Reviews For 晨早新聞天地


It is ok
Both this and the English one are a great broadcast from hong kong. I just wish they were more consistantly refreshed on iTunes. I've been waiting 2 days now for a new episode of both.


It's great and I like this podcast
Thanks for the contribution, especially to Chinese Foreigners. However, the male's voice is not good at all. Always couldn't hear some of the words from him
I love this apps, now I can liste while I drive to work . I wish they come a new apps that you could listen live from you iPod touch. What about I can able to steam older programs at any time I want it. That will sweet. Go go RTHK!
Great podcast. They even have an app of the same thing. Very convenient and easy to choose what you want to hear.
Great!! Now I would get the daily news of HK while I am driving to work everyday.
Updated daily news about HK and the world in Cantonese. A brief good summary on different headlines on several major HK newspapers, and different sections including sport, health, economy, and local news as well. Keeping your inform with latest news wherever you are, and you can listen to them whenever you want. A Great Podcast!!!!!
Downloadable HK news on your iPod!