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I’ve listened to the Relevant podcast for years and it is a great blend of serious, hard hitting issues, and morning-show style comedy, but better!! I have nothin but love for the whole crew, though I do sometimes question Cameron’s Bravo habit...😝😂
I come for the banter and stay for the insightful conversation with the guest. I think all the members of the group are AMAZING and so funny, but honestly Jesse is one of THE FUNNIEST people I have ever EVER heard in my life. I don’t know how anybody can not just laugh every time he talks. Annie is the reason I came, ever since she got on the pod, and Cameron’s leadership and Chandler’s constant laughter and Tyler’s facts and reasonable tone keep me coming back (miss you Eddie!). I am terribly behind in episodes, but I don’t wanna skip ahead because I always look forward to Jesse’s antics. I love all of you guys! And anybody who’s on the fence about continuing to listen - TRUST ME, you’ll never ever regret placing these people into your lives. I don’t know how I functioned without listening to Relevant. I’ll be honest - sometimes I skip the guest if it’s someone/a topic I’m not too interested in, but when I am interested in the guest and the topic, it’s totally worth it to listen and I get spiritual/mental clarity from the conversation, and I get my funny tank filled with the gang! I feel like I wanna keep writing this review forever, but I’ll end it here. Keep doing what you’re doing! I love love love this podcast and wouldn’t ever want to change it for the world!


This podcast is the worst. It is awful. They advertise the interview with every episode you have a bunch of people rambling on about things that or so uninteresting, unimportant and leave you waiting and waiting and waiting for the interview. It is awful.
The interview took up in total about 5 min of the podcast. The podcast itself was just over an hour. What was the other 55 or so minutes? Being silly together and making each other laugh. And if you're into that, it's probably a whalloping good time.
Seriously funny, inspiring, and challenging
I've listened to this podcast for a couple years now and it is likely the longest running one I listen to. This whole team is engaging and funny. They all bring something special to the table. I'm very thankful for a relevant (get it) Christian podcast that challenges me but keeps my laughing. The only issue I have is Cameron claiming he reads so many books when in reality he is reading the modern day sparknotes version of books. Collectively he's read like 5 books total.
I consistently listen to this while driving and often find myself endlessly laughing due to witty comments. It lets me know what’s going on in the world, including serious issues, but in a light way. It always leaves me in a good mood.
Listen to Cameron compare literally any slightly weird story to the Scott’s Tots episode of The Office. 10/10.
Seriously not a good use of Time.. give me back my life...!!!!
I have been an off and on subscriber to Relevant mag for 10+ years, got my dad hooked and several others, and have recently fell in love with the podcast - its GOLD guys! (Think Goldmember here) seriously my fav two-ish hours of my listening week. I appreciate who you have on the show, your honesty and transparency, and your humor - much needed! Thanks a million times over. 🤙
But a great time nonetheless. Highly recommend. Love these guys
Best podcast ever! Laugh out loud funny!
My favorite podcast!
The Relevant Podcast cast is funny and genuine and bring news and stories that are well... relevant! It’s great to be able to hear stories that are relevant to the Christian community.
So funny my laugh turns into a wheeze.
Jesse’s hot takes are too cold
A hilarious, podcast about- to quote Relevant- “the intersection between culture and faith”. The interviews are insightful and often candid, the hosts are witty, every single one is great, even intermittent contributors, and Annie F. Downs is fantastic! A non-preachy faith centered podcast that sounds like a bunch of friends hanging out after church. I only wish they released more!
This is my favorite podcast each week! I am not in their targeted age group I'm 60) but love their persceptive.


By cdubs25
Love these guys and gals at relevant. They are too funny.
I’m stoked to have found a podcast that I can listen to in the car with my kids. Funny, current, and (har har) relevant!
I love this podcast and never miss an episode. It’s very funny, entertaining, informational, inspiring, and challenging. Also, Jesse is most hilarious person to ever walk planet earth
I love this podcast! I never miss an episode. The cast is wonderful and after less than a year of faithful listening, I really feel like I've found another great group of friends in the cast. The segments are great, as are the interviews. I love hearing the group take on topics of the day and I always appreciate how honest and vulnerable they are with each other and with all of us. What great company to keep as a believer walking with and through our culture. Keep it up you guys and more Eddie please! And Annie. :) Thank you all for your ministry and presence (and of course the laughs).
Been listening for years and it keeps getting better. The cast is talented, they have real chemistry, and it's laugh-out-loud funny at times. I'm over 60 yo & listen to it religiously. Bonus: my family can't figure out why I know so much about what's going on with music & artists etc.
If you are a Christian, "used to be" a Christian, grew up in a Christian family, are interested in *modern* Christianity (versus the distorted or biased views of Christianity you can't stand), or just want to be entertained in the car or at home without fearing your children will be scarred, this is your new favorite go-to podcast.
Warning: listening to this podcast while walking or on public transportation may cause irreparable damage to your street cred. I have LOL’ed on trains and buses and nearly fallen over into the street from laughing more times than I can count thanks to the brilliant cast of the Relevant Podcast, and I credit them with every weird look I’ve ever gotten at 6am from a stranger. The guests are incredible, the conversations a mix of insightful and hilarious, and I’m still praying that I’ll get to be LOTW someday! Well worth two hours of your week. Just make sure you’re aware of your surroundings and give up all hope of looking cool while you listen.
My mom has been listening and reading since the beginning! And I have inherited the love as well. Thank you for all you do.
I’ve been listening to this podcast since the beginning. Like I had a friend burn episodes on a CD and bring it to the summer camp I was working at so I could upload it to my iPod nano because they didn’t have internet. Always interesting, always entertaining. The cast may change, the topics and guests may change, but this is one podcast I have always looked forward to listening to and don’t see myself stopping until they do.
Since Annie’s presence on the cast drew me in initially, I’ve been hooked on the show. It seems somewhat creepy to say but I feel like we are sitting down over coffee together with the right mix of laugh out loud humor and thought-provoking conversation. You got the right blend y’all. As a traveling therapist with some pretty tough work days, I am blessed by these conversations. Thanks for what you guys do- you do it well.
This podcast and crew is worth savoring. I tend to save it for the optimal listening time: when I’m eating warm chocolate chip cookies. Unfortunately, I’ve only had warm chocolate chip cookies twice in the past decade. However, I’ve had the Relevant podcast hundreds of times in the past decade so it evens out. I’d like to complete that by saying, “and my waistline thanks me for it!” But I can’t. I recently lost some weight, got new, smaller pants, and have since eaten a lot of non-warm chocolate chip cookie treats so my new pants are kind of tight. Mowing is also a good time to listen.
Only Pod to help you get that Cod Bod
I’ve been listening for several years now and never miss an episode! It’s full of laughs, meaningful and important conversations, and great fun! It’s a must listen!
Even with a growing backlog of podcasts to listen to I make this one a priority each week and love getting to "hang out" with the gang for an hour.
This is my fav!!!
For unknown reasons, Tyler and Annie both live in Nashville, “only 1.5 miles apart,” but refuse to broadcast together. Weird
This is hands down my favorite podcast to listen to. A great balance of hilarity and thoughtful conversations.
This podcast has literally been a life saver for me in so many ways. I can say I never honestly liked a podcast until I listened to theirs and now I have to tune in every week. When I catch up on the episodes I miss I get sad because it is just so great. Topics will have you intrigued, astonished, in your feels and so many other emotions but ultimately all good. I love them and am so grateful for their insight and all the views and ideas they help me to realize.
My sons got me started on Relevant's Podcast. Highlights of my week!
My husband and I have been listening to this podcast for years. We love it but we’ve never rated it. I guess it’s time.
I don’t know what I would do without this podcast. Exactly 9 months ago we moved our family of 5 to a new city and exactly 2 weeks later my mom passed away UNEXPECTEDLY. Needless to say, I’m often sad and lonely. Thanks to this podcast, I’m able to escape for a bit and have a few laughs. FREE THERAPY! It’s just good, clean fun. And I feel like each and every one of them are my friends.❤️ Wish I could have them over for dinner and to hang out...
just a good podcast.
Listening to the Relevant Staff is the highlight of my week. They address real life issues with a balance of humor and truth. It's refreshing and enlightening!
5 stars just isn’t enough.
I started out as a subscriber to Relevant Magazine and later got turned on to the podcast. Quite a breadth of content ranging from the ridiculous to really deep and profound challenges to help me be a better engaged follower of Jesus. I laugh more listening to this than any other podcast I frequent. Thank you for all that you do. Keep ‘em comin’!
I never miss an episode. Content is great, of course. But it’s not as much about what they’re discussing that brings me back every episode, it is the dynamics between the hosts. Listen to multiple episodes and you’ll see what I mean.
The best thing to come out of the cloud since manna
This podcast is out of control funny smart and just beating a dead horse with some of the same jokes through out herring about culture faith and life and the music is dope too love listening
So glad that this podcast comes out twice a week!! Most entertaining podcast I listen to!! Cameron and the gang are just too fun!
I LOVE this podcast!!
I love podcasts, and this was the first podcast I fell in love with, way back in 2008! This show introduced me to an effective format, and it is the bar by which I measure other podcasts. They masterfully mix deep, relevant content with humor that is accessible to new listeners and rewarding for veteran listeners. Great job, crew! The 10% loves you!