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great agile podcast
This podcast offers high quality and on topic interviews for anyone interested in Agile software development. They are brief but not fluff.
When the guests are lively, I'm enthralled -- there's a great deal of good content. But who the hell gives these timid squeak-voiced people their own podcasts? I mean... is there some vast conspiracy to melt our brains? Do you wanna know why the guy in the car next to you is punching his steering wheel? He's listening to Bob Payne painfully strive to complete a sentence of ten-to-twenty words and screaming "FOR THE LOVE OF MIKE JUST SPIT IT OUT!!!!!!"
Many interviews with some of the greats of agile development. A must of those doing or wanting to do agile development.
I like the wide variety of interviews from NFJS, RubyConf, and many many other Agile conferences. Very valuable.