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Each episode is a hoard of treasures worth (repeated) listening. It’s like being on the moon looking across at the world, its uncanny, nuclear connections laid bare and unclabbered, and lit with language.
Intelligent discussion. Beautiful
Very deep discussion with the host and poet Balakian about Roethke. One really feels the majesty of poetry. A special kind of confection for the heart.
I enjoyed this podcast when Paul Muldoon was the host, but I love it even more with Kevin Young. I found it a little tiresome that Muldoon spent so much time discussing the influences on a poem, so I find it delightful and refreshing that Young hardly does that at all -- he seems to engage more directly with the poem as he finds it. The conversations are very personal and engaging. (I'm a poetry novice; the discussion of influences might be of more value to the educated listener, but I found them distancing.)
Great interview and readings!
Poetry podcasts can be as hit or miss as poetry itself. Former host Paul Muldoon has a great voice and often times the discussion about the poems are better than the poems themselves. Jury is still out on new host Kevin Young. I do like how often John Ashbery poems appear on the show. I suspect a lot of poets don’t like what poems are published in the New Yorker, but could always fall back on him as their choice.
Surprisingly great each time out. A simple concept, beautifully executed each time. Muldoon rules!!!


By Ddvdfhj
Wow, what a mind bender this podcast is. Is so nice to hear from the poets what they like and hear them deconstruct, the poems is amazing and great to listen to.
I love these. Smart, entertaining. The perfect length and ideal format with the two poems.
Worth your time
As someone else suggested I wish these were more frequent as in every other week. Thank you Mr.Mouldon and NYER.
A major poet as host and two poems read and discussed One is by the poet guest Wonderful
Can you do this 2x a month - so stimulating & inspiring...thank you for this to NYer & Paul Muldoon.
Only complaint is that there aren't more episodes. Thank you so much for this service, it makes me very happy.
Very insightful and relaxing.
Muldoon is a legend; this podcast is in good hands. Insightful, and worth a listen for published poets and poetry novices alike. Listen and learn.
The podcast is off to a wonderful, stirring start. Two powerful poems well read. I'm wondering if a "short form" poetry podcast might be possible which is essentially just one poem without other commentary. It might be in the range of two to right minutes. Perhaps when this podcast becomes a clear success, then the shorter reading could be a "spin-off" created from the same recording.