Reviews For ReMARKable Palate: A Food blog & Podcast from New York City Personal Chef Mark Tafoya

I like the mix of video and audio podcasts.
This is worth the download.
I think I've been spoiled by The Cook & The Chef, NPR Food/Kitchen Window, and The Splendid Table podcasts. I don't find this show very interesting. There's a lot of talk, but not enough demonstration for me. I know others love this show, but I guess I'm not the audience for it. The real low for me was the show talking with the Lipton tea rep on their cocktail-inspired bottled tea drinks. I'm not into the premade food business -- sorry.
I LOVE the ReMARKable Palate. This is a foodie gem - if you love to hear about food - cooking it, eating it, growing it, whatever! - and you enjoy experiencing different cultures - Italy, Alaska, Nova Scotia and Mannhattan just in the last few months! - you should not waste a moment in subscribing to this podcast. Chef Mark is not only knowledgeable and creative, but his performance background shows through in every intro, commentary, interview and experience. You will not be able to put down your headphones once he gets going.
I absolutely love Chef Mark's ReMARKable Palate Podcast. If you enjoy food, travel, and education, then this is the podcast for you! KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK!
The ReMARKable Palate Podcast was one of the first food podcasts that I picked up, and it's still one of my favorites today. Chef Mark is passionate, informative and entertaining, and the production quality is very good.
Hands down the way to appreciate cooking. Personable, informative, entertaining, and delicious.
Chef Mark's podcast is incredible. He includes both audio and video in his podcast feed and introduces his listeners to many awesome people working to make our dining experiences unique and fun. He features both food and drink experts ever week. And be sure to check out his On The Tequila Trail Videos. They are awesome. Just search for "On The Tequila Trail" in iTunes. You won't be disappointed by subscribing to this podcast.
I thoroughly enjoy Mark Tafoya's podcast. There is a warm, personable style to his program. The program sheds an informative light on the culinary world that is inviting to the audience. It brings the audience become 'closer' to the host, the people, and the food. This allows for an experience more akin to sharing newfound interests as opposed to a classroom introduction to the subjects covered. Keep up the good work.