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The very first thing I searched for many years ago when Apple added podcasts to the iTunes Store was "Doctor Who" and Podshock was one of only a couple that came up. An entertaining roundtable discussion of new and classic Who by longtime fans; worth a listen, especially the earlier episodes with the original trio.
The early days were great when Ken and James were involved but it has become basically just rambling for 90 minutes. Lots of dead air and awkward pauses. They are true fans of the show though and I applaud them for lasting this long, but they never tapped into the true potential they had. I still listen in the car on my commutes but with Radio Free SKaro being so much more organized and produced, I don’t find myself waiting for a new episode like I once did.
I have been a fan of Podshock for many years - listening since 2008/2009. This is, in my opinion, one of the best Doctor Who related podcasts out there. I liked it so very much that I am now a host! (I felt it only proper to mention this as I am bit biased in my review.) GREAT to record with this amazing team!
The podcast is a great way of getting reviews of Doctor Who episodes and discussion generally. What really drives the quality down is the Host (luis) - needs to actually prepare for a show and learn how to talk. The episodes would probably drop by 20 minutes without all the umm and aahhhs and sputtering of words out and ’thinking time'. Really Distracting ! Please take the break between now and the new series to actually think about how you host the show.
This show does not supply fans of Doctor Who with exclusive information of the beloved show. They repeat the same news and rumors that someone can find from a number of other web sites. The primary host is awkward to listen to. He admits often to being sleepy and tired, and cannot think clearly to maintain the show. There are awkward pauses throughout the show during conversation. The hosts are overly critical of minor details that are moot to enjoying the show. For example , during one show the host was frustrated about the variation in shading and lighting between scenes because of the weather when the scene was shot outside.
I'm afraid I just can't listen to this podcast anymore. There are others that cover the same material at a better pace, and with more interesting banter. Honestly for a podcast that's been around since 2005, this one sounds oddly inexperienced.
10 minutes of filler at the top, after that the audio quality was garbage, complete waste of time
I enjoy the reviews of each episode as well as the news and guests. Great podcast!
I want to like this podcast, but I actually dread listening to it. Louis Trippani is nice, I'm sure, but he seriously needs to become aquainted with IMDB and the virtues of rewatching the episode he's about to discuss. If it weren't for the other guy this show would be completely worthless. I'm looking for something else to supply my need for Doctor Who news.
Bigger on the Inside. That's the title of a DW podcast worth listening to. These guys are so dull that i'd rather spend a lifetime with Adric on a crashing cyberman ship than spend one more hour listening to them. Good day to you all.
Boring and worthless especially when we have other Doctor Who podcasts that provide similar purpose but the hosts are ten times more entertaining.
It is a good albeit extremely formatted show about Doctor Who. It's a call in show that does not appear to like to take calls from listeners until way after the hosts have finished talking about their views. This can take up to 45minutes to an hour. One wonders why they bother to take calls.
I've listened to about a dozen of these shows to see if I wanted to subscribe, but it's got some issues which will probably make me listen elsewhere to get my DW News, honestly. The information is accurate, timely, and they score some good interviews, but some segments can drag on a bit long. They need a real producer to direct and make some editting decisions, and some changes in on-air talent. The two Brits are cool, but the East Coast American sounds like he has a mouth full of marbles. I picture an over-weight guy about 4'10" with skin that never cleared up from high school... And that makes all the information a bit of a drag to take in (rather like listening to Woody Allen reading "Story of O" - The nasal-nebbish-ness takes away from the subject matter, for me). I'm not saying he should sound like Casey Cassum or another slick deep-voiced radio dude, but at least someone who has a little zip and personality. Perhaps if he took the marbles out, and learned how to read copy without sounding like a nervous kid in speech class, they'd have something here. Give it a listen, though, and judge for yourself please. After all, it only costs you time!
I use to like this podcast but recently these guys have started asking for funding to attend a convention in L.A.. Sorry guys but if you want to do a podcast great, but asking people to help fund your trip to a sci fi convention is going a bit far. Other podcasts (Radio Free Skaro) get out there on there own and put on a show, so you should too. You 're not doing charity work in Africa , you're going to a Doctor Who convention which no one has asked you to do. Also on a personal note your droning on and complaining is sucking the fun out of fandom for me, I can see why Doctor Who in the 80's failed with fans like you, God forbid anyone trys to do something different with the show (which is all about change when you get right down to it). I'll stick with the less annoying DWO Who Cast , Radio Free Skaro and The Tardis least when these guys drone on it's entertaining. Doctor Who Fan Since 1978
The first podcast of theirs I heard was them complaining that an American TV host and author, with a Doctor Who after-show on BBC1, who's own podcast "The Nerdist" has had Matt Smith and Karen Gillan on multiple times, wasn't a big enough Doctor Who fan to be one of the guest hosts on the Doctor Who Christmas Special marathon. If they won't research a person they're putting down, or doing so because he's an American, then why listen to their crap.
I'm sort of new to Doctor Who (starting in May, and watching all the episodes from the 9th Doctor to current this summer). I love the podcast because of the great hosts and the information. It is the perfect length to listen to when I'm relaxing before I go to sleep!
Take it for what it is... entertaining and educational, fun and frivolous, a podcast celebrating Doctor Who, the world's longest running science fiction (dare I say fantasy) television program. But by all means, by any means, take it... take it along for a walk, a ride, a jog, a commute, take it with you for a lazy afternoon leaning against your favorite shade tree as you watch the clouds pass by, take it while you clean out that junk drawer you've been meaning to get to for the past 100 years, just take it! I suppose one of my favorite aspects of Podshock are crew and cast interviews. I was fortunate enough to attend a Doctor Who convention years ago, when Sylvester McCoy and Sophie Aldred were in the lead roles, and I can tell you there's nothing like meeting the folks that make magic come to life. Time has a way of claiming our heroes, so many have passed away, Sarah Jane and the Brigadier most recently, yet we are able to get a glimpse into the life of many by way of interviews shared through Podshock. And that is very cool. Say what you will about the format. Every format has limits. Podshock pushes the limits by offering up an Enhanced Podcast. And that's cool. Say what you will about how Podshock news really isn't news. There are so many ways to tap into the vortex of stuff that constitutes what we accept as news, nobody can be on top of it all of the time, certainly not when the show it celebrates has been around for nearly 50 years. Podshock doesn't surprise me with Doctor Who trivia that would make an insomniac yawn, but it does report the major happenings in the Whoniverse. And that's cool. The hosts? Louis, Ken, and James are fans, that's obvious, and that's cool. I don't want to hear anyone but a fan ramble on about the good Doctor. These guys love the show and care about the product they deliver. That's good enough for me. I don't have to agree with them all the time... I can't, they don't always agree with one another, but that's a reflection of the program the podcast pays tribute to, where everyone is welcome, and it matters not your age, color, creed, gender, planet of origin, or any other man-made difference between us... be ye glad that the TARDIS is bigger on the inside! There's room for all! This isn't the 6 o'clock news, so don't make Podshock into something it isn't by comparing it to any other podcast out there. Take it for what it is, a fan based and a fan produced celebration of Doctor Who, a podcast that takes me back to my days as a member of a Who based fan club in which we produced a newsletter featuring information about the series, the characters, the people that portrayed them, plus member stories and art, lots of member stories and art. Podshock is the present day digital audio equivalent to that newsletter. And that is very cool. Podshock gets 4 out of 5 stars here (4 out of 5 TARDIS groans elsewhere) because there's always room for improvement, no matter how good something is... and as podcasts go, this one is at the top of the list.
(doctor + awesome = DWSOME) Love this podcast. Its easy to listen too. Jam back with so much DWho stuff. It's amazing. I just turn it on and listen to it when I am at work, cleaning house, doing exercise, at the airport ( to past time away) and working on my DW journal. I love these Guys. Oh and the Companion App is awesome too. You can all their stuff in one place (twitter, podcast, website, and special stuff too). Thanks podcast. You guys make my day brighter.
Just can't get enough of PodShock !
I've been listening to Podshock for about 3 years. I've been a Supporting Subscriber for a little over a year. It's like being a member of your local PBS station. In fact the whole show has the feel of a local AM station talk radio show. Louis, Ken and James couldn't be more knowledgeable about Doctor Who, both DW:TOS (The Original Series) and DW:TRS (The Regenerated Series) and it's spin-offs. Ken Deep leads the guest interviews with aplomb and grace, and a voice that is very easy on the ears. While the show usually runs 90 to 120 minutes, the guys really know how to make it fly by and I find myself often wishing that it wasn't over yet. Doctor Who: Podshock is a MUST LISTEN/ MUST SUBSCRIBE for any die-hard Whovian. Coffee and Podcasts!
Love the doctor, love your show - even though I often disagree with some of the reviews. As much as I love listening and enjoy everything WHO, the length shouldn't be a problem, but it takes up too much space on my iPod. I can't fall behind on listening if life gets too busy! Update: lowered to 3 stars because....they keep getting longer!!!! I appreciate your enthusiasm, but learn to condense! Also....many episodes "cannot be played on this iPod" when I download straight to the iPod on wifi, but I can transfer from iTunes. That makes no sense and I don't know if that is apple or art trap. Either way I will keep lowering stars until they learn to stick to their time...not that they care.....
My first and favorite! Ken, Louis & James are always positive & upbeat rather than slagging off the show and its producers.
I listened for the first time to the November 19th episode. There was only the one host, no actual doctor who content, just event promotion, mindless babbling, and dumb jokes. A bit of a let down. I thought maybe it was just the episode, but can't bring myself to listen to another.
The hosts are knowledgable but everything drags on too long. The need to learn to fill time better or just shut up and go to the next subject. I couldn't listen after the first few months.
James, Ken & Louis do a nice job chatting about the ins & outs of Dr. Who. Always thoughtful & fun! I've listened from the beginning and have always appreciated the enthusiasm and banter between the hosts. Keep up the great commentary and sense of fun! Looking forward to your next episodes!
I love a good podcast, and I appreciate hosts and guests who have a history with the show on which they can draw, but this podcast is so long and so poorly edited (if edited at all) that it is SUCKING THE JOY OUT OF DOCTOR WHO FANDOM FOR ME. Sucking. The. Joy. Out. I'll stick with Staggering Stories and Radio Free Skaro.
I'm sure there are worse out there, but to be honest this is the most boring Doctor Who podcast I've come across to date. The hosts tend to just go on and on, with no sense of brevity at all. Perhaps I've just hit the bad episodes, I'm not sure. DWO Whocast, DWP Doctor Who Podcast, and The Ood Cast offer the news and reviews like Podshock, but have a lot better banter and more interesting features.
I have been a fan of Dr. Who since Tom Baker and now got my daughter hooked. I find this pod cast the best source of anything Dr. Who related. I look forward to listening to the reviews and comments as soon as I finish watching the episode. Great work guys, keep up the good work for all Dr. who generations.
My wife and I look forward to each and every episode! We have been listeners for roughly 2 years now, having discovered Podshock shortly after we became members of a local Doctor Who group. We immediately made it our mission to catch up on every episode and stay tuned for new shows. These guys are not only exceptionally well versed in all there is to know of Doctor Who, its writers, producers, actors and other elements that make up the programs long history, but their discussions are highly fun, intelligent, and in depth. This is the best coverage out there!
LOL, I just sorta realized that every single thing that is being said on this podcast is about a television show. LOL!!! That just shows how much this amazing show is loved! YOU GUYS ARE TRUELY GREAT!!!!!
…with genuinely good guys. You can tell by listening to the hosts and their guests that these people have a passion for sci-fi and Doctor Who. They are not Johnny-come-latelys. They have been true fans through thick and thin, and help that fire burn brighter in others. Though this podcast is not glitzy, it is well produced and has a style that as sincere as it is easy to listen to. They keep a pretty good schedule of releases and bring really excellent content and discussion to the table every time.
Hey Guys, I found you through Radio Free Skaro and decided to give you a listen! I loved the the 2 part interview with Gary Russell! Completely Awesome! Sorry you missed it James but you did have Whooverville! I think I will continue to follow your podcast! Keep Up the great work!
Is it perfect? No, but it comes as close as a podcast can in my opinion. Ken, Louis, and James wear their fandom on their sleeves as they talk about their shared passion: Doctor Who. The interplay between two Americans and one Brit works wonderfully. Their news sources are top notch, their interivews of people involved with DW are fantastic, and their sence of humor refreshing. If you are into Who this is the only podcast you need. By Bruce aka Rild99 on the forums. Not by Podshock. iTunes won't let me change that!
Great show, great hosts, and even more importantly, great guests. ;)
is it really ture if it is then what time is it
Other reviewers are right- the hosts are too undisciplined for this to appeal to a broad audience. Every edition drags on and on and you can rapidly lose interest- it's about twenty minutes of interesting material stumbled through so it lasts three times as long. A good producer would tell them to cut back on the boring banter. It's a shame as they are passionate about the material... but maybe I'm not as keen on the sound of their voices as they are.
This was the first podcast I started listening to that was related to Doctor Who. There are some things that I really like about Doctor Who Podschock and some things I absolutely dislike. On the plus side, the hosts are enthusiastic, the episode reviews are good, and I do like they have other fans "call in" and give their feedback on topics and reviews. On the negative side, for some reason one of the hosts REALLY annoys me. I am sure he is a great guy but he comes across as full of himself. I agree with other reviews that the show could benefit with a little bit more of a set schedule so the bits are not drawn out so long. Worth a try if you have not listened to yet.
This podcast is great for supplying Doctor Who fans with the latest information, either legitimate news or speculative rumors. Unfortunately, though, when it comes to other information relating to Doctor Who (such as episode reviews), the hosts (two specifically) have a tendency to be too negative. I enjoy the diversity of having multiple view points regarding an episode, both positive and negative; however, when hosts continue to negatively drone on and on regarding issues, it becomes obnoxious and annoying. The negativity from one of the hosts regarding Love and Monsters has gone on far too long; however, that is merely an example. Did these same horrible comments and reactions from fans to Doctor Who in the 80s lead to its 'hiatus?' Let's not see that happen again! The hosts admit that they have an appreciation for having the show back on the air; however, they don't seem to portray that appreciation in their comments. I am VERY appreciative that Doctor Who is back on the air with new episodes, regardless of weak or strong plots/storylines. Can't we enjoy them ALL without the verbal bashing?
They don't half natter on self-indulgently in jarring accents about The Daarkderr, though about a third of every 90-minute episode is well worth it. Please, couldn't you get it under three-quarters of an hour?
This is THE podcast for Doctor Who fans. The latest news, fun roundtable discussions, interviews with Doctor Who actors, writers and producers, reviews of the latest radio dramas, plus a podcast team that reminds me each week why I'm proud to be a Doctor Who fan (25 years and counting!). Great fun - don't miss out!
Podshock is basically a Docotor Who talk show with hosts from the US and the UK. The show has many guests from other podcasts as well as the occasional personality. With news, reviews, and a feature segment, podshock has a lot to offer to any Who fan.
The sad thing is, I always get dissapointed by most other Who podcasts. I like to listen to PodShock at work, so when I'm out of you guys, I end up going to lame casts like Bad Wolf Radio. Boo to those guys. This show is where it's at! LOVE the interviews!
I actually stumbled across Podshock on accident when I searched for Doctor Who Audio Stories. I was suprised at how good the show flowed and the interaction between three big fans Louis, Ken, and James. If your a Doctor Who fan than this show is a must! Great current news and info on the new series and insightful episode reviews. Fantastic!
This podcast has such potential- the hosts know their stuff and certainly have the technical aptitude to create something worthwhile, but it;s invariably weighed down the the breaking point with length and lack of focus. Who is their target audience? While this style may have worked 20 years ago when they might have been the only source for current Who information, invariably they're reporting news that the vast majority of their listeners have read or heard elsewhere. I dip in and out of this podcast once every few months to see if it’s improved because I really want it to be good. Listening to the hosts constantly laugh at their own jokes about "Dok-der Hoo" grows to be very annoying after a few tries. Maybe it's simply not for me.