of the pioneers back in the early days of podcasting before podcasting became mainstream. He is very respectful to his guests, including skeptics and also to his listeners. The topics are very informative, and varies from UFOs to ghosts and etc. I feel that there wouldn't be many podcasts about the paranormal out there if it wasn't for The Paranormal Podcast with Jim Harold.
Him does exceptional interviews, I love like steaming to his podcasts!
I've got to give Jim Harold props. Paranormal Podcast is one of the best out there. Harold does a great job of finding interesting guests and asking intelligent, insightful questions. The variety of topics covered is also thought provoking. Well done!
I’ve listen to all the podcast in this genre and I can say without hesitation, it is by far the best! This is what drew me in to Jim Harold’s Podcasts. He has 11 different shows. I stopped sayin which was my favorite as I love all of Mr. Harold’s shows. As much as they are well thought out subject matter, content and guest, the way he conducts his interviews is a breath of fresh air. Pressing but not confrontational, respectful but keeps things going and easy listening. Beside his free content, he has an excellent plus club that has many topics and is very reasonable and actually an outstanding value. He devotes shows to specific subject matter within the Paranormal range and beyond. TAKE THE TIME TO CHECK OUT ALL HIS SHOWS! You’ll be glad you did!
One of the worst interviewers ever!!! The gusts are pretty good but his interviews are horrible. Never seems to be paying attention and is always just waiting to ask his next question. Take some classes sunshine.
I enjoy most of the guests Jim has on his show and he covers a number of paranormal topics. As a podcaster myself, his show is one I tune into regularly.
I have listened to you for a while then I fell off on listening to you now I am back.
Every week I listen and look forward to the week upcoming....
Always interesting topics!
A wonderful and comprehensive podcast professionally produced. Jim Harold serves up all things paranormal with respect and an open mind. You owe it to yourself to have a listen!!
Jim hosts a few podcasts, and the Paranormal Podcast is by far my favorite. He brings in such interesting guests with fantastic insight on all things paranormal. If you’re an open minded individual with a love of all things wondrous, try listening to this podcast.
My top three paranormal podcasts are: 1) Jim Harold's Paranormal Podcast 2)Darkness Radio and 3) Real Ghost Stories online. I don't know what I would do without them, but JIm's in particular is the original so we have to support that. His is quite varied in topics and he has a great app and navigable site with which to find whatever aspect of the paranormal you are into.
I have to agree totally with you, Jim, this has to be the best show this year. Your shows throughout year, all of them, are great as well. As soon as I can afford it again I will sign up for a membership since I love so many of your Premium Shows. Would love to hear more from David Weatherly and Steph Young.
Great podcast! I look forward to each podcast and love al the interviews and topics. Always interesting and looking forward to the next podcast! Great job!
Whether you believe in the topics on Jim’s show or not, they are presented in such a manner that even the most stout disbeliever could find interesting. Not only that but Jim is an outstanding interviewer. His questions are spot on and usually are the questions the listeners are thinking themselves. Top notch all the way!
Jim Harold gets it right. Treats his subject matter and guests seriously. Professional with a journalistic approach, he explores the unexplained while intriguing his listeners.
Hi Jim! I have been listening since 2013. I have been behind on my episodes lately, but just listened to your 500th episode. I really like all of your episodes, however, it was refreshing to hear your opinions at the end of that episode. I don't know if this is odd for a podcast, but I think it would be really interesting if you were the interviewee instead of the interviewer for an entire episode. Have someone interview you or put the questions out to us, your listeners. Either way, as someone that listens to many, many podcasts, I always like it when there is a personal aspect to it. You are the second podcast I started listening to and I'm still here, so your doing something right! My only critique would be to add more of YOUR beliefs or insight, somehow, into your shows. Thank you for a great podcast!
I love this podcast. I love hearing these unique people Jim has on and I love Jim’s passion for the paranormal!! This IS exactly what your looking for. Subscribe NOW!
I stumbled across the Paranormal Podcast about a year ago and was instantly hooked. After catching up on all the free episodes and trying to listen to some inferior shows, I finally joined the Plus Club. Access to all of Jim’s shows and the archives is amazing. I can’t believe I was so late to the podcast game. While I don’t agree with all of Jim’s guests, I do love hearing what they have to say. Jim is an articulate professional who seems comfortable doing what he’s doing. I only hope he keeps producing the Paranormal Podcast and his other shows for many years to come.
I love to listen as I fall asleep. Nothing better!
I love learning more about different areas of the paranormal. Jim's interviews are really fun and informative. Interesting interviews on a wide variety of subjects. Total Thumbs Up!
I love this podcast because he always has interesting guests. In most episodes, he has two guests. He has a talent for asking the questions we all want to know, without taking over the interview.