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I LOVE this podcast. The audio engineering and amount of detail in this is really good. I wish you all published more content more frequently!
I just knew this one was going to be good. And it sure delivered. Thank you Jason and thanks Kristian, Brett and Melodie for sharing your heart and letting us listen in to the process of how God shaped you and your songs as instruments and soundtrack of His glory. Great quality and flow, love the show, keep it coming!
Passion Podcasts As a 64 y/o sold out prayer warrior It is very exciting to hear your brief topics Presented honestly , intensely, illustration stories Energized by your honesty! Goliath MUST fall! so Jesus gets the glory as he defeats all that we wrestle And smash and bury the snake head so the poison that remains does not poison us later Thank you!
I love this podcast. It’s a great way to keep me on track in daily life and gives me something to reflect on during long drives. I do feel like the background music is a bit distracting and sometimes makes it difficult to hear the message but otherwise it’s a great podcast.
Absolutely loving this new format with Jason Dyba hosting and the sound mixing!! Great job!!
I'll keep it short. It's really good and you should listen to it.
This is quite possibly the best podcast right now for Christian leadership!
This crew is unbelievable and the content is applicable to you no matter who you are! Passion has been a part of my story for many years, and this podcast is just another way they are reaching out for the sake of doing one thing, lifting up the name of Jesus! As a musician, leader and Jesus-follower this a podcast has been beyond valuiable in my growth and development.
I am excited to have this back. I love the way it is formated giving a glimpse into the behind the scenes aspects of the Passion Movement and Door Holders. Im one of the weird ones that Louie has historically referenced in the past istening to some of the podcasts after the fact. I wonder there going to be a cameo of the UPS delivery truck?!?
I was an avid listener to this podcast. Passion Conferences is quite literally a ministry that has molded and shaped my thinking about God, life, relationships, and perspectives. Dare I say, even consider Louie Giglio to be my disciple though we've not interacted directly but these podcasts held a certain special place as I was growing, listening, digesting, processing, and applying all I knew from what Passion Conferences, and by proxy, Passion City Church would release via their content. Then silence. I mean, their last podcast was something like the end of 2016. I would look at my podcast list and see... nothing. No new content. No new insights into what to expect for the next Passion Conference. No interview. No new thoughts on anything from Louie Giglio and the team. Then I check their instagram feed because, why not right?! Wouldn't you if one of the biggest spiritual influences in your life had an instagram account and their content is next to SHEER GOLD? I did. I do follow them! At any rate, I see a short 59 second video clip with a scrolling title animation that says, "a new season of the passion podcast". THAT WAS ALL I NEEDED. I check my iTunes on both my computer and phone and see some new episodes! YOU KNOW I had to jump on that! And jump I did! If you want to get a handle and a glimpse of what this Jesus movement is really about, this podcast is definitely one you should subscribe to! If you love podcasts and simply hearing about instances from what people learn and how it's connected to this multi-decade long, singularly focused, global movement of a generation seeking the fame of Jesus, then this is one you will not want to miss! Subscribe! Then never miss a single episode!!!


By J,E,S
Great! I love them
If you love the Passion CDs; or even if you just love God--you have got to check out this great podcast! Live from the Passion Tour, you get a chance to check in with all your favs: Chris Tomlin, David Crowder, and all the rest! I'm hoping for a "sit down chat" with Christy Nockels myself... Tune won't be sorry!