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Brad Kearns 5 stars, Elle 3 stars. I specifically don’t like how Elle coddles her more famous guests, and ignores when they say things that we know she disagrees with. Brad is a consistent and reliable source of cutting edge health info.
The content is ok but when Brad talks I have to turn it off after a while. Sorry Brad but you talk like you're a beat poet speaking like you're reciting a poem. Maybe that's entertaining for some. Who knows.
Great interview with the BMX guy!! You get such great guests Elle!
I love the tactical, honest and real rawness Mark delivers in this podcast. I hit subscribe and definitely can’t wait for the next show!!!
Ellie does an amazing job with the interviews. Brad needs to learn to let the other person talk. He constantly interrupts the other person and gets them off topic. He does more talking than his actual guest. Not how that should work. He has plenty of his own segments to do whatever he wants.
My favorite podcast to follow BY FAR!! I love the balance and variety of Brad, Mark and Elle! Their styles and delivery are different and each bring great content, and expertise in a down to earth, authentic yet professional format! I’ve recently enjoyed the podcasts interviewing and conversing with Lindsay Taylor. She’s real and relatable!
I love all things Mark Sisson and Elle Woods is an excellent radio hostess. Brad Kearns however needs professional coaching. His stop/start, delay between words is so aggravating I cannot listen no matter how interest in content. Brad seems a great guy but he's not good at audio.
Was very helpful when I was working on my low thyroid, got directed to this podcast when was listening to an Elle Russ interview on some other podcast, but the slight tension in the conversation with Dr. Lindsay Taylor shows that sometimes the host is still a little culty about “being keto”. Not all of us need to have the “perfect” body fat composition (whatever that is) to actually be healthy. My soft belly is soft because it’s soft. I eat healthy and well. Just because I don’t look exactly like an LA model doesn’t mean I’m not healthy. She’s right, ultimately you want to feel better and move better. That’s the goal. Not the losing weight. Listen to Dr. Taylor and her message. It would do you well because you’re starting to alienate many of us.
I love you, Brad! Thank you.
So i read the details to what the podcast is supposed to be about/ but it takes way too long to actually get into it- the actual topic. I sit and fast forward but I can’t do the rambling and monotone voice anymore.
“Cuz you’re a slacker” I believe is when I turned it off. There are too many reliable podcasts to be getting negative “inspiration”.
The primal lifestyle was a game changer for me. Sisson’s approach is practical and healthy. Brad and Elle keep me motivated almost daily. They have interesting guests and again, very practical advise.
Boring and useless
I have listened to every podcast produced by the Primal Blueprint. I was a fan from episode #1 to today. To all of you who create content, I thank you. I am so grateful to have a reliable source to gather my information from. You do an excellent job. I enjoy the different varieties. I appreciate the audio version of blog posts as well, because, I don’t have time to sit and read anymore than I already do. But I don’t want to miss a thing from Primal so this really helps. Keep up the good work! Grok on!
I love the narrations and the interviews hosted by Elle, but I do not want to hear Brad yammer on about Keto. I wish they would separate his Keto episodes so they don’t auto download when I subscribe.
Even if I don't agree with all the content, I love listening to Elle Russ's interviews for motivation, different viewpoints and inspiration.
Brad Kearns is a great host and easy to listen to. Tina Leaman has an odd way of narrating so I don’t listen to the episodes she narrates often. That being said, I probably wouldn’t do a much better job myself.
Brad Kearns is a great narrator, and really knows how to engage his audience and invest you in what he is speaking about, even when the material ventures into very technical and scientific territory. Unfortunately the primary narrator (who does about 90% of the podcasts) does not possess any of these same qualities. She is monotoned and disengaging; it seems like she is simply reading words off of a page, with no sense of their relative significance.
I'm a huge fan of Primal Blue Print and Primal Endurance. I listen to everything I can, I've read all the books and live the Primal lifestyle. I love most of the interviewers especially Brad Kearns and the occasional Mark Sissons. I do get really frustrated when Elle Russ is the interviewer, she talks over the guest and seems to have her own agenda. In fact I had to stop listening to the CJ Hunt podcast which I was excited to see it on the menu. She would not let him talk, I found my self saying out loud "shut the F up". This is just my 2 cents and I'm sure there are listeners out there that love her, I'm just not a fan.
The term "Emotionally Violent" used by this podcast to describe people of diverse political beliefs is non-sensical. The government is not responsible for your emotions and it would be tyrranical to expect them to control people who may say things you as an individual find offensive. The government does have an obligation to prevent true physical violence agianst its citizens. Conflating the two is manipulative and whiny as well as indicative of somebody who does not understand how our conutry works. Aslo a sign of a person who has no understanding of the history of nations that tried to act on a flawed idea of "emotional violence" in the past. In short, you don't understand the 1st Ammenment. Facts don't care about feelings. Leave your SJW snowflake borderline traitorous politics out of my Keto podcast.
Let your guests speak Elle. Ask your guests questions instead of making the podcast about yourself.
Some of the episodes have been revelatory and impactful. I have subscribed for several years as a result. Elle Russ, in particular, tends to attract interesting and entertaining guests, and her style lends itself to a pleasant mix of spotlighting the guests and offering her own experience, insights and humor. However, a few elements of the podcast keep it from earning a higher rating: * The narrated Mark’s Daily Apple blog posts can be tedious. The posts were written to be read - not spoken - so the style in which they are written doesn’t lend itself to being read. That being said, they could possibly sound more natural than they do, even when they are read. There is an art to reading in such a way as not to sound as though one is reading. The narrators need help and coaching with this. Or perhaps the blog posts should be edited so as to lend themselves to audio. Or perhaps the time has come to jettison the narrations. * The “Q&A” episodes hosted by Brad Kearns tend to devolve into unfocused rambling sessions. Tough to stay interested in these... * I’ve noticed an occasional incorporation of political and/or social references and commentary, which taints the otherwise pertinent content for at least a portion of the audience (including me). If I want to wade into the divisive pool of politics I’ll seek it out. I think it’s out of place here and detracts from the valuable content.
The episodes on keto with Brad Kearns hosting, is bar none! Very informative and encouraging, especially if you are starting your keto journey!
Too bad you had to bash President Trump! UGH
Goodbye Primal! I have enjoyed listening to this podcast but today on the third consecutive podcast I heard negative, biased comments about our president. I listen for health ideas and I don’t care what your political concerns or ideas are nor do I want to hear about them from you. I am voting with my subscription to your channel by canceling it.
Mark and his guests provide some incredibly compelling content that’s geared to help you take actionable steps to live a healthier, more well-rounded life. Highly recommend listening and subscribing to the Primal Blueprint Podcast if you want the knowledge AND mindsets to improve your body, mind & spirit (and live your best life as a result)!
I wish you made a new podcast every day. I love the information presented from not only knowledgeable but also credible (like - amazing!) guests. This show motivates, inspires and educates and I’ve found so many other great podcasts as a result. Elle, Brad and Mark, you have changed my world! #primalforlife


By QuezXLV
Are you no longer doing Mark’s Daily Apple on this podcast?
I have so much respect for Mark, Elle, and the whole Primal Blueprint team. This podcast dosn't disappoint & I've learned so much from it. Not only do Mark & Elle share their own experiences, they also interview amazing guests from various backgrounds, proving that they are not dogmatic and open to new ideas. I highly recommend this podcast for everyone, every single person can benefit from it.
Love Elle and Mark, but the new host, Brad, is hard for me to listen to. He’s just really hard to believe and his manner/humor is very awkward. I’m not sure what it is, but I don’t think this role is a good fit for him. I’m sorry to have to write a negative review for such a great show. Bring back Dr Foresman! I could listen to him for days, and he’s awkward too, in his own way... just way more credible and knowledgeable somehow!
I really enjoyed your host and Dr. Jays info
Keep it going!
Thanks Brad for your recent Fasting episode. As a “Fat Adapted” endurance athlete I have utilized Fasting this past year as a valuable tool in my training! Keep it up!
Hate the narration. The info is good, but her voice and robotic tempo bores me to death. Go back to the regular podcast conversations please!
This is a great way to get my Mark’s Daily Apple articles along with the other podcast goodies. Thank you Mark. The Primal Blueprint and your continued health efforts have helped greatly in making my n=1 life truly AWESOME! Keep up the great work! :)
I started my Keto journey in June. I just started listening to the reset diet audible book. Mark is very helpful, and now this podcast that I recently discovered. I love this podcast, and have increased my carbs a bit. My life is transforming. I'm 51 going on 32... lol That's how I feel. I love this podcast. Thank you for all of your shared information. The chipotle mayo is one of my diet staples. Your the best Mark!!!!!! My essential tremor is gone. Body composition is changing week by week. I'm still 118 pounds, but it's beginning to become all muscle. Wish that I discovered this podcast sooner. Keep up the fantastic work!
Elle is a great interviewer. It's easy to provide listeners with health information and research but she does so in an engaging manner. The guests range from mindfulness leaders to doctors to trainers and everything in between. I'm always excited for a new episode with a fun lesson to learn and an interesting conversation for my commute.
Mark Sisson, host of Primal Blueprint Podcast, highlights healthy living you can apply to your life painlessly. Mark has great guests who offer their expert advice, this is a can't miss podcast!
I, like others here, unsubscribed because of the horribly bland and monotone narration. I find myself getting irritated and distracted not more than a minute in, despite however intrigued I was when reading the episode description. In a world where so many great podcasts exist, I can't justify wasting my time on this one.
Sad Mark doesn't voice his own podcast.
A staple in the continuing education of how to take care of yourself - "blueprint" is the perfect description.
I appreciate the narrated blogs as I don't have time to read and I can listen to them on my commute. The Elle Russ interviews always (ALWAYS) get back to HER upcoming book on thyroid. I want to hear from the person being interviewed, not Elle. And I really don't want to revisit (EVERY EPISODE) her thyroid journey.
These PodCasts are super valuable and highly informative. If you want to get more spice in your podcast, then listen to the interviews and special guest. For those of you complaining about the voice read blog posts, I believe those are narrated within the series for people who are on the go and priogrmmed to listen to all things Primal Blueprint in their car. With limited time to read all the things in my feed and on my list, I love having these straight-read-from- the-page, and short blog posts so I can kepp up on all of it. Choose from a wide variety of topics on health, primal living the whys and wherefores, biology and how to optimize your daily life. A MUST LISTEN. Thank you, Mark and team for all you do to provide consistent quality of programmning and shared research.
I disagree with other reviewers. I love the audio blog posts since I don't get to read all the posts and it's awesome to listen the podcasts on my long walks. To me the interviews were actually the weak spot. Either the woman interrupts or the content feels too promotional. But I'm a happy camper! Keep up the blog posts please
Awesome content and always learn something each podcast but sometimes the guests sound like they are under water.
Nice way to get the audio of the blog although often it's hard to follow.
I recently subscribed and downloaded a few episodes. I wasn't able to listen to them all the way through because... It was boring. It was just someone reading an article by Mark Sisson. I can see why some people like it; it is informational. But not my cup of tea to listen to commuting to work.
Primal Blueprint is an effective program and this podcast is a welcome addition to the printed and online content. There is occasional marketing of products in the podcast - some episodes more so than others - but the overall content is outstanding, so the occasional marketing is a fair exchange for a free podcast of quality content.