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NOVA fundementally does not undestand what a podcast is. This podcast is simply a teaser that continually directs the listener to watch the t.v. brodcast of NOVA. If you are intrested in getting substantive science based audio information - this is not place for that. Try Science Friday instead.
Content is entertaining and informative. Great for nova/pbs.
I love professional bite sized chunks of great science.
This is an excellent podcast but needs to show the entire episodes not just clips and pieces of shows.
The show is relatively short - really, a sort of teaser for material covered in greater detail elsewhere - but it's perfect for giving a taste of individual guests and subjects. But the interest varies. It also ranges from a little under two minutes to just under ten, giving the feeling of inconsistency. I particularly liked a speaker's admission that the concept of "dark matter" was only a "spacer" for science's flagging knowledge on the subject. The show and its subject matter deserve a more dedicated treatment; as such, it's intermittently interesting.
These are a great length, with most being 4-5 min long. Interesting and unique topics. Like the TV show NOVA, they take complex scientific information and break it down in an interesting way that the average non-scientist will understand and enjoy. Definitely recommend!
The heading says it all.
This is such an interesting and inspiring podcast. I can't stop listening to it.
I love the NOVA movies, and I thought I would just go mad for the podcasts, but I have to admit that I was a tad bit disappointed. I think they could improve the scienceNOW podcasts by making them longer and more in depth.
I love NOVA, and was happy to find this podcast. My only issue is that I am not sure if this podcast even exists anymore. Did it get cancelled? How come there are no new ones? Maybe we ran out of science. Either way, I agree with the other comment about "The Elegant Universe." Could we please get that as a video podcast? Please. Also, I love what I have seen out of the TV version in the recent years. Seems like technology has finally come along enough to let animators really illustrate some of the more difficult concepts on which your program focuses.
I hear there are three new podcast episodes on string theory with Brian Greene coming in July because NOVA is reairing The Elegant Universe. But they're not going to be on this feed. They're on the plain NOVA feed as opposed to this NOVA scienceNOW feed.
Science for the average intelligence. Entertaining but they are averaging one five minute podcast a month. Not nearly enough to keep my interest.
The "This Week in Science" podcast did an interview w/Brian Greene on 8/12/05. You should still be able to get it through the iTunes feed.
this is a really great podcast. I play it in my physics class all the time. Wonderfully informative!
They are all pretty similar. But, just how true is "Astroids that misbehave" accusation of an asteroid coming in 2029?
The podcasts are great and everything, but there are episodes of nova that havn't been casted yet that I love. Particularly "The Elegant Universe". So hurry up and start casting.
Good content and incredible production values. Possibly a bit on the tame side however.
I have enjoyed these podcasts. With exception to the "Rejection" podcast, everything has been very interesting and I have learned a lot from these podcasts! I especially enjoyed the podcasts on "Size" and "inertia" It is absolutely amazing how much you learn from just a few minutes! NOVA, if you keep making podcasts, I will continue to download them and feed my dendrites the brainfood they need! You are awesome!!!! Just try to do better than the rejection podcast. That was awful!