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I love this podcast. Definitley one of the top three I make sure to have in my weekly rotation. Listenting to Relevant is a great way to stay up to date on what is going on in culture and how we as Christians can engage with it. The interviews are always good but really just keep the cast talking - by far my favorite sections!
This is the one podcast I make sure I listen to every week, for the last few years since I discovered it. I literally laugh out every episode but also get informed with quality and important content. Thank you Relevant for what you do!
I first got into this podcast when I was going through a hard time spiritually. I found the podcast was refreshing and relatable. I really treasured the opportunity to hear grounded people enjoying themselves on the show while also hearing about deeper issues. Thanks, Relevant!
The relevant podcast is not being made available at the right time on iTunes. This is the second week this has happened. Annie F. is squeaky and comes off as arrogant. She steps over her cohosts and undercuts their jokes time and again. She does not improve the flow of the conversations. Jesse Carrey IS the show. He holds everything together. He can rescue the show whenever it gets awkward. He is invaluable. If he left, I would stop listening, and I've been listening to this program since 2006.
I’ve been listening to the Relevant podcast for years, and it never gets old! They somehow are able to mix insightful interviews, deep discussions about faith, worldviews, social justice, and currents events, and just silly banter to create episodes that challenge me, entertain me, and make me laugh out loud. I feel like the cast is part of my friend group that I get to hang out with every week.
This is the podcast that got me into podcasts if you can believe it. Love it!
I look forward to this every Monday morning. I enjoy this podcast more than any other that I listen to.
I love this podcast. Informative, interesting and hilarious. I always break out into laughter awkwardly at the gym. I appreciate the broad range of interviews and topics! A+
This podcast is the perfect mix of humor and meaningful talks about issues that are current. The only downside is that you can't listen in public because I guarantee that you will Laugh out loud and people will stare. Also I really want to know how many of these reviews are written by Jessie.
Relevant Podcast is hands down my favorite podcast, and I anxiously await each new episode. The interviews and musical guests are not what make Relevant great (although they consistently have great segments with incredible people). The pro-longed banter, improv-like, rabbit-hole chasing zaniness of the podcast crew is what makes Relevant great. Relevant Podcast - if you are reading this, please do not apologize for when Jesse or Eddie go off on some tangent that wastes 45 minutes of the show. That is literally my favorite part. We need more antics, not less! I have skipped interviews and musical guests, but I will never fast forward past Jesse Carey giving us his in-depth knowledge of sea law or "Candy Talk". Keep up the great work! And great job bringing Annie F. Downs into the mix!
This is my favorite podcast that is focused on the intersection of faith and culture. Not only is it informative, but it's also humorous.
I knew the reputation of Relevant magazine, so when I found the Relevant podcast I was stoked to start listening to their relevant show about music, culture, and God. Although I am overwhelmed with my podcast choices, the Relevant podcast episode titled, “Episode 568: The Lone Bellow” won me over. So I pressed play. Honestly? It sounded like a few trashy male shock jocks rambling on about something or another, unappealingly advertising something or another. *clicks 15-second fast-forward* *clickclickclick* ...20 minutes in... *clickclickclick* ...50 minutes in... *Insert a drawn out insult about Nashville from annoying DJ man.* (Coming from a Jersey girl: it’s a really great city, by the way, that probably a bunch of your followers come from AND that fits SO well with the Lone Bellow vibes. So uncalled for, ignorant DJ man. Way to alienate your listeners.) One hour and twenty seconds in: insert 8 minute lo-fi phone interview in a ONE HOUR AND FORTY MINUTE episode. Come on! That’s SO misleading! I don’t have time for this clickbait. It takes a really bad podcast for me to leave a review. I had high hopes for you guys and, goodness gracious was I let down. Hopeful end note: there are many better, more relevant podcasts, people. Move along. (Also, can we talk about how Relevant magazine rated and reviewed the Relevant podcast 5 stars? 😂😂)
Entertaining, relevant, a bit ridiculous but that’s what makes it what it is. Thanks for always placing a smile on my face every time. I always look forward to your new episodes.
A hilarious, podcast about- to quote Relevant- “the intersection between culture and faith”. The interviews are insightful and often candid, the hosts are witty, and new addition Annie F. Downs is fantastic! A non-preachy faith centered podcast that sounds like a bunch of friends hanging out after church. I only wish they released more than 1 episode a week!
The Relevant Podcast has been a highlight of my weekend, every weekend, for the past 5 years! I have laughed and cried listening to this podcast and felt every emotion in between. The wisdom and random information that I have gained from this show has been a great constant in my life and I am so grateful for this media group for producing not only and amazing show, but lots of other great content.
I've listened to this podcast since it started. I've tried to stop, but, honestly, I just can't. It's too much fun. The discussions feel like I'm sitting with a bunch of friends, just hanging out and laughing. The interviews are deep and meaningful (most of the time). The in-studio musical performances are a real treat. What's not to love? So yeah, I lose 2 hours every week, but it's highly entertaining and, who knows, maybe I come away a better man for it.
I’ve love this podcast for years and I love the balance of humor and serious topics h gang brings each week!
I find many talking points to share with others. It’s very good I think
My favorite podcast to listen to. I have to be careful listening at the gym as I’ve pinned myself under weights due to laughing so hard. Only critique: needs more Jessie games.
Never listening to podcast again. It was a waste of time. I LOVE the mag, but they have dropped the ball with the podcast!
Relevant is hands-down one of the funniest podcasts out there, while also being timely and impactful. The personalities are fabulous and I always feel like I'm listening to a conversation with my good friends.
I keep wanting to like this podcast, they interview great people - but it’s only for about 1/4 of the show. The rest of the time is them going back and forth with each other about pop culture while music plays in the background (it also plays during interviews, literally plays the entire show like tv background noise). It’s a 1.5 hour show & i can’t tell what the focus/ purpose is for it? I hate being so harsh here, but it really has potential to be great, but the hosts dominate the convo & the banter & non-stop music is really distracting and agitating to listen to.
The host of The RELEVANT Podcast highlights all aspects of Christianity in this can’t miss podcast. The host and expert guests offer insightful advice that is helpful to anyone that listens!
I look forward to every Friday for the very fact that this podcast automatically downloads on my phone! If you’re not listening to it, do it. Be ready to laugh, be confused, be educated, and encouraged. It’s all worth it!
Big fan of the podcast but Eddie’s too negative for the show. So much fun and positivity that Eddie brings down. Bring back Shauna or John full time.
I listen to this podcast on my (rather short) commute and it actually makes me look forward to driving! I feel like I get to just hangin out with my best buds. Ii absolutely look forward every week to what these crazy kids will say next. So so so funny!!! My advice for first time listeners is to give it a few episodes. There's a lot of jokes from previous episodes--so give it time to get to know all the cast members, you will not regret it!
Been listening to this podcast for about 10 years. It's the one show I listen to every single week. Hilarious commentary and awesome guests! I can't recommend it enough!
I've been listening to this podcast for the past four years and I love it. This podcast is worth listening whether the cast is talking about cultural issues, faith, or just having fun.
I look forward to new episodes every week, so funny and so timely. Just listen to it!
This was the first podcast I've ever downloaded back in 2010 and now that I'm addicted to so many other podcast, I can credit this one for that love. This show is funny, goofy, deep, and inspiring. If feels like you're just hanging with friends as you get work done. Keep it up RELEVANT!
Somewhat entertaining but I was looking for more value. I just don’t typically have time to kill so I was fast forwarding looking for the value and did find a few spots during the actual interview. It could have been edited down to closer to 10 minutes for me.
I’ve been listening to the pod for quite some time, 7-8 years, if not more. I’m am as pleased today as I was with my first listen. Yes, the cast has changed, some shows are better than others, but as a whole, this show is just stellar. When I go a week without the cast, I feel as if something’s missing. The way in which you all handle big topics and the minutiae is refreshing and inspired. No, it’s not the most serious, Christ-driven pod, but that’s the purpose. Relevant is the intersection of faith and culture, and this show is the epitome of that ideal.
Great cast, great perspective on current events and wildly funny banter
A Huff Post wantabe that mostly lies and clearly goes against scripture but pretends they are the saviors of the world and Jesus was a free love hippie. The problem begins with the founder and host who hates God now because he is a child that can't look in the mirror and own his sin and pride. It cost him his marriage and instead of looking to Jesus to fix him he looked to politics to cover his sin issues so now he just spreads lies because the truth offends him. I pray for him, but no one should listen to people who replace the truth with lies.
So much love! Started listening about a month ago and have worked my way backward. I laugh out loud listening, something that is so needed these days. I think some poking fun at ourselves is good, let’s be honest some things us Christians do need to be made fun of. Keep doing what you’re doing!
Consistent and funny. Always enjoy listening.
This podcast is out of control funny smart and just beating a dead horse with some of the same jokes through out herring about culture faith and life and the music is dope too
It's almost like hanging out with friends, except they're not. Still the best podcast of my week!
Love these guys! Edgy Eddie is my spirit animal 🦁
I love this podcast and it is one of the only ones that I listen to every week. I listen to it less because of the interviews and more because it is like hearing old friends talk about life. So I really want to give it a higher rating but...they so need some diversity. They have not had a female host for months now and have mentioned several times they are looking for somebody. But I find that slightly offensive - there are so many talented women who could be pulled in and I don't think it should be this difficult to find someone. They desperately need a host who is not a white male and they need to make that a priority before losing credibility. As a side note and to not end on a negative note because I really do love this podcast - they have had Propaganda on several times this summer and he has been awesome.
This podcast has been a staple in my life for years, and I'm ashamed I haven't reviewed this before now. Some of the guys should be doing standup comedy - seriously. I can count on getting some good laughs every week. Intermixed with the craziness, they also cover some really important issues concerning social justice, current events, faith, and culture in general. Great focus on music which is right up my alley. Even though it's just a podcast, the content in these podcasts has shaped my faith and worldview, and kept me entertained while I mow my grass every week.
I've been listening for a few years and I love this podcast! The guys are always so funny and they have such interesting guests on every week.
I listen to the Relevant podcast on my way to and from work. I laugh so much while listening, I look crazy driving in backed up traffic. It's a great mix of current events and culture. It's just enough "all over the place," to me coming back. Keep up the great work!
Subscribe to the mag and listen to these guys great reviews and advice plus cool interviews. The cast is great to get to know and they interview people you want to know more about. They have only gotten better and continue to provide awesome content!
I've listened to every episode of this podcast that has been put out. I look forward to it every week. It's a fun and informative way to talk about recent news topics and culture news. Interesting interviews with musicians activits and authors. Frequent discussions about the intersection between faith and culture in our daily lives.


Funny and insightful. You can't lose.


I've listened to this podcast religiously for five years straight but had to stop, it was no longer healthy for me. I found myself annoyed at almost every episode... mainly at the show's overly white evangelical-centric POV. I'm sorry, but as a progressive Lutheran Christian, Rob Bell, Richard Rohr and Rachel Held Evans's views are respected, certainly not controversial, in my circle and I can't stand when y'all have to preface a segment defending why you're featuring them on your show. If the show or brand hopes to grow, I believe they need to 1) have more diverse Christian voices in leadership/host positions (could open up new possibilities for more diverse and fresh content) and 2) stop being apologetic and afraid of offending their base. Maybe I'll check back one day and give it another try but as for now, it's clear that it's not for me.
This used to be one of my favorite podcast but my interest has waned over the past 2 years. Every episode has an air of cynicism that I don't find enjoyable. I'm seriously so over Cameron Strang and his commentary on almost everything. He's a good moderator but comes off so arrogant that I cringe when he starts sharing his opinion on whatever topic is at hand. I hope to come back sometime later and find a better podcast but for now I'm done. There are so many podcast in the world and unfortunately this one is no longer worth my time.
I've been listening to the Relevant podcast for two years now, along with their magazine and online content, and it just keeps getting better. It's like hanging out with old friends and laughing the whole time, but you still walk away thinking. Please note: listening to the Podcast for extended periods of time will 100% make you funnier.
10 mins in to the first episode and I found them to be mean and condescending to people regarding the whole inadequate resume thing and throwing applications away if they can't figure out how to apply. I'm probably too sensitive, but I didn't think this was for me after that. I thought this was a Christian magazine, but their was no mercy to be heard in their conversation.