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We are truly a reflexion of what we hear! IBC does a great job of starting my mornings w God's word and makes my commute much more enjoyable!
My wife and I have been worshipping at IBC for 10 years. We are truly blessed to be a part of a congregation that is so active and loving. The pastors all do a great job and it shows in the lives of those attending. God bless you all.
I don't currently attend IBC, however I listen to the podcasts regularly during my morning walks. What a blessing. The church I currently attend doesn't quite have the depth in its teachings. Thank you for making these available.
Thank you for having your audio on iTunes. I am learning a lot every Sunday night from IBC. I am learning to understand and appreciate the bible. I visit your church every Sunday in the summer while I am in Irving; I live in New Orleans, now I can still listen to your Sunday's audio. Thanks for teaching me and bringing me closer to God.


You won't find a better teaching team to listen to. Andy Mcquitty is brilliant.
None better, for us poor souls who are not within driving distance of Irving Bible Church and miss it terribly. This is the one of the best podcasts by a church available, the sound is actually quite well maintained, with not unnessecary static, which can occur sometimes. It is a must for anyone looking for a detailed message from one of the most uniquely awesome churches in the United States.
There is no better story teller, than Jay Utley. His message is clear. It is honest. It is not about him. And it is authentic. When he talks about Abba, I remember it.