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Love this podcast, especially Jessie! Oh.. and Cameron! My question is though, whatever happened to the ORU guy? You guys threw us out in the water, and never came back for us, I NEED ANSWERS or a 3 star rating is coming your way. Just kidding... but seriously who is the guy?
Recently my wife and I drove across the country in separate cars because we were relocating. A few weeks before we left she introduced me to this podcast. I had never listened to a podcast previously, but I liked what I was hearing. Before the trip I downloaded numerous episodes onto my phone. This podcast is the gold standard by which I will judge all other podcasts. As I drove, Cameron, Jesse, Eddie, Tyler, Annie, and Chandler orchestrated a symphony of words that grabbed my attention and kept me wanting more. Their conversations filled my heart with joy from all the laughter. Thank you for doing this. I would give more stars if I could.
I found out about this show from Annie F. Downs and I absolutely love it!! Y’all make me laugh until I begin snaughling and I also get a sense of what’s going on in the world. You make my long drive to work so much more enjoyable. Thank you!
...UBER relevant. Seriously, though—I look forward to this show and “time with my Relevant friends” every week. I love the hilarity. And I love the thought-provoking interviews.
This podcast fits in the Venn Diagram of mine and my wife’s shared interests, and is regularly part of our conversations. Often when discussing the podcast’s topics and interviews, we will reference the show cast as if they are mutual friends we both have, but have never met.
One star for each year that they've talked about doing video.
I can’t tell you the number of times I’ve switched on the Relevant Magazine Podcast, expecting something, and getting my mind blown completely blown by something else they’re talking about. The cast, with its rotating members, bring strengths and weaknesses to the table twice a week and provide substance to the name “Relevant”. Thank you for years of laughing, awkward games, and seriously timely content.
I look forward to this podcast every Tuesday and Friday!
For a 71 minute podcast, there were 42 minutes of total crap before they even brought up the subject of the podcast, then offered a 10 minute pre-recorded interview of the artist, and then another near 20 minutes of foolishness- with all 5 hosts trying to talk over each other! Should be called Irrelevant....
Honestly, my favorite part of this podcast is the random, surprise excerpt at the very end, of something completely ridiculous that came out of Jesse Carey’s mouth.
Hands down, one of the best podcasts on air. Absolutely awesome, except... well, "something." In every show there is usually one comment or thought that makes me think, "Wait, what?!?!" Not just, "Yeah, that's unique and we're all different," but, "Who approved that one through the podcast?" For example, there's the "who" of the podcast. I don't get the choice of Annie Downs (or why everyone has to use her middle initial when refering to her). If Annie is the Christian speaker she's promoted to be, I'd expect she'd have some clue about Elijas the prophet and the famous bear story or some Rocky details on a podcast that focuses on faith and culture. I do appreciate her heart, but I also feel like every other episode contains a self-promotion piece. And then sometimes, there's a "what" - as in, "What are we doing slicing apart the flaws of ______ without also speaking up strengths?" I understand that it's easy to poke at Christendom, but can't we spend more energy on its strengths? All that aside, I regularly laugh and am consistently inspired in every listen. I just wish, you know... it was awesome without the exceptions.
The Relevant Podcast is like candy for the ears. It’s fun, not fake, vulnerable, and informational. I love the vast sects of guest they have from the rapper Shad to the founder of Jesus Culture Pastor Banning Liebscher. I’ve been a listener since 2013 and I still look forward to this podcast. So if you want to discover the world around you, look no further than here. So with that said, I hope you enjoy the ride that is “The Relevant Podcast”. You’re welcome.
Beth Moore is anti gay. Where does Relevant stand with that and her?
I originally started listening to the RELEVANT podcast because I was fan-girling over the fabulous Annie F. Downs, but stayed for the witty banter between everyone else on the podcast. It has come to be one of my favorite listens for the week and I’ve even caught glares from my coworkers for bursting out laughing because of something Jesse said. More seriously- I appreciate the honest conversation about where faith intersects culture and typically find myself encouraged by the interviews and conversations within. With just enough nonsense to keep me coming back.
Give it a try. You won’t be disappointed
I came for the religiosity, and I stayed for Jessie’s conspiracies and Annie’s personality
So thankful for this podcast! I love laughing with these people every week and truly feel like they’re my friends. lol which is amazing because I’m an introvert, so it replenishes me in stead of strains me. This year has been hard and it’s been so great to have something fun to listen to that also talks about real things. You can just tell that these people are the real deal. Keep it going y’all!! Also a little bit secular is a good thing.
As a flat-earther from Australia - I don't even know if I exist anymore. This podcast is my last life-line to sanity.
I know three teens, not including myself, who listen to this podcast and love it. The witty remarks and awesome guests are just two of the things that take this podcast over the top funny.
In a divisive world this podcast “gets it”. Tackling the intersection between faith and culture can be delicate and I think they handle it well. Funny, informative and inspirational.
I listen to the Relevant Podcast just about every week. I only started this summer so I’m way behind, but anytime I need a pick me up or a reason to laugh, I’ll turn one on. Jessie is hilarious and always says the craziest things, but it makes me feel sorry for the woman who married this guy! Is he like that all the time?? Lol Annie is a delight! She’s a real cowgirl and she has the best takes on things. I love when her and Jessie go head to head. Also, Chandler’s laugh always make me laugh. When are y’all going to have Mr Strang on?!?! I’m dying to hear more about the lineage book!!
Side effects may include a thirst for social justice, a strong desire to debate Jesse’s Hot Tub Takes (TM), bruised ribs from trying to keep yourself from laughing in a public setting and an inability to hear the name of Lauren Daigle’s album “Look Up Child” without involuntarily screaming “LOOK UP CHANDLER!!” In other words, this show is the best.
I listened to every single one in 2018 and I look forward to Tuesday and Friday every week so I can listen to everyone laugh and joke. Also I want to meet Jesse Carrey he’s the funniest person I’ve ever known about.
I have just become a listener to the pod, And I love it!! It’s funny, smart and insightful But I have one qualm about for I am a conservative christian (like many of us) and I know your a pretty liberal organization but I’d love if you featured someone such as Allie Beth Stuckey or David Limbaugh to kinda represent us and to give our point of view on subjects such as politics, race, etc anyhoo love the pod keep up the good work!! Yours Truly, THE ZOMBIE LORD!!!!
I absolutely love the combo of hilarity and deep/real issues. Also love interesting tid bits of news they bring through their “slices.” I feel like I’m often bringing up slices from this show to my friends and family and they think they’re really interesting. So thanks to this show for making me more interesting!
This has been my go-to podcast for about 10 years. I've always cared about the "intersection" of faith and culture. Unfortunately in the last 2 years, the left-leanng bias has become full-blown Trump derangement syndrome. Once upon a time, they were not discernably left- or right-leaning. The day after the election of 2016 changed that. When they taunted John Crist for not disliking Lifeway, that was my final episode. Bye Jesse and team.
Listen to this podcast if you want to hear the hosts discuss the proper time to place your garbage at the curb....multiple times and in length. 😂😂 Seriously though, favorite podcast hands down.
Im not in your normal demographic. But i have to tell you i have loved the magazine since i first saw it and that led me to the podcast. At first i thought. WHAT id happening? Then i settled in and you all ( y’all for Annie) became my friends i look forward to hearing from! Thank you guys for putting out the stuff you do! Grammie D


I absolutely love this show you all make me laugh and smile! Annie is always made fun of for her slices and I really wanted to hear the worlds fattest bear slice.
My wife and I finally convinced my brother John to start listening (during the boys of summer period) and his first reaction was, “someone needs to slap those boys.” We promised that if he listened to a few more, he would love it, but he didn’t and his life is slightly more dull and humorless because of his foolish mistake. Don’t be like John. My family has been listening since 2012 and this podcast has had us laughing together ever since. It was one of the few light spots during the hardest year of our life when our son was undergoing multiple heart surgeries.
Would’ve given it a five but over half the cast thinks Bennet is a better name than Squire Sebastian Senator. Bennet sounds like someone who wears a sweater tied over his shoulders in the summer in case it gets chilly. But other than that a great laugh.
Annie please stop repeating things and criticizing people
Great podcast! I think, now that it’s Christmas time, all boyfriends should beware... Cameron is a Hallmark movie waiting to happen. Father with child has moved into town, stumbles into path of young lady dating the totally wrong guy for her for too long. Cue romantic Christmas music as the love story begins.
I work long shifts as a custodian, and I am so thankful for two shows a week. I’m always looking forward to the next show
So that I don’t have to explain the joke to you when you ask why I’m laughing. -your wife, friend, lover
This is the best podcast!! Always full of laughs and information...that sometimes is important but most of the time isn’t which makes the pod very funny!! 10/10
I’ve been suffering for what seems like forever from some terrible illness, leading to a tear in the muscles that control my ribcage. They say laughter is the best medicine, but in my case, it sends me into fits of pain. As a longtime listener, I made the mistake of tuning in this week, only to be doubled over in both hysteria and agony. This podcast is not what the doctor ordered, and that’s okay. I guess I’ll just have to take another sick day.
If you love to hear Amish romance novels read by a soothing narrator - this podcast is for you. It’s all Amish, highland novels and Downton Abbey. Until Jesse gets back. Then it’s all sea law from there.
Usually my face hurts after listening to this podcast from laughing so much. Annie and The Boyz™️ are hilarious, witty, and kind. I am currently working my way through the archives and I have, on multiple occasions, listened to an episode and skipped over the actual interview because I would rather listen to everyone shoot the bull together than whatever non-comedic celebrity they’re interviewing. I aspire to be as funny and sharp as Jesse. I don’t think I’ll ever get there because I am pretty sure some sort of brain damage has to happen to get there, but that sure won’t stop me from trying. My only complaint is that there are only two episodes a week. Which isn’t even a complaint. I just don’t have enough of a life to do anything but listen to podcasts.
It’s like having an extra set of close and great friends with you on the go! They help you get through the week with a healthy balance of laughter and serious up-to-date issue that make you stop and think. I most enjoy listening when I’m outdoors, last year they helped me through a long below-freezing backpacking weekend. Love you all!
Listening helps you feel better about yourself when you hear grown adults talk about not knowing there are birds, other than ducks, that can swim!
After having listened to the podcast for years, I feel like I know the cast personally. No matter who is on the show (the cast changes quite a bit) each person brings something unique to the table. Don’t be surprised if you laugh out loud or interject with your own thoughts, it feels like you’re on a conference call with friends.
This podcast has it all! There is humour, insight, fun, and seriousness all wrapped up in a beautiful, relevant bow. The dynamic banter between the cast members is like noneother. I feel like one of the gang while listening each week. New episodes can't come quickly enough! Fantastic work! Please never stop producing this podcast!
My flatmate decided to listen to Relevant because I’m always laughing to myself and when I’m asked to explain my response I typically reply, “Relevant.” She decided to give it a listen but thought it was a bunch of nonsense! I had to explain to her that the relationship dynamics, amidst engaging in conversations about faith, culture, justice, are so hilariously real! And then the perfect analogy came to me. Listening to the podcast members go back and forth - bantering, joking, discussing, is like watching the best ping pong rally EVER!! Seriously love you guys. I do miss Andre Henry, and hope to hear more POC hosting in the future. But Tyler Huck. You are an absolute gem!! Such a genuine heart for people and wanting to see change (as you all do) but your interview with Austin Channing Brown, Tyler was very felt, real and needed. Thank you 🙏🏾 Heart eyes for Relevant 5ever. 😍
Podcasts come and go, but Relevant lasts forever. I’ve been listening for 4 years and have enjoyed almost every minute. There were some rough patches - they never needed a woman on the podcast more than when an episode was derailed for what felt like 20 minutes to elaborate on the story turned featured film “Cat Island!” Grateful for the Women on the podcast who can hang with the guys, but reel them in when things get just a little out of hand 😂. Love having Annie F. Downs on the show - thank you! Bring back Propaganda when he’s available, please - loved his insight and everything he brought to the table last summer! The podcast isn’t quite the same without Eddie, so it’s nice to have him back right now like old times. Overall lots of laughs, great conversations with guests, and what better way to spend your commute in traffic?! Listen and Subscribe. You won’t regret it!
When you don't have any friends in real life, they will become yours. You will laugh together until you can't breath, have inside jokes that run for years, and collectively increase the stock of Chili's. Best thing is, they have no choice in the fact that you are now BFF's.
Have you ever watched a tv show or listened to a band that has a cult following? This podcast is kind of like that. Which upon further life analization, I now realize I may be in a cult.
If you love these things you’ll like this podcast. Sometimes I listen to it and think I live in the Truman Show. On my way to meet the electrical company at my house Cameron talked about getting stood up by the electrical company. Other stuff like that has happened a bunch but I won’t bore you with the details. I just hope Jesse becomes nicer to Annie so she doesn’t leave the show. I was in New York City for the first time since 1999 and standing on top of the largest sky scraper in America made me want to Zip-line so bad.