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Worst episode ever. Is this Face the Nation? Did they change the show?
Can’t stand the bias portrayed on this show anymore. Just want the show to focus on both sides without the liberal anchors inputting their bias. Have to take a break until they get back to informing instead of just incorporating propaganda for their one side.
Moderator does not ask tough questions of left-of-center quests.
Pathetic to a joke how stayed on the air is scary never once did u aks the red neck mayor about one proven facts of safety in not geting the virus wearing mask . I’ll continue listing so I can caution people iof you’re stupid so called news and ignorance of proven medical facts . There are no minus stars for rating to bad
John Dickerson is doing an excellent job of filling in for Margaret Brennan but is it really necessary to blast us out of our seats by cranking up the volume on the ads? I set the volume at a level which allows me to hear the host and his guests clearly without disturbing everyone else in the house but then along comes an ad to wake up my entire family. In the case of the ads featuring “Jill Schlesinger, CBS Business Analyst” I think they also wake up some of my neighbors. It’s so irritating that, just on principle, I would never, ever buy any product or service advertised on the FTN podcast. Could that be what they are going for?
Very sharp; fair
Unsubscribed because of how you guys treated Benjamin N Y
Needed much more time w him!


By Ncjay17
Margaret is great!!! When is she going to moderate a Presidential Debate????👍👍
I have listened to Face the Nation for years and enjoyed it. I am sad to say Margaret Brennan ‘s constant interruption of her guests is disconcerting. The guest is unable to complete a thought. It is rude and says to the guest- “that response is not what I want from you!” CBS you are losing viewers.
Enjoy much of your shows will not watch any news related information due to supporting insurrectionist and giving them airtime to continue to promote violence on American people and airing that he still supports Trump not asking the right questions about that there is no voter fraud and that he’s incorrect. there was no support that the people of the United States legally voted in President Biden and he is a current President of the United States QUIT supporting propaganda that hurts Americans and supports the insurrectionists that want to do us harm
You don’t see this with the make hosts!
I don’t like the tone of the host
Margaret and John before her pose serious focused questions to their guests. I look forward to her reporting and Face the Nation for facts coming from professionals (that don’t seem to consider themselves and their opinions part of the stories they report on). It is so important to have this kind of news reporting so our country has informed and intelligent citizens. Thank you. I’m looking forward to Facing Forward. What a refreshing concept.
She is terrible. She Is rude to guests. She constantly interrupts them. I don’t understand why she’s allowed to interview people. She is very rude
I don’t know what happened to this show. The original greats have retired or died, but the entire format is gone now and the interviewer is out of her depth. A waste of time. Sad.
Margaret Brennen doesn’t accept and answer from her guests unless it’s what she thinks. She will close an interview with her own corrections. I can’t listen to her.
Love this podcast! Thank you Margaret for being a strong host, taking on relevant topics and asserting your beliefs and opinions on tough subject matters. The topics you cover are always relevant to what we have all been living through the week prior. I like that your guest on your shows vary between Republicans and democratic viewpoints and that your interviews are poignant and to the point. I look forward to listening to this podcast on my Sunday hikes.
I have been disappointed with the new host. The questions are very surface-level, with little follow-up or depth to these conversations. Additionally, the host’s presentation style IMO comes off as robotic and disengaged, even bored at times. This is no longer an engaging or exciting show to watch.
If you are looking for an unbiased or a view from both sides Face the Nation is not the place. Even if there is a guest with a dissenting view the host aggressively w talk over & hard stops pulls her pre-conceived view as though the guest gave it to her. Went in hoping it would be balanced.
Rushed interviews, unfocused questions, and awkward transitions render Margaret a less than ideal host for this once weekly must-listen appointment. John Dickerson held his own and of course iconic Bob Sheiffer before him put FTN on par with Meet, but no longer. Nothing substantive in two years.
The ads are no joke 20 times louder than the show itself. That makes for a FANTASTIC listening experience, let me tell you! On a weekly basis, you contribute more to my hearing loss than 8 years of close quarters metal shows right in front of the amps. Your disregard is egregious. Someone should be fired.
Terrible episode on October 11, 2020 You let the republican representatives talk over you and lie without consequence. You support I guess!
I get that we want an interviewee to ask direct assertive questions but she can’t discern between a guest avoiding answers a needs those types of questions and a non-threatening guest which leads me to believe that her interview style is 100% aggressive and I just don’t wanna listen to it anymore. There is nothing gained by this aggressive style when there are so many other news organizations or podcast that can respectfully go deep and get really good responses but aggressive interviewing questions to partisan politicians, leads to nothing. One star and I’m going to unsubscribe.
Very hard to listen to this As other reviewers have said many times, the audio levels for the content are very low. If you increase the volume to hear the interviews, you’re ears will get blasted when the ads come on. It’s not a small difference.
I always listen to the show, and I do enjoy it, but the interview by John Dickerson of David Rubenstein, author of How to Lead was so inspiring that I actually took notes!
Margaret engages in a pitbull style of interrogation. Her frequent interruptions and interjections are rude and disrespectful. Sometimes she talks like she is speaking to a teenager. This is the worst of the Sunday morning political programs. Her's is an "In Your Face the Nation" program.
I cannot listen to Margaret Brennan any longer. Her questions lack depth and are nonsensical (“When can you guarantee that you can control the virus?”, as if a virus can ever truly be controlled and as if anyone can make such unequivocal guarantees). She constantly interrupts and talks over her guests, puts words in people’s mouths, and often doesn’t bother listening to the responses. I prefer to listen to other political shows such as Meet the Press or This Week with George Stephanopoulos whose hosts can conduct interviews respectfully and with a higher level of political acumen.
This program use to be one of my favorite places to get fair and balanced news. That is no longer the case I will be moving on.
Margaret Brennan is so annoying when she interviews a guest. She constantly interrupts them midstream and doesn’t let them finish a thought. She needs to learn how to interview people in a respectful manner.


I can’t listen anymore to her intolerance and constant interruptions. Her treatment of Robert O’Brien was awful. I’m done.
I listen to the podcast every week and every week the volume of the news content is very low when compared to the ads during the show. The ads continue to hurt my ears because the news podcast volume is way to low when compared with the ads and ALL other podcasts I listen to. Please fix this continual issue ASAP!!! B
~6dB lower than the commercials and other podcasts
On Sunday 6/28 Dickerson did a really good job exposing Pence’s double talk on COVID-19 and on BLM. Would like to see more of him!
Whip smart Brennan pushes back but always remains professional and deft. As an aside, It seems clear than more than a few of the reviewers here who express issues with Brennan specifically would not have those problems with a male host who did the same. I’m very glad to see her excellent work each week.
Her guests are often good but she is a poor interviewer. She was a better moderator. Constantly interrupting guests with a snarky tone is unproductive and she seems disconnected from what is being said. Dickerson filled in today and the program was greatly improved. More news, less bias. He knows when to follow up, interrupts less and tries to be fair.
Brennan often seems to lack understanding of the issues. She sounds like someone playing a role rather than someone doing the job.
You should not invite guests who have proven to parrot the false propaganda coming from the White House. They are using you. It devalues your show and I skip those portions. That part is less than worthless
Amateur or careless audio publishing. The podcast is much quieter than its advertisements (consistently, every week). A nice way to blow your ears out on a Sunday morning.
brennan asks goo questions and follows up. there’s no snark, she’s a serious journalist and her sunday show has become my first choice each week.
Smart and goes after both sides.
No, I disagree with the previous review. She stays on her guests and insists on clarifications the way Meet The Press once did. I’ve begun watching her over Chuck Todd.
No matter which politician she interviews Ms Brennan is aggressive from the get go. Aggression is appropriate in some cases, but if used indiscriminately, it may block the truth from coming out, which is not a benefit to the listener
Margaret Brennan is the worst interviewer on any of the Sunday morning talk shows. I can’t wait for her departure to Fox News, as that’s seems to be her journalistic aspiration.
The host just lets Trump’s minions lie, lie & lie some more. She is not informed enough to challenge them. Either don’t have known liars on or be ready to challenge their lies.
Margaret, press these guys! Interrupt them when they don’t answer! Steer the interview; don’t let them own it! For goodness sake, hold them accountable to their answers. Challenge their answers. This show is just not good anymore.
Margaret Brennan tactfully and professionally leads insightful discussions and conducts interviews w/ all the political, public service and military leaders of the hour. Have been impressed by her ability to navigate the agendas and push-back of guests. She doesn’t take offense, but also doesn’t give up on working to the key kernels of info. San Diego local CBS affiliate only plays half hour of FTN. This podcast allows me to hear the entire audio of the full show w/ very few commercials. CBS has the right formula w format and Margaret B as host. Keep it up.
Margaret Brennen is whip-smart. But this show is not a good fit for her. You need someone who can moderate a lively discussion. (PSsst! And they do not need to be young! We need to see experience, wisdom and a sense of humor. Do not be afraid of grey hair to host this show!!)