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I personally think that this is a good podcast to subscribe to, especially if you're new to the show. I just recently discovered how great Buffy: The Vampire Slayer and Angel are, and this podcast helped me appreciate how much some people love this Buffy. Sure, they miss a few details sometimes. They're not here to give perfect overviews of the episodes. If you want that, go buy the episodes yourself. They give a short, but sweet review of the episodes, and spend a bit longer on the ones they like (which are usually the ones everyone likes). The episodes are long, which proves they spent a long time preparing for each episode. Also, it gave me an indepth look into a "world" I barely knew. After listening to the BuffCast, I also listened to their podcast about Angel, and found it equally as good as BuffCast. I would recommend this podcast to anyone who just really enjoys Buffy: The Vampire Slayer and enjoys sharing that love with other people. PS. Yes, they do miss some basic plot points, but so would I if had to try to remember apparently every single event that happened in each episode.
This is a great in-depth review of the seven seasons of Buffy. I have listened to this podcast many times and enjoy it every time. Definitely worth listening too if you love Buffy.
Two guys summarizing episodes and saying "I thought this was cool, but that was stupid." No analysis or any depth to their discussions. All the stuff that made Buffy what is was (intelligent writing, using fantasy for metaphors, clever uses of universal themes) seems to go right over these guys' heads in favor of geeking out on a line of dialogue or a fight scene. Self indulgent and meaningless.
While it is always interesting to hear fellow Buffy fans' perspectives on the show, one would hope that if you plan to make it public you would put in the time and effort to at least get the names and plot points right. This is amusing enough on a really shallow basis, but for any true fan it's a waste of time.
This was a great way to review episodes I hadn't seen in a while and I thought Randy & Wayne played off each other really well. I liked hearing their opinions on certain episodes or characters (especially when I was of the same opinion!).
you guys should..do a buff cast review of season 8 ..
I love these podcasts but, where is the podcast for season 3. I mean it isn't there and i would love one i have been waiting but it still is not here and i think it would complete the podcasts for my ipod.
I'll point out that major plot points are missed right along with everyone else. In and of itself, that's no big, but Wayne's near-constant "I was like OH my GOD", "I was just, rrrrr", etc, and his constant back and forth between "I really loved this episode because" and "GOD I hated this episode" (about the same episode, mind) are a major annoyance. Randy seems to be fairly good and is much more informed, generally, and it's unfortunate that a bad co-host continually takes you out of what he's saying. That said, while this probably isn't the most insightful podcast, it's nice to listen to people discussing the series in a fair (though disorganized) amount of detail. You'll occasionally want to yell at them while listening, and often will, much to the confusion of people around you.
This podcast is highly informative and very entertaining.
This is a great podcast regarding the Buffy series. Lots of fun conversation between the 2 hosts. Nice balance between being critical and appreciative of the series.
I you love the Buffy, give this a spin.. as I understand it, this was the very first ever podcast on the subject. It's two friends talking about Buffy, season by season. Fun! Everyone has their own thoughts on Buffy, listening to this will get you thinking about what you like or don't like about the show. I didn't mind when the hosts would forget a detail, I'll take that over listening to someone who sounds like they are reading from something. Also if they forget something.. I'm sitting there trying to remember it too.. a great companion to folding your laundry!
I like listening to this podcast because I like Buffy. I'm going to give these guy's Angel Investigations a shot to reserve judgement, but there's a lot of rambling here without direction. I mean, have a lap top handy to look on imdb to get your facts straight,.... or have one of the Buffy ' watcher's guides' available. And I believe they're too critical as well. This is, after all, a TV Show that was maybe initially geared toward high school kids, so some of their criticisms are unfair. So far I like the season 7 one the best.
I am a complete Buffy addict and I am so glad there is a good Buffy Podcast out there. You guys are really good at noticing little details that I had missed before. I own the whole series on DVD and after I listen to your show I go back and watch the episodes again to catch all that I missed. Hate waiting so long for each podcast though, keep up the good work!
If you are true Buffy fan (that means watch the show since it first aired) DO NOT waste your time listening to this pod cast. They get a lot of their facts wrong. Like Oz on the first season and the placement of the last lines in the episode "The Harvest". They don’t don't say them after Buffy had killed the vampire Luke, the lines are said when they are at school way after Luke had been killed.
Amazingly entertaining. Not really there to give you a guide, persay, more to remember & discuss the moments that every Buffy fan adores. It always makes me want to watch all seven seasons all over again. =)
these guys no what there doin dont listen to these other ppl they had one average episode(season 3) which ther redoing so dont worry these guys are good
So, let me start of by saying that i LOVE anything Buffy, therefore, i love this podcast. HOWEVER, randy and wayne get facts mixed up and confused constantly! it gets really aggravating when your sitting there listening to it and you have to correct them every few minutes. the good thing about it? ITS BUFFY! you cant go wrong. and its also cool to hear them just talk about the episodes and listen to their opinions on everything. overall, i really like this podcast, although it would be MUCH better if they would check their facts every now and then...i mean, come on, i think that i remember them saying a few times that "The Gift" was in season 4 or something! (its actually in season 5, for people who may not know) enough said?
Its great re living the show with u guys, though i'm getting sad that your moving onto season 7, that means its almost over cheers
Not only is it fun watching Buffy but listening to this makes it funner cause there's some things I don't notice about an episode before even if I have watched it over 5 times. There's alot of things said that I agree with and don't....Anywho one of the bestest podcasts ever! heehee
I was Listening to several differnt podcasts about Buffy, But none show a full committment to the show. Randy and Wayne shows a full commitment to share their opinions about the show. They Have one of the best podcasts I've ever heard. Plus its very funny too!
These guys are great recapping and giving their opinion of the seasons. Anyone who loves Buffy or anything Joss related will love this podcast.
I am a Buffy-addict, and so anytime the name "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" is mentioned on anything I have to read it, watch it, or hear it. The fans (giving a score of four stars or higher) of this podcast always seem to mention how much they love Buffy, never giving a real opinion on the podcast itself. I find Randy and Wayne to be very nice guys, but I'm not sure quite what their relationship to Buffy is. Did they watch it on broadcast? And are desperately trying to remember plot points, dialogue or characters? Or did they recently stumble upon the DVD sets and randomly decide to talk about a show they really aren't particularly fond of? They over analyze and criticize every episode, and point out everything wrong with the plots. Mentioning every instance of "that would never happen" and "why didn't they do this?". It really makes me question if they are fans or not. They give so much wrong information, I find myself yelling at the screen. They commonly give descriptions of the episodes, which most fans listening would already know. I find myself searching for Buffy podcasts to quench my thirst left by the show ending three years ago, and most of DVDs skipping, I personally recommend Cool Refreshing Zima.
Are you a geek who loves to dissect and debate the merits of individual Buffy episodes? Then this podcast is for you. Despite a few early technical glitches, this podcast has come into its own. The inclusion of fan forums on the podcast's website provides a great interactive medium to let your own 2 cents be heard by the podcast's hosts. Even though I don't always agree with the opinions of the hosts, it's fun to hear these two banter about the episodes and seasons. Perfect to listen to along with Angel Investigations (the spin-off podcast)
I definitely feel super geeky listening to these guys recap episode after episode of Buffy The Vampire Slayer. Listening to this podcast is like a guilty pleasure of mine. The same way as when I watch Buffy the Vampire Slayer. I love the show. I haven't bought the DVD's yet, but I try to watch the show as much as possible. Since I'm at work most of the time, it becomes very difficult for me to get much tv into my life. That's where these podcasts come in. I appreciate what these guys are doing. They're basically allowing me to experience the episodes again through some detailed episode descriptions. All I have to use is my imagination and I'm basically watching the episodes again while I slave away at work. Bottom line: These guys are producing these podcasts because, well... mainly because they're geeks, but also because they enjoy Buffy, Angel, and all other things geeky as much (or more) than you and me do. They do the geek thing so we don't have to. Thanks Randy and Wayne. I appreciate it.
I really liked this podcast. The guys who made it really know a lot about buffy, so that makes the podcast that much better. the third episode was kind of disappointing, because they made a lot of mistakes, and i think that episode is when most of the bad reviews came in. they have gotten a lot better since then. If you like this podcast you should definatly check out the other two that randy and wayne made, Geekintertainment and Angel Investigations.
I can't help myself. I just love it.
Eventhough they forget some info who cares? Its still entertaining to listen to if you`re a Buffy fan.
I LOVED the season 4 review of Buffy!!! Randy & Wayne give detailed descriptions of each episode and give their opinion on the season (which I enjoyed!). The descriptions help me remember why I love Buffy and the podcast makes me want to rush home and watch the DVD's. I cannot wait for the second half of the podcast!!!
Amusing and interesting to listen to these guys review the series season by season. They're not experts, but their a little more well versed than the average fan. They throw out some fun facts and useless triva along the way. A must for any interested Buffy fan, despite the lacking episode 3.
I wanted to give no stars, but that was not an optioin. It is very obvious that these two really are not true fans of the show, and althought they might have watched the episodes, they were not paying attention. They have miss basic plot points and misintreprety very important themes - they can not call themselves fans. And I have serious doubts that either of them has ever read or seen Joss Whedon interviewed about the show. This podcast was a complete waste of time! DO NOT SUBSCRIBE if you are true Buffy fan. It will just make you angry!
I enjoyed the show very much and I would love for an Angel one to be put out. Because it gives justice to the show and I am thankful for it. I label this for true fans and maybe even new fans to enjoy. For me its like a reflection of good times, I grow up with Buffy since day one so thanks.
I'm a huge fan of the show, I was even mentioned as a fan in one episode, but the show is suffering a bit. The guys have gotten the show back on track with a set schedule. They have split up the seasons a bit to make the shows easier to make but they seem to be getting the facts, stories, characters and other items messed up. I know people make mistakes but these are great shows littered with little mistakes here and there. Supposedly that have recently watched the shows but you can't tell it at times because of the constant goofs and errors. It's worth a listen but I think the quality has dropped slightly.
I love this, its been the best podcast i've downloaded thus far. Although I don't agree with many of Randy and Wayne's criticism, they bring up excellent points as to why an episode was either good or bad. The best is when they fight about Buffy details, like when Buffy dies and how a Slayer is resurrected once but not twice. I cannot wait till they critique season 6, both Randy and Wayne seem to strongly dislike the season (I personally love 'Once More, With Feeling). KEEP EM COMIN GUYS
This is not a well researched podcast. I understand that they guys do watch the whole season again (and take notes) right before making the podcast. This is why there is such a long time between episodes. However, with that information you would think they would give a more accurate review. I listened to the first 2 season overviews and tried to listen to the 3rd but I just could not finish it. They had so many mistakes during it that I was starting to get mad. So I just stoped listening. However, I really enjoy their regular show that they put out. It has a lot of wit to it. I think they really need to think strongly before starting their Angel Cast. They need to do some vast impovements to the Buffcast if they want me to listen the their Angel Cast.
The best podcast on itunes plain and simple. What a great way to relive the fabulous 7 season series about the coolest and hottest chic hero this side of the hellmouth. Can't wait for episode 4.
I enjoy listening to the show but as I listen, I find myself correcting Randy and Wayne on several points and I warn other listeners not to take the comments as fact, because oftentimes, they are incorrect. Good fun to revisit the shows with Randy and Wayne though.
You were missed! This is a great podcast, can't wait for season 4!
Granted, I've only listened to their season 3 podcast, but come on, it seems like just about any Buffy fan could do a job this good, or better. These two barely go above and beyond just basic episode summaries, and even then it seems more like they're reading off an episode guide rather than remembering the actual episodes. I suppose if I were going to publish a podcast, I might take the time to give the episodes another watch a do a bit of research so I'm not stuck forgetting major plot points and character names. Buffy deserves better.
I love that you guys play back the Buffy Banter! Zander has the best lines. I agree with alot of your favorite Buffy moments. Overall I love the show. Can't wait for the others. Thanks for doing it.
Great way to relive the wonderful Buffy moments of yester year! Keep up the great job guy!!!
I love buffy and i love this podcast please make more soon!!!
I'm listening to the buffcast right now. I love to hear Buffy talk and 3 hours is SWEEEEET! I'm always ready to hear any and all Buffy talk. I frequent the message boards on the site so I was able to get a Buffy fix there. It's so cool to hear Buffy talk from other real Buffy fans, because I know you love the show as much as I do. I'm glad you guys are "kinda back" btw, this is from Gunngirl. So, keep it up!
I just listened to Season 1 and 2 reviews. Awesome! Thanks for doing it and I look forward to the other 5!
Great! Hope a new episode comes out soon!
This is by far the most informative and entertaining podcast there is. Randy and Wayne are fun to listen to and being a huge Buffy fan that I am, I can listen to these guys for hours on end. I agree with the other reviews about the next episodes taking too long to be released. I hope they haven't forgot about us. It doesn't matter anyway because their so good I'll always keep checking to see if they make a comeback. .....Heres to hoping !!
These are both outstanding podcasts but we all have been waiting for awhile for new episodes. Please keep up and let us enjoy your work.