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Mark and Emily are very knowledgable about the guests on their podcast. They do thoughtful and concise interviews. I enjoy being exposed to artists and music that I'm not familiar with. I really like their personalities! They are great down to earth people!😃
We all have access to these songs. Interviews are more interesting than hearing songs we have heard over and over.
I can't believe it took me so long to find this podcast and I'm so glad I did. Mark and his team bring an incredible variety of rock and interviews. Not only is it a great listen, this podcast does a great job of showcasing new music and great bands I did not know about. Rock is not dead, it is alive and rocking at Talking Metal!
Been listening to this since 2005 and I think it's the best it's ever been. Emily takes the show to another level.
How many times are you going to interview Wendy Dio ? Why can't you get good guests like Mitch Lafon ? What happend to John O and Joe B ? For a show that existed since 2005 it now sounds lame.
I've been listening since episode 35 or so and I love this show. You'll appreciate the wealth of classic metal knowledge, but don't let that fool you. These guy's are on top of all the new metal too. The only distraction for me is the KISS thing. I don't know if it's because I'm from the West Coast, but I don't get the fascination with KISS (but I won't hold that against them). If you want to learn what's hot in the metal community this is the place. And it's funny! Check out the episode where they stalk the GNR offices. Classic! The other metal shows wish they were half this good and had half has many interviews. UP THE IRONS!!
Talking Metal has been around since 2005, so they could very well be the Black Sabbath of heavy metal podcasts (a.k.a. the first heavy metal podcast). Hosts Mark & Emily Strigl and John Ostronomy have interviewed and continue to interview all of the biggest names in metal & hard rock and their passion for same makes this a must-listen for all metal/rock fans.
Been a faithful listener since this show was still in double digits. Always look forward to the next episode! Keep up the great work, guys!!!
A lot of so-called Hard Rock/Metal experts seem to become very cynical and lose sight of what it's like to be a real fan whilst swimming in a sea of free records and comped tickets. What keeps this show so great and listenable is the love and the honesty and the willingness to give new quality bands a try while also not turning their backs on the icons of their youth.
Wow y'all have a TON of episodes! Look forward to meeting you at the Nashville show👍🏻
Great professional quality metal podcast. Add it to your rotation now!
Still great after all of these years, very few shows have been around this long, and none the less deliver the same kind of quality show after show. A must listen to every show.
I've loved this show since it was on TV and listen as often as I can. Mark & John do a fantastic job and I love hearing their stories. If I had to be critical I'd say that I enjoy the discussion between the 2 hosts and the music they play moreso than the interviews that can tend to drag on if it's not an artist that I'm interested in but that's not really a complaint. Keep up the good work guys!
I have 3 main podcasts I listen to. Mitch Lafon, Michael Butler and Mark. Mark is who I turn to for the heavier side of rock I like. Music fans like me need podcasts to get exposed to new music that radio is never going to play. I live in the Southeast and enjoy hearing Mark talk about bands he gets to see live that don't play in my region. When I make donations to the above 3 shows, Mark makes it a point to send a personal e-mail to thank me. That means a lot to me. If I had my own podcast I would do the same.
great show,mark strigl knows metal,great guests,great format and very imformitive on new bands
When Mark does the show with his wife I need to turn it off. He is constantly asking for donations and to purchase a talking metal t shirt, etc. When Mark does the show with Mitch Lafon and the other Mitch that is when the show is great again. Mark does these interviews and there is no enthusiasm in his voice when he talks to these artists.
If you like in depth interviews with questions you wish you could ask your favorite artist's than this is your podcast! Mark and Emily put the artist at ease and allow them to tell their story. Awesome podcast!
Love this podcast. I have been there since the beginning. Mark and his rock friends/co-hosts are just real fans of hard rock/metal. I love hearing them just sit back and talk about metal. Their love of metal definitely shows. This podcast has introduced me to many new bands as well as made revisit many bands from my past. If you are a fan of metal/hard rock, I highly recommend Talking Metal.
As a old metalhead of 35 years or so, I love this podcast. It's informative, has great guests and great music. There are older metal bands and newer metal bands and very well done interviews. There are a few other decent metal podcasts, but this one is easily the most professionally done. It's highly recommended.
Mark & the team of Mitchs rule. Can't believe it took me so long to find this, but I hate iTunes and found it on Stitcher. Great interviews, great discussions, great tunage. Over 500 podcasts to choose from. Can't say enough about it - give it a listen and subscribe to be on top of all things METAL!!
The older episodes were better. The newer ones tend to ramble and there are a ton of plugs for donations. A lot of the guest appearances are from the same few bands the hosts are friends with. Rarely listen anymore.
Great show that I have been listening to for a few years now. Good selection of music and guests, not just old school but newer artists as well. They turned me on to BVB a few years ago. Keep up the good work Victor, John and Mark!
I've discovered some nice off-the-radar metal bands from listening to this podcast. I like the variety of the podcasts. One might be mostly music, another an interview, or maybe a discussion of metal. I really love it when they tell stories of past concert experiences and encounters with musicians. I'd like to hear more of those.
Long time listener, first time review. One of my fave podcasts, I’ve been listening so long I feel like I know these guys. They’re easy on the ears, don’t ramble on too much about nonsense, and if you like hard rock and/or metal, this is a good bet. Talking Metal!!! \w/
I look forward to every new episode! Love the Talking Metal Live show as well! I remember these guys when they had the tv show on FUSE!
If you like this podcast check out me and my friend Andy Munch on our weekly podcast. We are just two normal guys talking about heavy metal/hard rock bands. We do a top ten list each week and drink some beers and try to have a good time talking about the music that we love. Just search metal for dummies on itunes and we honestly thank anybody who tunes in. We do this out of my friends home and are so excited when we get any new listeners. HORNS UP!!!!
Hosts Mark and John have a ton of knowledge on hard rock and metal, and in this podcast they share that information with listeners. Metal from the 70s to today and covered, usually with some insights on the band or its members. But TM is not a random metal news podcasts. The hosts' conversational style brings the listener into their world, so that the show takes on a life of its own and listeners feel like they are hanging out. That said, if you're looking for a podcast that is specific to one type of "metal" (death metal, black metal, hair metal, whatever), this is not the podcast for you. If you want to listen to a show that presents a wide variety of bands, you'll like this podcasts and probably learn something along the way.
I think this show really shows us all that any idiot can do a podcast. I never heard a podcast in my life with so little talent but plug themselves so many times. I would say this show blows, but that may be a compliment to these two drunk lushes.
I love this podcast! I especially love the interviews. Friends interviewing friends. It's positvely... friendly! Bud! Unlike some reviewers I think there is a great mix of old & new, mainstream & underground. If you don't like the podcast then move on. Why the hate? P.S. Labels should be sign posts. Serving only to point us in the right direction.
It's known as the longest running metal show on the Internet. It's too bad it is the most boring metal show.I think it's time to pass the torch to people who care about the music at this point. Playing a crappy German band and filling the rest of the 20 minute show with a Maiden cover,that goes on for 10 minutes,isn't exactly what I call cutting edge. Don't waste your time people these guys have lost the spark. So sad :(


The best podcast I've ever heard
I really enjoy this podcast! they do focus on older bands alot. If you want a great metal podcast dedicated to the Oregon metal scene, look up the ALLOY Podcast!They focus on the Oregon scene, but also play other national bands that are coming through Oregon. They had a brief chat with Whitechapel on a recent show! Go Check them out as well!


id love to hear more of some black metal artist but there going strait to the god fathers of METAL
It's about time a REAL METAL podcast came about! I mean METAL... not death or speed or any underground cult... TRUE METAL!!! You want cult, go out and find a covenant! UP THE IRONS!!!!
THE CLASSIC METAL SHOW RULES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I wanted to hear their interview with Chuck Mosley, I had to turn my volume all the way up to hear Chuck answer, even then I could only make out a few words, meanwhile the host's questions were very loud in my ears.
Man these guys are lame. They probably broadcast outta moms basement by night and collect unemployment by day....they used the term "right on" like 137 times in an hour long show! Don't waste ur time. Metalrules radio is much better.
i love the interview with mastodon, its so true the youth needs to buy albums not singles. BOYCOTT ONE SONG ON AN ALBUM YOU CHEEPSKATE BUY THE WHOLE ALBUM!
This podcast is amazing and really needs to be listened to.
You guys are part of the two best metal shows on itunes (the metalcast being the second one). But you should play more music when you have no interviews..monologues tend to get boring.
Great podcast. Always looking foward to the next great interview.
The interviews are very great and every episode I learn about a new band or song its just great that someone plays the kind of music i like and then talks about it. I just love this podcast!!!! :D
Listening to these guys is like talking to someone at a metal show. They arent baby boomers from FM radio who wear Motorhead shirts to condescendingly patronize and then get into a bmw and listen to Steely Dan. These guys love the music and you can tell. If you're a metal fan, it's really the only show you should listen to. Met John once, great guy. These guys know from guitars too, so if you're a player, it's an added bonus.


By pleeb
Listened to 20 or so episode and here's my review. The Good: They are one of only a few actively recording podcasts about 80's and early 90's metal bands. Unlike CMS, they actually play songs. Hosts sound professional and have good "radio voices" The Bad: At times they are a little self centered.. talking about their bands, or the musicians they've met. They'll be in the middle of an interview and have to slip in the fact that they know how to play drums or that they jammed with this or that musician. Also a lot of self promotion of their other sites. Comes across as a little annoying at times.
don't ask, just subscribe