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Who is the guy that Jesse fell on!?!?!? I must know!!!
Really enjoy this podcast! Especially that it comes out twice in one week! Only thing is they’re pretty late on getting the episodes out when they say they will. Usually it’s late afternoon for both Wednesday and Friday Eps. Also it’s Thursday and the Wednesday episode hasn’t aired yet! Just wanna listen to y’all! Such great content and humor! Much love!
Everyone should listen to this podcast. It’s got a little bit everything, and it’s the highlight of my week.
I may be one of a few older people listening to the podcast. I have read the articles for a couple years because I want to know what the younger generation thinks. I love listening to you when I’m out running in the mornings and laughing along the way. Jesse is my favorite I so get his humor.
I’m 14 and I love Relevant. Whenever I’m upset about something I just listen to one episode of Relevant and by the end of it, I can’t stop laughing about something that happened in the episode. My family loves Relevant and I just felt like saying something about it. I also cannot look at mailmen the same way, and that’s all thanks to Relevant. I have a mad respect for lighthouse keepers now. Okay that’s all, have a great day everyone.
What a breath of fresh air. I enjoy your ability to laugh at yourself. I am a new listener and so glad I found you all. Keep talking and sharing your hearts and lives with us.
I’ve been a listener (and reader of the mag) for many, many years. The cast helps me laugh my way through daily Beirut traffic, and that’s no small feat. I love the balance between humor and bringing important issues to the forefront. You all are a bright spot in my day, keep at it!!
I’ve been a fan of the magazine for years, and last year started listening to the podcast...I’ve never missed an episode! It’s the best, really. Cameron and the team are incredible people. You get the whole range of emotions here! Laughing throughout, (seriously, LOLs :)), thoughtful commentary on culture as a believer, and a wide range of guest interviews. The crew feel like friends to me! Do yourself a favor, subscribe.
New listener and I actually prefer listening to the hosts than the guests. 😂 I mean don’t get me wrong some guests I’m excited to hear but I just love the different segments. Everyone is hilarious! I feel like we’re all besties. Keep it up!
I have listened to the relevant podcast for years and am a long time fan. Funniest part of my week without a doubt! I am literally checking my phone on Wednesday and Friday to get the latest episode. Always brings a smile on my face and I appreciate the dialog and conversations concerning important humanitarian causes and needs.
I came for the guest speakers, but left because they added an extra 45 min per week in banter between the hosts, when they changed their format to twice weekly.
They somehow get interesting guests, but the hosts are annoying and chatty—they’re always talking over one another and laughing at each other’s stupid jokes. I really wanted to like this podcast but it’s painful to listen to.
Very well produced, but the polish doesn’t make up for the content. Shallow and bland. Hosts don’t realize they aren’t the stars of the show. It’s a 30 minute program that takes 2 1/2 hours to get through... Overall, not that relevant... and pretty painful to get through.
Love you
I have been listening for a couple years now and though I had no issues listening through the longer podcasts, I was always a little sad that I had to wait a whole week to listen again. I love the new format because I can listen twice a week and it helps break up the monotony of my work days! Thank you Relevant! 💕
I first found this podcast three years ago as I searched for something to listen to as I commuted to work. I was going through a really rough time in life and needed something that would help me focus on the brighter side of life. Even in the mist of depression and doubting my faith this podcast made me laugh in public(which got me some dirty looks from old ladies on the train) and challenged me not to give up on God. Thanks Relevant for being strange and unique. Thank you for being the light at the end of the tunnel in those tough times.
I love the fact that they went to two episodes a week. It really help with my commute, rather than pausing. i love how they have split off the seperate days. Great podcast. Jesse- you are hilarious.
Been listening since almost the beginning. One of the few podcasts I listen to immediately when it comes out. They have only gotten better. Love the move to twice a week. One request: please put the songs in that episode in the show notes. Keep up the good work!
I have listened to the podcast ALMOST from its humble beginnings on a weekly basis. I highly enjoy the humour, insight on culture, and high profile guests that appear from week to week. Thank you for making my week better for so many weeks! Here’s to more Relevant Podcast!
I just recently started listening to this podcast, and I can’t believe I haven’t been listening longer! These guys and girls make me laugh A LOT while also bringing some important issues and valuable voices to the table. Keep up the good work!
I have been a listener for about 6 years now and have always looked forward to the show each week. There’s a great mix of hilarious personalities and interesting dialogue. It’s funny, but normally also makes me think.
I’m an on-again, off-again listener, mostly because the internet service in my corner of the world is only kind of reliable, but listen, I have been absolutely RIVETED to the unfolding mystery of Jesse’s college weekend in upstate New York. Who is this guy? Does he still own this jacket? I want to hear his four song ep. I am invested in getting to the bottom of this. More true crime, please!
I have enjoyed this podcast. I started listening to The Relevant only because Annie F. Downs said she was on it. That is the truth! Anyway, I have never giggled so much or was in dismay so much. You all hurt my feelings making fun of Dennis Quaid’s song he penned for his momma. And you did it 2 weeks in a row! What??? But it’s fun to here the weird things you find In ‘The Slice’ and the interviews. Keep making me laugh and I hope you find the guy Jesse fell on (I was driving and crying/laughing at that story)!
I love listening to this podcast while I’m folding laundry or cleaning up the kitchen, working out, or driving. They keep me laughing with their banter and stories, but they also present thoughtful and interesting interviews. Perfect for keeping me going through my monotonous tasks. Also, I have benefited from many of the discounts from their sponsors.
That’s a word they use a lot: “problematic.” I enjoy listening to this show quite a bit, because the slices are interesting and sometimes it’s extremely funny. But lately I’ve been finding less to enjoy about it. For starters, they’re always making things out to be huge issues when they aren’t. Mark Wahlberg getting paid for a reshoot is not a gender wage gap issue, and the Andrew Peterson music video was not a racial issue. They love to feed false narratives. I also get really annoyed when they bash Christian music for its low quality, but then play and recommend either bad or uninteresting music, like Social Club Misfits and LANY. Plus they’re really into any generic sounding worship band, so i don’t really get it. I think the host is just kind of pretentious. Other than that, and the fact that some of their ideas about Christianity aren’t great, it’s an enjoyable podcast.


By bdrcj
Look forward to listening to and laughing with this great group of people every week.
I have listened to this podcast every week for years! It’s so much fun. It makes me smile and laugh every time. These guys are so relatable and yet totally themselves, which is refreshing! Thanks for taking time to create this each week, Relevant Podcast!
I’m not necessarily a culture guru or up to date on movies and actor/actresses, and this podcast is heavy on that type of content. But still, this podcast is fun. Engaging. Current topics. Faith without an ounce of prudishness. Jesse’s sense of humor is one of a kind. Fun banter. Not self righteous or cynical like some other faith based podcasts. I listen to a lot of podcasts because I travel a lot. This is probably my favorite go to podcast just for pure enjoyment and I have about 20 I subscribe to and choose from.
Covering everything from new releases in theaters and music to your basic survival skills in the jungles of Africa when you only have a camera and semi-dress shoes, the Relevant Podcast keeps you coming back for more every week.
This has been my favorite go-to podcast for years. I always have a good laugh, and it’s a great way to keep up to speed with what’s going on in culture. It’s also comforting to have this type of Christian voice in Trump’s America.
I love this podcast. Definitley one of the top three I make sure to have in my weekly rotation. Listenting to Relevant is a great way to stay up to date on what is going on in culture and how we as Christians can engage with it. The interviews are always good but really just keep the cast talking - by far my favorite sections!
This is the one podcast I make sure I listen to every week, for the last few years since I discovered it. I literally laugh out every episode but also get informed with quality and important content. Thank you Relevant for what you do!
I first got into this podcast when I was going through a hard time spiritually. I found the podcast was refreshing and relatable. I really treasured the opportunity to hear grounded people enjoying themselves on the show while also hearing about deeper issues. Thanks, Relevant!
The relevant podcast is not being made available at the right time on iTunes. This is the second week this has happened. Annie F. is squeaky and comes off as arrogant. She steps over her cohosts and undercuts their jokes time and again. She does not improve the flow of the conversations. Jesse Carrey IS the show. He holds everything together. He can rescue the show whenever it gets awkward. He is invaluable. If he left, I would stop listening, and I've been listening to this program since 2006.
I’ve been listening to the Relevant podcast for years, and it never gets old! They somehow are able to mix insightful interviews, deep discussions about faith, worldviews, social justice, and currents events, and just silly banter to create episodes that challenge me, entertain me, and make me laugh out loud. I feel like the cast is part of my friend group that I get to hang out with every week.
This is the podcast that got me into podcasts if you can believe it. Love it!
I look forward to this every Monday morning. I enjoy this podcast more than any other that I listen to.
I love this podcast. Informative, interesting and hilarious. I always break out into laughter awkwardly at the gym. I appreciate the broad range of interviews and topics! A+
This podcast is the perfect mix of humor and meaningful talks about issues that are current. The only downside is that you can't listen in public because I guarantee that you will Laugh out loud and people will stare. Also I really want to know how many of these reviews are written by Jessie.
Relevant Podcast is hands down my favorite podcast, and I anxiously await each new episode. The interviews and musical guests are not what make Relevant great (although they consistently have great segments with incredible people). The pro-longed banter, improv-like, rabbit-hole chasing zaniness of the podcast crew is what makes Relevant great. Relevant Podcast - if you are reading this, please do not apologize for when Jesse or Eddie go off on some tangent that wastes 45 minutes of the show. That is literally my favorite part. We need more antics, not less! I have skipped interviews and musical guests, but I will never fast forward past Jesse Carey giving us his in-depth knowledge of sea law or "Candy Talk". Keep up the great work! And great job bringing Annie F. Downs into the mix!
This is my favorite podcast that is focused on the intersection of faith and culture. Not only is it informative, but it's also humorous.
I knew the reputation of Relevant magazine, so when I found the Relevant podcast I was stoked to start listening to their relevant show about music, culture, and God. Although I am overwhelmed with my podcast choices, the Relevant podcast episode titled, “Episode 568: The Lone Bellow” won me over. So I pressed play. Honestly? It sounded like a few trashy male shock jocks rambling on about something or another, unappealingly advertising something or another. *clicks 15-second fast-forward* *clickclickclick* ...20 minutes in... *clickclickclick* ...50 minutes in... *Insert a drawn out insult about Nashville from annoying DJ man.* (Coming from a Jersey girl: it’s a really great city, by the way, that probably a bunch of your followers come from AND that fits SO well with the Lone Bellow vibes. So uncalled for, ignorant DJ man. Way to alienate your listeners.) One hour and twenty seconds in: insert 8 minute lo-fi phone interview in a ONE HOUR AND FORTY MINUTE episode. Come on! That’s SO misleading! I don’t have time for this clickbait. It takes a really bad podcast for me to leave a review. I had high hopes for you guys and, goodness gracious was I let down. Hopeful end note: there are many better, more relevant podcasts, people. Move along. (Also, can we talk about how Relevant magazine rated and reviewed the Relevant podcast 5 stars? 😂😂)
Entertaining, relevant, a bit ridiculous but that’s what makes it what it is. Thanks for always placing a smile on my face every time. I always look forward to your new episodes.
A hilarious, podcast about- to quote Relevant- “the intersection between culture and faith”. The interviews are insightful and often candid, the hosts are witty, and new addition Annie F. Downs is fantastic! A non-preachy faith centered podcast that sounds like a bunch of friends hanging out after church. I only wish they released more than 1 episode a week!
The Relevant Podcast has been a highlight of my weekend, every weekend, for the past 5 years! I have laughed and cried listening to this podcast and felt every emotion in between. The wisdom and random information that I have gained from this show has been a great constant in my life and I am so grateful for this media group for producing not only and amazing show, but lots of other great content.
I've listened to this podcast since it started. I've tried to stop, but, honestly, I just can't. It's too much fun. The discussions feel like I'm sitting with a bunch of friends, just hanging out and laughing. The interviews are deep and meaningful (most of the time). The in-studio musical performances are a real treat. What's not to love? So yeah, I lose 2 hours every week, but it's highly entertaining and, who knows, maybe I come away a better man for it.
I’ve love this podcast for years and I love the balance of humor and serious topics h gang brings each week!
I find many talking points to share with others. It’s very good I think
My favorite podcast to listen to. I have to be careful listening at the gym as I’ve pinned myself under weights due to laughing so hard. Only critique: needs more Jessie games.
Never listening to podcast again. It was a waste of time. I LOVE the mag, but they have dropped the ball with the podcast!