Reviews For Buffycast

With only a handful of episodes this podcast blew me away. It's fascinating and an amazing in depth look at Buffy. This is the podcast Buffy deserves, it's too bad it will never come back.
This podcast was amazing to listen to with its depth and insight. It is a shame it has not been updated in ages and the run seems to have come to an end.
Best Buffy show in my opinion. Revello's commentaries were carefully constructed and elucidated. He traversed a good deal of cultural studies in his podcasts, which I gobbled up. I hope he plans on doing another batch - it's been way too long. Come back Revello!!!
This podcast on Buffy The Vampire Slayer has got me thinkin hard about my own thoughts and feelings about the show. Here you will find great assessments of the episodes/seasons with input from the listeners. Thumbs up.
This is the creme of the crop, the best of the Buffy related podcasts out there. The topics are interesting and well researched, and the presentation is professional and well done. Hopefully they will produce more of these sometime!
If you are mourning the late show Buffy, listen to this podcast. Deep analysis is coupled with a sincere effort towards being an interactive show. Questions, comments and any thoughts about the show or Buffy are welcome. How happy you will be to know that there are still people out there who love BtVS!


Intelligent, insightful, and examing more than just the surface aspects of the show, this podcast is the in depth (and deep) show that Buffy deserves. Far more than just a review, this podcast explores every facet of various aspects of the show. Excellent work!
I came to Buffy late and watched them all on DVD. These guys are really fun to listen to and provide some very interesting insights and points of view. The program is very loosely structured and it feels more like you are in a conversation than listening to some show. The authors address each episode in order and often make reference to other episodes or seasons to illustrate a theme. Very well done and very entertaining.
One of the best podcasts in any genre I've come across. Too many podcasts tend to be self-indulgent. Revello never says more than he needs to and always keeps you wanting a little more. The insights are actually insightful, and he does a very good job working in sharp comments from readers. The only flaws - a co-host might be nice once in a while, just for variation. It may be a copyright issue, but a little more use of soundclips from the show would also be cool. Also, the breaks between shows are getting a little long. These are all minor issues though. Strongly recommended for Buffy fans.
While I don't always agree with Revello on everything, I have to say this is one of the best thought out shows on BtVS. The Buffycast team also watches thier posting board and reads thier e-mail so listeners have a lot of input. The topics are interesting, and the show titles funny. The whole show is a first rate endeavor, the only down side is the irregularity of new episodes. The show regularly uses source material so it is not just one fan's opinion and they try to do academic material with a conversational tone which is very difficult and in this case well done.
This podcast is very insightful to the show. Discuses many of the simbolisms in the characters and stories. Worth checking out. The only bad thing is that buffy was a show that made us laugh and this podcast is a little too on the serious side.