Reviews For Ringler Radio - Structured Settlements and Legal Topics

While Ringler styles their podcasts as "news", the reporting is certainly slanted. In the introduction to the recent Toyota Litigation episode, the guests are introducted as attorneys "getting justice for the victims ... involved." True, the injuries and deaths involved are tragic, but the overall problem for Toyota is overblown. (It is similiar to the Audi acceleration "problem" years ago that was never substantiated.) A balanced news report would look at both sides of a controversy. If the host wants to promote a viewpoint, of whatever persuasion, he or she is welcome to do so. But please don't pretend that the show is news. While the shows are slanted, the production values are excellent. And they do have some worthwhile productions. But for me, because I want to promote neutrality in reporting the news, I am dropping my subscription. And I urge you, my fellow podcast listeners, to skip this product.