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When I need to be doing something productive this podcasts helps me to waste my time and significantly brings down my productiveness several times a week. But it’s all good because I am throughly entertained by their conversation as I try to avoid my adult responsibilities. ;)
This is by far my favorite podcast and I listen to every episode. They’re the perfect balance between hilarious and deeply thoughtful. One star has been deducted for the anxiety i’m constantly made to feel over Jesse’s wellbeing.
I haven’t missed an episode in 12 years. Great show for every young Christian!
absolutely love the Relevant Podcast! It’s a perfect blend of funny mixed with serious and culture mixed with faith. Jesse Carey is the funniest human alive, and he and the rest of the cast never fail to make my drive through Phoenix traffic something to look forward to because I know it means listening to them talk about everything from chili’s to the Bible. I recommend it to all of my friends!
Been listening since the spring & I couldn't love this podcast anymore! It has become a great companion on my drive to work or a way to make the day better during work! I feel like I'm friends with the cast already & I love their humor mixed with news, pop culture, and Jesus! Seriously, couldn't make it through the week without these laughs!
I can tell whenever my husband is listening to the relevant podcast. I find him laughing deeply and smiling. It's like the casts are his buddies. If we're making a road trip on the weekend, We save the podcast to listen together on our drive.
The show is entertaining and I enjoy listening but some of the cast come across as arrogant and looking down on people, which is not good for a faith publication.
Such a great podcast and the highlight of my week! The banter over pop culture is hilarious and entertaining.
This podcast is a serious pick me up every week! They cover it all, from cultural topics that I never knew I needed to know about, and helpful life tips that keep me progressing as a human being. The whole crew is fantastic, and the humor makes everything in life better. Subscribe to this now! Also, subscribe to their magazine.
That's what it feels like when I tell my friends about the show. My co-workers know when I'm listening because they can hear full-out laughter coming from my desk at least twice a week. Thanks Relevant Podcast cast and crew for the cultural catch-ups, the laughs, the new music, and the "is she laughing or crying" whispers and looks from my desk mates.


Finally a podcast that is entertaining AND informative. The stories they bring each week are great conversation starters for the rest of my week. It might take an episode or two to get used to their style but it’s definitely worth taking the time to listen!
I like the Christian themes with the cultural critiques, but mostly I like the jokes. If you believe that it is important for Christians to only talk about Jesus explicitly then never listen. If you think it is fun to chat about culture with friends, become a fly on the wall with the relevant crew. They have great conversations about all things music and entertainment. Occasionally a hard hitting topic but mostly just fun with people who you forget are complete strangers to you. Also... I read through the 1 star reviews... They are a treasure. If you like the podcasts read the 1 stars you'll love them. Thanks Relevant
I’ve been listening to the Relevant Podcast since 2007, the Donald Miller Pt. 1 episode. I’ve tried many different podcasts since then and all have ended up losing my interest and I unsubscribe, but I haven’t missed an episode of this podcast since I started. This is always a highlight of my week and an episode doesn’t go more than a day or two max without being heard. Thanks for switching to the twice a week format, you’ve only fueled my addiction. Thanks!
Simply great podcast! I laugh every week! And I love the addition of Annie!!
Does it get any better than that? The other people are great too! I love the clean humor and how they still bring it back to Jesus!
I love this podcast Jesse Carey...hands down...the most brilliant mind I’ve ever had the pleasure of listening too. It is definitely one of the only highlights to my life, I truly enjoy all the banter. Who knew that growing up in a cult, I’m sorry,I meant as a religious fundamentalists could bring me so much joy as an adult with all the inside jokes from childhood. A special shout out to all of you Cameron, Chandler, Eddie, Tyler, and Annie thank you guys for facilitating an environment where Jesse outshines all of you #teamloverland😉
This is the podcast that got me into podcasts if you can believe it. The very first one I listened to was when Jesse cracked laughing so hard about a 300lb man jumping Niagra Falls on a motorcycle (and he didn’t make it??) am I remembering that right?? Ha, anyway, have loved it- and you guys - ever since!!
I laugh out loud every episode. You kids are wonderfully weird!
If you like quirky humor and honest, heartfelt discussions at the intersection of faith and culture you’ll love this podcast but be warned; the ghost of Annie F. Downs haunts the pod and if you listen you’ll be haunted too. I haven’t slept in days, please send an exorcist. Five stars.
I listen to a lot of podcasts. This one is my favorite. It’s an excellent blend of humor, Christian culture news, and thoughtful dialogue. The more you listen, the more you’ll feel like you know the cast. I look forward to hearing from them twice a week.
I listen to this podcast every week while I mow. Really enjoy the podcast! Y’all are great!
I can't get enough of this podcast! I am just sorry that I ran out of episodes to binge on, and now I have to wait for new podcasts each week. I have to warn you to be careful if you listen while running - I sometimes have to stop because I am laughing too hard. Otherwise, it's perfect!
Hey, love the podcast, but burning us racquetball Dads?? Really?? Thanks for the podcast, listen while driving, I’m a hospice Chaplain and your perspectives on life and culture get me thru my days
I subscribe to many podcasts but this is the only one that I listen to religiously.
You’ll enjoy the first episode you listen to, you’ll love it by the second, and by the third one, you’ll be unable to go without it.
I just started listening last week and I am burning through the archives. I'm hooked, its now a must listen. I'll put off past favorites to listen to these. Thank You
I look forward to listening to the Relevant podcast each week! It entertains me every time! Feel like you are all my friends!
I think this podcast is great. Just trust me.
Moving to two shows was great, but moving to live will be incredible 🙌🏻
I love listening to this at work or on my commute. They balance goofing around and getting real in the best way. The pacing of the segments keeps you from being bored. It’s overall just one of the best podcasts.
A few weeks ago I had to drive 6 hours from Phoenix to L.A. This podcast made the trip so much more enjoyable. They added Annie F Downs to the cast, who I love! They're entertaining and funny. While they're a Christian magazine/podcast, I think that even people not of the Christian faith could find them hilarious.
My roommate recommended this podcast a couple weeks ago, and it captured me in its weirdly funny way. I love pop culture, the hosts are entertaining, and it's nice to have a clean but funny recap of the week. You will not be disappointed. Basically I’m best friends with these peeps.
I'll be honest it took my a while to give this a shot. But when I finally did, I was not disappointed and have not been since. It has become the only podcast in my rotation that I never miss...and always look forward to the episodes twice a week. For me, this is the perfect podcast, with an impressive balance of material covering everything that makes life both marvelous and messy. There are times when you will have to pull over on the side of the road because you're laughing so hard. There are times where you will be closer to tears, and others still when you will be enlightened by a new perspective on a thought provoking issue or conversation. Relevant also perfectly blends spirituality and pop culture, and all of the guests are awesome. I could keep going...but I'll just end by urging you to listen to this bunch. You won't regret it!
Maybe I’m in the minority, but I just can’t stand Annie. I’m cringing most times she opens her mouth. She actually makes Eddie seem funny when they’re on the show together. Replace her with Adam and it would be a fantastic podcast.
I am a little older than millennial age (37), but I love the show… You guys crack me up and keep me up on important news (like Chandler’s Chili’s card 😂). And Annie...I love me some Annie F! My 14 and 11-year-old boys enjoy you guys too. Keep it up!
Easily my favorite podcast over the years. While others have come and gone, the excellence of Relevant shines through as they deftly address both current events and the pending robot uprising. I don’t always dig the interviews, but the rest is gold.
This podcast consistently entertains me. I think the ensemble cast is a unique format that means I don’t get tired of the same person and same perspective constantly. They are funny and lighthearted, but the content of interviews is excellent. I’ve been a fan for almost as long as they’ve been around and I think it just keeps getting better!
My wife and I listen to this Podcast all the time and we love it!
I wish the show would focus more on discussing issues versus extended dialogue between the hosts about their lives, replete with endless inside-jokes that sort of makes listeners feel like they are out of the loop, and even (pardon the pun) irrelevant. When the panel discuss pertinent issues, that is what is most resonant. I’d prefer if they focus more on that and cut back on the chatter. Potentially a powerful and unique show
Sadly Jesse is probably my role model
My son started listening years ago and we would listen together while we were traveling. It is now my go to when I travel. I consider it hazardous while driving because I laugh so hard at times I can’t see the road. I have literally had to pull over while driving until I am done laughing👍😂. Keep up the great work you do, I always learn something.
I just love this podcast, I consistently die laughing and they feel like my friends. I love the relevant topics approached in a thoughtful and loving way, never miss an episode!
It really is amazing. The only reason I knock a star off is because Annie can be pretty obnoxious. Seems to try a little bit too hard sometimes. Overall it's good stuff.
I love this podcast! My only complaint is that I can’t keep up! The banter between hosts might take a while to get used to, but soon they seem like old friends. The interviews and musicians are wonderful. It makes me feel less alone to know there are more broad-minded Christians out there.
I’m positive I’m not in the audience generation they are aiming for, (I’m 53), however I didn’t become a believer until I was 36 which makes me “immature” for my age. I like to know what is culturally relevant so that I don’t grow into a stale, bitter old person. Being a mom of 5 kids where 3 are young men, it’s like being a fly on the wall of guy talk which is just hilarious. I can’t wait until new episodes come out. Headphones in and let the laughing begin. It’s also fun having Annie F. “Not the quilter” Downs sit at the table. She can hang in there with you guys! Finding out that Annie and I have mutual friends made me giggle, (PushaT wedding photographer). Keep up the good work you all. I greatly appreciate it. From Loverland VA but in my case “Libertyburg”
Never miss an episode. The banter and humor this cast brings is unlike any other. Sarcasm, with a Christian perspective on culture that is hard to find. I could listen to the story of Jesse falling off the bunk bed every day and never fail to laugh.
Hi, I just listened to the “Social Misfits” episode and wanted to let you know that Dolly Parton is in a movie called “Nine to Five” with Jane Fonda, Lilly Tomlin, and Dabney Coleman. It’s a funny movie if you can watch a movie with Jane Fonda in it. As to the show, I will probably listen again, but the music by the guests wasn’t my type of music so I skipped it, but entertaining topics.
Love love love Relevant and the content they put out. However, while the guests featured on the show are incredible and interesting, the first 30 minutes typically end up being a drawn-out conversation about something that recently happened in the lives of the hosts. Even when the event is funny or interesting, they just carry on and on. Would love for more quick current events updates and how to integrate pop culture with our faith.
My go to for things on culture with a comedic, Christian twist. I wait for the latest podcasts every week like a paycheck. A must for subscription.