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Is sad and disgusting that the mainstream media does not even try to hide their hatred of Trump and the millions of Americans who support him and America.
To the Host: Make these politicians answer your questions! Geez, these people make decisions!
When the host switched from John Dickerson to Margaret Brennan, I noticed that I often paid more attention to the way she asked questions, rather than the content of them. She doesn’t choose good timing for questions; therefore, her way of questioning sounds more like interruptions. Of course worse when she is interviewing Republicans. I wish she finds better timing to ‘interrupt’ her guests.
This is a great program/podcast but I rarely listen to it because it get posted so late on Sunday. The other morning shows (Meet the Press and This Week) are both up right after they aire on the East coast. I'm sure there's a reason CBS holds back, but I can't imagine what it is.
Midway through the October 7, 2018 face the nation podcast my ears were nearly blown out by the level of volume of the advertisement. Please adjust the native volume of the advertisements to match the volume of the podcast or else you will be paying for a new pair of ears.
Love the program. It’s been a staple of my Sunday’s since I was a child(no joke). I always find this broadcast very informative. My only gripe would be your Audio. If I had to guess: it’s a television set with a microphone pointed at said television set. The actual broadcast is extremely low & the ambient noise is horrendous. I currently have my iPhone’s volume all the way up and my car stereo at “20”. That’s a very loud volume setting for my car. The “hiss” or white noise is about 65% of the entire audio that is being transmitted. It’s a shame, this show is of such high quality. The Audio does it a great disservice. Face the Nation is an American institution, this podcast should show it a little more respect. Other than that, love the show.
I can’t listen to this podcast. The commercial volume is blaring loud in contrast to the actual show.
Endless 3 Alpha groupings of A through Z seem to alarmingly fail citizens looking to find real news regarding our Federal Government’s major issues and proposed solutions under debate hopefully reconciling same under parameters of the Constitution. CBS Face the Nation is minimally different or less time spent on the da da da theorized stories or more accurately submitted biased assessments of hopefully major mistakes that if/are sufficiently presented can bring rapid administration replacement. CBS FAILS THEIR FEW Sunday viewers by wandering into news that can destroy mantra repeatedly presented by different faces 24/7 destroying some of the joy built up by non journalists or ex-Government officials presenting dribble prior to CBS FTN return to the mind numbing formula utilized by “NEWS” programs hopefully finding enough Sunday viewers to crack the top 10 ceiling (say it—-just like Fox does). Face the Nation doubtfully will crack into any spot in the top ten next several years, however keep wandering into programming that has news value and I trust you will be their prior the rest of Sunday gossip gaggle (except FOX).
There is some strange hissing that is prevalent through the entire show. Has been very noticeable the last couple of weeks. Makes it hard to listen to
No fair coverage. It tells lies on every episode. The liberal media is not even honest.
I almost choked when I saw a 3.5 rating. Then I realized that the low content ratings are five to eleven years old! There should be a reset of ratings for just since John Dickerson took over. The only low ratings I saw in the new era were downloading issues. That has improved and it appears that the low ratings were about frustration with not getting to hear content people really wanted. I’ll admit that I am a Dickerson “fan girl” because of his work on Whistle Stop and Political Gabfest. I only started listening to FTN when he took over. Now I never miss an episode.
Right in the middle of this episode there was like 10 minutes of ads.
John Dickerson is among my favorite journalists and his political panel is always comprised of the best folks.
I listen every week. It is my favorite Monday morning podcast. John Dickerson is great.
Sometimes shows post Sunday, something it can take days. No one is going to listen to 4 day old news.
Love this show, actually my favorite of the Sunday lineup. Two stars because it's always so delayed. Why would I want to listen to a news show 24 hours later? Especially in 2017 when news changes hourly? By the time FTN is available via podcast, it's old news. Very disappointed.
If you're gonna listen to a Sunday news program, this is the one to follow. Dickerson seems to have upped his game since Trump got elected. During the campaigns it seemed like he didn't press very hard (on either side) when a spokesperson would just regurgitate talking points instead of answering questions. I'm happier with his performance now that he's become more persistent, though I wish he held people's heat to the fire a bit more. But I guess Sunday shows are pretty worthless anyway if you are hoping to get anything other than BS talking points and lies.
Its simply Face the Nation. Rarely, but at times there is something where a visual aid is being used on the TV and thus you will not be seeing it, but it is an easy way to keep up with the going on's of the political world.


By lobizao
John is such a gentleman and a professional. I absolutely respect his work
This program hits the buttons. Too bad it has old people advertisements.
Ugh! Commercials. Annoying.
FTN uploads the days content later that night. Loses 1 star because it could be available sooner. I really can't complain though and am thankful!
I love John Dickersons ability to ask seemingly benign questions that end up making people give up a lot more than they wanted! He's the best.
I love having Face the Nation on podcast, but I hate, hate, hate the loud intrusive ads. I can't even listen to them and my fiancé stopped listening to this podcast just because of the ads. Listen to the ads on Vox and Slate... either the podcast host or someone else with a calm friendly tone reads these ads. I have gone to the websites of almost all the advertisers for these ads and even purchased. But this guy who yells the ads on Face the Nation makes my hatred for his yelling transfer to the advertisers.... please fix this.
Only works if connected to wifi during playback.
Love this podcast! Great exploration of the news field, and entertaining to listen to! Make sure to subscribe to this one!
One of the best interviews of the president.. But I had to watch via another source.. Please fix your link for last Sunday.. (Also adding a date in the title will help listeners find shows). Thanks
Face the Nation has long been revered as a trusted Sunday news program. But ever since John Dickerson took over, I have been consistently impressed with the level of journalistic integrity displayed by the host. When interviewing candidates, Dickerson is thoughtful yet probing, tough without being chauvinistic and, frankly, provides some of the fairest reporting you can find broadcast today. Though the panels could be improved with some variety and more organic conversation, overall the program delivers. Congrats on successfully "passing of the baton" from one great host to another.
John Dickerson asks good questions and books guests who are important and have interesting things to say. Dickerson is a person of integrity and thoughtfulness. If you miss Tim Russert, you'll love Dickerson. Listen to him also on the occasional Face the Nation 2016 Diary podcast about his thoughts of the day about events in the campaign, the weekly Slate Political Gabfest with two others on a panel, and the occasional Slate's Whistlestop podcast about presidential campaign history.
Why do 2 or 3 versions of old episodes of this podcast download every time I refresh my subscriptions? Is this podcast and/or host server run by freshmen at a local community college, or a 6 billion dollar company? Must be the later, college students would've had this fixed months ago.
Face the Nation with John Dickerson is the best of the shows, but the podcast has horrible problems with posting their content. Meet the Press and This Week are big on *flash,* in comparison, but their team tends to get the product out. Step up your online game, FTN!
Week after week we hear how Trump is going to win. No real information about who he is or what he has done in the past to show he has the knowledge to be President. Corporations do not hire people with no qualifications for CEOs. Enough wasting my time on suppositions about what might happen. If the media had done their job, not so many people would have voted for him. Podcast deleted 4/3/16
It's a good podcast when they upload it fast and stop accidentally uploading old episodes.
I don’t always get to tune in to CBS, but it’s nice that I can keep up with FTN when I’m not at a TV also. Dickerson is an insightful host and the panels are always illustrative.
Ahh.. the lovely early morning "I want my 'Face The Nation' but it won’t download error.” Goes great with coffee. Comon guys. It’s a podcast. Post it so you can actually “listen” to it, which make the words able to go into your ears and mind on the subway way better.
Love the show but this should be turnkey for us listeners.
If you're tired of Meet the Press, you'll love Face the Nation. Coming from someone who likes both, I can tell you that the Face the Nation podcast is much more informative and much less "frenzied." You'll appreciate Dickerson's thoughtful interviews and the panel he brings on is normally spot on and balanced. Highly recommend!
John is a great new host . His intelligence and manner is very impressive .
John Dickerson does a terrific job- like the format and lineup.
Had hopes that Dickerson would continue and maybe improve journalistic integrity, but there’s no depth, no fact-based interviews, or calling out political BS. And notice his guests are 75% GOP (estimate). FTN has become simply a megaphone for the guests. C’mon John, ask some real policy questions and push back a little. Please.
This is the only news podcast that drowns you in ads.
Too bad the best Sunday morning host is on the show with the least guest diversity and podcast with a prohibitive amount of commercials. I’ll check back from time to time to see if they’ve done away with the commercials. I hope they make this change before Bob moves on.
While the show itself is great, these folks cannot seem to manage their podcast feed. The wrong episode is routinely uploaded (i.e. one from weeks ago), or the episode is uploaded late. Currently, CBS seems to be uploading episodes from January (it's June) for some reason, meaning that one constantly has to delete odd old episodes. Bizarre.
The hacks who post this podcast can't seem to do it in a timely or technically competent fashion
This is the third week in a row you've had problems posting a downloadable podcast. Get it together. You're professionals for Christs' sake!

By rhw-
Who is doing the podcast posting? Podcast of Jan 6 2013 couldn't be downloaded until three days later on Jan 9. Now the Jan 6 podcast has been re-posted (with an added intro commercial) as the Jan 13 show, still broken as of Tuesday night.
I enjoy listening to Face the Nation, one of the better news-centered discussions in the US. However, ever since moving to iOS 6 and the podcast app, I cannot download these episodes reliably. Many times when I attempt to download via the poadcast app, an error message is returned (something like "unable to download now… try again?"). Additionally, the latest episodes do not show up when I am subscribed. I have to go to the store, execute a search on "face the nation", and then do a manual download. Very frustrating. Much of the frustration is due to the podcast app, but some is caused with the content download instability.
Considering that their primary demographic is closer to mortuary than grade school, what's with all the elementary school PSAs? It's driving me crazy. If they are not selling ad time, we don't need to waste time with ads. The spots make the whole podcast almost unbearable to listen to.