Reviews For Steve Allen - A Little Bit Extra

Great to hear a presenter who "tells it as it is", with a good mixture of humour and sarcasm. I live in Houston, Texas now and cannot always catch the full show at 11:00 PM. Brilliant!
First let just say that I'm American (living in Washington D.C.), so i dont know many of the people that steve speaks of, but im sure they need a good slagging off. My british boyfriend (living in The U.K.) got me into this program about a month ago. He started listening to it on his way to work and told me about it. Ever since then I have been hooked. I find people in my work place staring at me because I'm usually laughing out loud whilst I should be hard at work. I love this pod cast and all the others. The only thing I would change is that steves bloody network get their pod casts out faster. Don't you guys know that people are waiting for them? Other then that I would change nothing about it.