KPFA - The Herbal Highway

Reviews For KPFA - The Herbal Highway

Great herbal information, just wish they didn’t speak like cliche (well-intending) leftists <3
Can you please define sugar??? People get confused when identifying sources!! Blueberries, kiwis!??? Be specific!!!! Please!!!
Incredible content, host, and opening tune. The audio has been too over-modulated/grating for me.
It just uplifts this spirit and inspires faith in mankind to encounter those of the two legged beings who live to serve the planet and humanity. This Herbal Highwaydoes just that, teaching about the plant life that nurtures and heals our bodies, minds, and spirits. Much Gratitude to you BLESSED HEALERS...
This is an amazing podcast. I love it!
This is my favorite podcast by far. The information given is accurate, diverse, supportive and responsible. I wish I could run off to California to train at Blue Otter!
I love the herbal highway. I listen every week, it is so wonderful to learn of alternative health treatments from a reliable source.
This show is incredible! If you want to learn more about and improve your health then give this show a listen. Lana is the most expert herbalist I have ever heard. Her knowledge in natural and so-called alternative healing is thoughtful and seemingly endless. Warning: listening to this podcast regularly may improve your quality of life.