Reviews For PowerUser.tv(PowerUserPodcast)

This started out as one of my favorite podcasts, just behind TWiT...But their constant laughing and childish humor is getting unlistenable. Out of a one hour podcast you might hear 15 minutes of tech news, the rest is childish rants...I keep them subscribed hoping it will get better, but I haven't finshed listening to the last 10 or so of these podcasts ( It's been that bad, IMO)...I hope they get their acts together and become the great podcast they once were... Update: 6-30-06 I have unsubcribes from this podcast...I just can't listen to an hour+ podcast of nothing but laughing (Think, Bob and Tom show, you can only take so much) about childish humor and the saying, The views of ___do not___...You hear this a least once or more per podcast...aarr......I'll try them out again in a month or so, maybe they will clean up their act...
Listeing from Japan, Very informative show! plus its funny!
Very funny i recemd Power User to everyone who enjoys funny shows like this.
I love this podcast. it's both informative and entertainment. Sometimes the various issues of the hosts, all of whom contribute in some form to stardock or it's affiliates, seeps into the show, but for the most part it's great. I want to see this become a lot more popular. I'd recomend it to anyone who wants some tech news, that isn't filled with gibberish acronyms and has some humor to it.
PowerUser.tv is an interest podcat, especially if you frequent one of Stardock's child sites (WinCustomize, JoeUser, et al) or Neowin.net, as the big wigs from both parties, along with the host, discuss many technology-related issues. They do lean a bit toward Windows on the OS side of things, so the staunch anti-Microsoft crow may find themselves disagreeing on many topics. Overall, very well-done.
This is a great podcast for tech news. Great coverage of curent events.