Reviews For Bandana Blues, founded by Beardo, hosted by Spinner

I’ve enjoyed the music from these guys for years. Now Spinner can get off the tracks once in a while but he’s playing a lot of good stuff. I could do without his political opinions though, that’s not what I’m looking for when I want to relax and put on a groove. What a downer that gets to be. Save it for all those people that get off on watching the news.
The blues is dead, you say? Not!! This podcast is the proof. Beardo is gone to that juke joint in the sky (Sorely missed, I must say. What a shock!) but Spinner carries on in fine style. Mourn Beardo. Long live his name! Long live Spinner. He's the man, now and he knows his stuff. Long live the blues! That's all there is to say.
This is the best podcast for blues on the web. First, it is completely free form and is not over produced. Second, Beardo and Spinner's definition of blues is very broad. They play stuff that you never knew existed. If you are as sick of classic rock as I am, this podcast is the will open you to a whole new world of music.
introduced to these guys by an amazing appreciator of the blues. ive never been so impressed with the variety, gritty, soulful, deep, and fantastic place beardo and spinner take me. when all music leads back to the blues, let these guys light the way. thanks for everything and keep the blues comin!
You will be astonished by the depth and breadth of blues played by Beardo and Spinner. If you like the blues, let these two take you on a voyage of discovery. I give this podcast a top shelf recommendation from someone that doesn't do recommendations! Phenomenal..........excellent podcasting at its very, very best. Long live Beardo and Spinner!
I have been a listener for years, and the show just keeps getting better. A generous mixture of the old and the new. Appreciate the many new artists and releases being given airplay (Watermelon Slim, Jason Ricci, Norbert Schneider, etc.). Frustrating when iTunes does not offer some of the great music (Nucklebusters Blues Band). Beardo is more guitar-centric in his offerings, Spinner more harp-centric.
The music is great. The sound quality isnt.
this is by far the best podcast i've listened to. there is soooo much great music. beardo & spinner keep the commentary to a minimum and just kick out the jams. thank you.
GREAT! A credit to podcasting. I look forward to every episode and if you love the blues you have found nirvana.
It's all about the music. It's all about the music. It's all about the music. Bandana Blues is my desert island soundtrack. I've always loved (and played) the blues above all others but had found myself hungry for more and having trouble finding it. Here in Phoenix we have a great local club or 4 and a great long running radio show on Sunday nights, but where to find everything else? Man o' man, Bandana Blues comes close. I've heard music and artists here that I've never been exposed to before, all fantastic. If you love the blues, you'd be a stone cold fool not to download every available show! And you know what? The presentation can't be beat either. Reminds me of when radio was great.
Great music and a great show. Always an entertaining listening from a couple of guys who know their music.
Just started listening today, thanks for feeding this Chicago Boy stuck in Orlando some of the tastiest cuts available!
What can I say... I'm addicted to these two louts! Not only do you get an earful of great blues, both new and old, but rare live stuff plus out of print gems. Spinner is schooling me on European blues, with real emphasis on the Dutch guys which makes sense 'cause he is one. The dudes are funny too! I don't buy anything unless I hear some of it first, and this is where I do it.