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The passion in the pastors really gives motivation to this guy.
Simply amazing. And it is all from the heart. He doesn't just preach. He shares his life and how God changes it daily
I love all Reality churches and what God is doing through them.
I love to listen to Britt Merrick's readings they're such a blessing.

By rh
Can't get enough of these wonderful, God inspired messages! You guys have helped me grow so much. "Fearless" preached by Frances Chan was so wonderful! Truly, God IS a big God!
Britt continues to call those who love our God to be on mission. Not only because He calls us to, but because of who He is. Thank you for being a great role model.
I stumbled across Reality's website about a month ago and have been hooked ever since. I listen to as many as I can throughout the day, even at work. All the Pastors give well delivered, thoughtful and knowledgable sermons straight out of the Bible. Gods word undiluted by man's motives. All these men are led by the spirit and the Lord is using them to grow his church throughout the world via the internet. My walk with the Lord and growth as a young Christian (as in new in the faith, I'm old) has been rapidly accellerated by hearing the truth of the Gospel through Reality, I hope to visit and worship with them one day.
The church in Carpenteria California is a church of the God of the Bible. These podcasts have been the most wonderful resource for Christian understanding that I have ever come across...second to the Bible of course. Let the Lord speak to your heart and grow in your understanding, but above all, love the Lord!!
Even though I know Britt personally, I never get tired of hearing him! I love the fact that Britt inspires people to become less like the lukewarm church it has been in recent decades! Thanks to Britt, and his associates, I have gone from a sunday christian, to a future pastor! Thanks Britt, for being one of the last great disciples!


I've been to tons of churches, and Reality is definitely where I get the most out of the message. Britt is an amazing pastor and his understanding of the Bible is so amazing and unique. If you ever miss church or you just want to hear a message again, I cannot recommend this more. If you live in the area and you've never been to Reality, the worship is incredible. Check it out!
Awesome Studies - Listen to them at least 7 times each !!!


By zane11
the Truth is Set Free to change Lives as Britt Merrick TEACHES and PREACHS the WORD of TRUTH
Wow, I praise God for what He is doing in my life through Britt's teaching! God has truly used you in an instramental and awesome way to bring me to a closer relationship with Jesus Christ.
Britt Merrick has been blessed from our amazing Savior Jesus Christ with the gift of teaching and bringing the Word in a fresh way so all people can understand God's word. His messages bring power and refreshment to the heart of any listener. God Bless Britt and Reality!!!