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I’m disappointed that Brian wanted to step in Pastor Chucks shoes after he passed, just to change things. Why didn’t you start your own church then instead of changing a good thing Chuck had going. If you don’t want to continue with end times prophecy then you shouldn’t have taken over. Brian is only worried about being politically correct. You shouldn’t have taken over you should have started your own thing.
Brian, Brian and Bobby all seem to have a heart for serving God and helping people know Jesus. Thank you for this show.
I enjoy Dr Bobby, Brian Perez and all the pastors that host the show. However, what I have seen over the last 4-6 months is a steady increase of personal time taken to share things that you do off mic, I actually timed it on a recent podcast this week and it was over 28min without getting to questions and issues that the people bring forth. That is a departure from what I have enjoyed since “to Everyman and Answer”. You guys are very kool but what you ate and bought to the extent it is done is not why I listen to the program.
I’ve been listening since 2015! Learn all the time about the Lord.


By Evaczzz
I love it!
I have been listening to this show since 2017. I love how they are bible based and will only answer based on what is written in the Bible. They answer questions in an honest, welcoming and loving way and use scriptures as the foundation for their answers. If they don’t know, they don’t guess and will tell you they don’t know as no one has all the answers. This is one of the best Christian based talk show. I recommend to everyone no matter who you are and what you believe.
They just give their own opinions versus what the actual bible says, they actually don’t use much bible here. Very Sad. I found very passionate people.
I have learned a lot about the Bible from your show, you answer tuff questions and always explain them in plain English
I have been listening to PP for many years now and I must say that I love the show, even if I don’t agree with everything they may say. I highly recommend this to all my friends and family (both saved and not saved), they answer a lot of questions I may have without having to call them. LOL!
more people would listen
Every episode is a learning experience!!! It’s a blessing
I cannot thank all of you enough for the knowledge you share. It’s incredible. I listen to this podcast nightly, and let it play throughout the night. It’s great if I wake up hear something, and write it down. It’s a bummer when I hear something and forget to write it down, as I sometimes do🙄 I tend to listen to the podcasts over and over. Again, I think all of you are fantastic, and cannot thank you enough. God bless you all✝️✝️✝️
I learn alot from listening to pastors perspective,
Love this podcast, as some days I work when it’s live on the radio. Very helpful with all my bible questions!
Philippians 4:8 Love this show.
I have been listening to PP for almost 2 years. As a growing Christian, I have learned so much from Brian and Don, Cheryl, and the guest pastors. My favorite questions are always from the little kids. The pastors always do a good job breaking down the answers for little ears.
I cannot say enough about Pastors Perspective. This is the best teaching tool I have ever listened to for pure Bible teaching in language that is so clear. Questions get answered by only referencing The Bible. My walk in the Christian faith has grown with these wonderful pastors and hosts. I look forward to listening to this program every day. I replay many episodes.
I highly recommend this program and am so grateful for the podcast as I am not always able to listen at the time its on.


By Renarj
Intelligent, bible based information. Learn so much everyday. Love that they give scriptures and context for every response.
Been listening to this program for at least 25 years and these folks really know their bible, history, languages, and all the nuances therein. I learned so much from this program as a child and it has always sparked my interest when I hear a question I've never heard before, which at this point is a bit more rare! This goes to show that kids can get quite a lot from this. I love being able to listen to old broadcasts on this podcast too. These guys continually affirm my faith and help me stay steadfast in apologetics. They are truly the vessels and workers of God and I thank and praise God for how these men are used! Keep up the good work!
love you guys been listening to you guy for along time most of the time from the pod cast for a few years makes it a lot more easy to listen and never miss anything. I thank God for what you guys do
Great way to learn the bible
I never miss an episode of this show! I have learned so much and truly enjoy it!
I am not always available at 3:00 pm to tune in live to Pastor’s Perspective so having the podcast available any time works best for me. I enjoy the dialogue at the beginning of the show. Having three people in the studio for each show seems to be the best format.
Over a decade ago I 'stumbled' upon Pastors' Perspective during a crisis period in my marriage while driving home from work. Up until my retirement over 3 years ago, it was my companion during the commute home. Now, as that same wife who had left me due to my lackadaisical Faith & I travel the USA in our motor home, we make it a point to listen to Don Stewart, et al, essentially daily. A far cry from what I was, I now look forward to testing my Biblical knowledge by comparing answers. Even had the chance to meet Mr. Stewart about a year ago. Like meeting one of The Beatles. Matter of fact he even shared his conversation with George Harrison with me! Whatever your walk with the Lord may be, this program will be a blessing to you.
Recently connected with these guys on podcast and now it's on at work everyday! Great knowledge from men of God. I recommend this all the way.
Great encouragement to hear God's principles for daily life explained with the balance that the Pastors bring.
I really enjoy listening to pastors perspective when I walk my dog at the park.
Such and awesome show. The Pastors on are extremeley knowledgable and present all the information in an easy to understand and clear manner. Great show!
Been listening since I re dedicated my life and because of this show It's helped me to understand more in depth of Gods word to solidify my faith daily. KWAVE is on at my house 24/7. 👊🏼👊🏼👍🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼
I've learned a lot from the show. Thank you!
Learning so much from this podcast.
If you listen to this program long enough, you'll eventually hear every question you've ever had about the Bible and the path to salvation (you'll hear how to get saved on almost every show!) answered. The pastors are brilliant and entertaining, and they have a gift for explaining everything in ways that anybody can grasp. I absolutely LOVE the way they're so gracious and encouraging to all the callers - especially when little kids call in. Jesus shines through these people!
Without the podcast I wouldn't get to tune in eryday
I listen to this show religiously (pun intended). I especially love it when Pastor James Kaddis is on. Pastor Kaddis is so gifted and adds a lot to the show. I would love to see him become a permanent member of the show.
I'll keep it real simple. This is the best Q & A program about the Bible. It's the kind of questions that a lot of people have on a daily basis and I hear nothing but sound biblical answers thank you thank you and God bless.
Thankful for this station!
What a great podcast nothing but the word of God given to people who want to know more, and grow in God!!!
Great resource. I especially enjoy the questions from children calling in.
(Keep your eyes on heaven) ( Heaven is our home)
I cannot thank you guys enough at Kwave and for all the people who are working so hard together to make pastors perspective shed light on what Christianity is ,compared to what people make it out to be. Even Christians(like me) have our minds blown at the outstanding answers you guys have.I've prayed to God thanking Him for such special people like Don, Brian, Josh, Greg, James and others who have been on. What I've also come to realize through listening is "Read the Bible!" 99.9% of the questions have to do with Gods Word and what He says in His Bible. Thank you guys for having such a fun,upbeat,and massively impactful program.It makes me laugh, but also makes me want to get deeper in my study and closer to my Lord.Thank you for getting the Gospel of Jesus Christ through the air waves and into the millions of eager ears. God bless you guys!
I am so thankful to be blessed by the consistent truth that is spoken on this program! Don, Pastor Brian, and Cheryl as well as the new full time host Pastor Josh are such a great combination! Also I love Pastor James as the regular fill in. Keep it up! Please bring back Pastor Greg as often as he is able he totally adds to the dynamic! ~ Eric
This is REAL talk, real answers to real questions from real people, rooted in rock solid biblical doctrine. Such a blessing!
Wonderful resource for believers and 'not-yet-believers' with questions. Where every question is a wonderful question and the answers are rooted in the word. I highly recommend for great insights on the current times, insights & inspiration.
I have learned a tremendous amount of godly wisdom, knowledge and in depth study from listening in to this program! Some of the best pastors, top scholars and beat apologists I have heard from. A definite must have app if your wanting to get an understanding of Biblical teachings and understandings! God bless them and those who download this app!
This program is a gem. The knowledge base and accuracy of the people doing this program are top notch. As a Christian for many decades, I have learned so much from this program and have even called in myself with questions. If you’re looking for Biblical TRUTH, you won’t be deceived with this program.
This is the Most relevant program of today. Don Stewart is an information disk with many fantastic guests. I look forward to this show every day. I do miss Chuck Smith, though.
This show is awesome! I only wish that it would be available for download or streaming on a more timely and consistent basis. Thank you Pastors Perspective Team!
KWAVE great station. Great Show.