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ME TOO Is this podcast still casting. I need my vatican.
Great podcasts, informative and entertaining!
great show but I wish the shows weren't so spit up. Keeping them short is great but two show sometimes are from the same day. just join them together.
This is a great podcast to hear what's going on in the Catholic community worldwide. It would be nice if clips that are in the main daily podcast weren't repeated individually, but I'm so happy that the podcast is working again that I can overlook that.
Excellent broadcasts that cast a much broader view of the church as one of the world's premiere liberalizing influences. Focuses heavily on peace and justices issues we don't hear enough about in our divided U.S. churches. The Sunday Gospel reflections are a treasure. A year ago a server switch left this podcast almost unusable, but this has improved significantly since the first of the year, putting this back on my regular playlist. My only wish would be for separate feeds for clips and full shows, in that the former often are repeated in the latter.
The news content is excellent, the opinion pieces are often rather narrowly provincially European. It would be good to hear more news, interviews, or features from other English-speaking countries, such as as Australia, South Africa, Jamaica, Canada, or even Ireland, and not confuse 'speakers of English' with 'residents of England'. Still, the news from the Vatican is the main point and overcomes much of the editorial weakness. The reliability of the feed seems to have been solved, though it might be good to have a longer queue.
Excellent material and new shows are released almost every day. Unfortunately, there are some RSS feed issues. It seems to be getting better (I have successfully received shows a couple of times in the past month), but I usually have to manually download new shows. Another issue is the feeding of show segments in the same feed as the complete show that includes the segments. I would be delighted if they could segregate the segments from the full shows and get the RSS working properly all of the time.