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This has been my favorite podcast for over 5 years. I never miss it! CS and Sasha are excellent interviewers with deep knowledge of their own that they draw on in each episode. And they speak with brilliant and interesting people! Thank you and keep up the good work!
Excellent interviews of smart academics and others; class-conscious, left-leaning, aware of the ecosocial justice issues that are central to our time. If you like this show you might enjoy the New Books Network podcasts, esp. the Sociology and Critical Theory channels and some of the podcasts on the Economics channel.
My favorite radio program. I love digging into their archives and finding brilliant scholars talking about fascinating subjects. It does take dedicated attention, but if you ever find yourself on a long road trip- it's lovely.
I listen to most every episode of this show!
Think of it as an left-wing, intellectual version of NPR's Fresh Air. Everything from the history of the Black Panther Party, to Spanish anarchism, to the origins of chess. Informative, eclectic, non-dogmatic, and often explains complex ideas in concise, engaging ways with a great mix of academics, activists, and non-affiliated intellectuals. Best thing online.
Forget the pundits in corporate media! Guests on "Against the Grain" are true intellectuals who give true analyses of historical and conceptual issues that affect us today. As an activist and a doctoral student in the humanities, I am always intrigued by what I hear. Sasha and C.S., keep up the fantastic work!
Against the Grain provides in depth analysis on an amazingly wide array of issues. The hosts (usually C.S. Soong) are always well informed and ask thoughtful questions.
i seem to be unable to subscribe to the feed through itunes, though. Is there some way to fix this?


By xofive
I stumbled on this podcast from Pittsburgh... CS Soong is one of the best interviewers ever. long form discussions are always thoroughly well researched, provocative and engrossing. Guests and topics range widely. Highly recommended!
This show is great; C.S. Soong and others do such a wonderful job interviewing great guests with good class conscious viewpoints. Along with Democracy Now it is a show everybody should listen to.
Tired of the shouting matches, or psuedo-celebrity smugness that pretends to be meaningful discussion about which way our society should move? Then listen to Against the Grain. Some of today's most important ideas are actually taken seriously here. The host and producer always do excellent preparation. Too bad it's only an hour, and only on three times a week.
I listen to over fifty, mostly political/cultural, podacsts a week. I delete and fast-forward with glee whenever I can: if I find the topic or segment or its treatment boring; if it's something with which I'm already quite familiar and consider I can skip; if it's merely propaganda; if it's something about which I just don't want to care about right there and then. Against the Grain isn't "easy listening": if I half-listen for more than a few seconds, I have to rewind. Listening to Against the Grain and trying to do much of anything else doesn't much work for me. And it's a nearly hour-long podcast, three times a week. So, it's with no small measure of satisfaction and relief when I find myself listening to something I just don't want to know about: I can delete it and get on with the next podcast or with something else. The rest of the time, which is almost all of the time, it's a treat. I rarely relisten to anything: I have lots of time but not ~that~ much; and I'm not that kind of self-indulgent. When I do relisten to something -- either for the sheer pleasure or because duty would seem to demand it -- it's often Against the Grain.
Against the Grain offers extremely rich analysis of generally political topics that you are hard-pressed to find anywhere else, not even on Democracy Now or Flashpoints. Against the Grain seems to put its faith in Academia as a source for contemporary critical models from which to view current issues. The result is a truly "smart" response to the punditry of more conventional poitical programming. My only criticism is that the podcast isn't updated as regularly as one would hope, just look at the dates in the window below to understand what I mean. Maybe they'll fix that.