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THE podcast for skydivers. Essential info, comic relief and just the best virtual hang with your skydiving buddies...
Love Skydive Radio!!! after binge listening all episodes because I was just returning to the sport, have to give a big shout out to everyone who is involved in making these podcasts. I love all the interviews and find every one very beneficial to my safe returning to the sport and love all the safety tips which you can never have enough. I look forward to new podcasts being produced so keep up the great work!!!
This has turned out to be one of my favorite podcasts. There are hundreds of them now and I've listened to every one of them. They have turned this into a really great learning tool on top of being thorougly entertaining.
Terrific source for info on skydiving & avaition. Discussions are lively and fun. Safety First segments take on serious issues in a warm, welcoming, sincere manner. I've learned a ton about the history & evolution of skydiving and gained insights to the culture. Am truly blessed to have SDC as my home DZ for my AFF training and sharing the skies with Mondial Gold medal winners. Thanks guys!
Great stuff!! 23 episodes in !! Dave an stump you guys rock!! Hope to fly with ya guys sum day!! Can't wait to finish an catch up to date!! #blueskys #Florida
Fun and informative show! There's a great mix between important information and fun joking that keeps you wanting more.
Great info and presentation on a subject with little media.
Going through all of the podcasts to catch up and I love it! I learn, I laugh, I learn some more. Love Safety First, love the interviews. Thanks for doing this Dave, Karre, Stump, and Brian. Y'all are awesome! BTW the episode with the drunk whuffo was super funny!
I stumbled upon this podcast a couple of weeks ago while looking for some information about angle flying. I have been listening to past episodes for several hours a day since then, and I'm still not even close to being caught up. The hosts are awesome, the discussions (including the non-skydiving related stuff) are always entertaining, and the show is downright informative. I feel like a better skydiver just from listening to this show. They have done dozens of interviews with some of the biggest names in the sport, both past and present. Some of the older shows include interviews with pioneers of the sport like Bill Booth. These interviews are always awesome, and I find myself wishing they would just keep on going after the interview is over. They also devote qutie a bit of time to other "cousin" sports like BASE jumping and paragliding. The interviews with Moe Villetto and his recounting of the early days of BASE are a blast to listen to. This is one of my favorite podcasts and I'm crossing my fingers that they keep going for another decade or more!
Found this podcast when I was a new student skydiver and looking for more information than I was picking up at my dropzone. What a find! Hosts Dave and Steve offer some great banter back and forth (although it's unfortunate Steve is rarely in the studio with Dave) between themselves and their frequent guests. They always have fascinating interviews with some of the best in the sport, and their regular segments on safety with Brian Germain are not to be missed. This podcast is always jammed with just the right mix of information, humor, and instruction to make it worth waiting for each month. To top it off, even their sponsored spots hold my interest and don't come off as advertisements.
I've been an avid listener since September of 2012 and wishing i knew about it in 2005! Completely caught up on all of the episodes and now am with everyone else... wishing there were more. Everyone on the show is, and has been in the past, knowledgable, hilarious at times, and so very worth listening to. If you have any interest in the sport of skydiving, BASE, and now, due to episode 202, paragliding and speed flying then I recommend starting from episode 1 and making your way through the hours and hours of interviews and commentary. Cheers from a loyal fan in NH!
Great stuff, really informative for a newbie. Thanks


By albanys
Skydive Radio is AWSOME! Extremely informative and equally entertaining.
I started listening to Skydive Radio a couple months before I started jumping. From the knowledge I gained to be a safer, better skydiver to helping me understand the skydiving culture and to the valuable information they continue to provide, this show is awesome! I'm very thankful for their show, the staff is great, the guests are experts in the field and the show has many entertaining moments. Keep up the great work!
The profanity ruins it. Constant f-bomb is unprofessional.
Absolutely perfect!
You guys are the best, keep it up! I'm actually going back to the first episodes and listening the whole way through just for fun! Thanks for doing what you do the very best!!!
Great to have you back on the air guys!
Excellent program for new jumpers and experienced jumpers to gain knowledge, review old practices and stay on top of groups, events and to expand their horizons in our community. I've downloaded every show and am listening to them all! Thanks guys!
Now I'm in the loop. Thanks guys!
I find Skydive Radio to be a fun and informative podcast. The guys get a great selection of skydivers to interview covering the gamut of skydiving. I believe it to be one of the best things to come out of the sport in a number of years. I look forward to seeing these guys again on the road. I find myself looking forward to each weeks new episode with anticipation. Thanks to Dave, Stump and Cory for going the extra mile and putting out a product that they can be proud of.