Reviews For Hack

I need to stay connected to the Aussie wisdom, the lucid Aussie perspective of the world, Avani’s hawt voice (😍!), and the Aussie lingo, accent, and culture. Being outside of Australia is challenging, but while overseas this podcast is unfashionably invaluable! Five 🌟 stars out of five. No, 10 stars out of five! This is even better than the superb Paul Barclay’s Big Ideas (which died and got too dumbed down, political, and not spicy enough) and the excellent Dr. Karl. Hack triple j is my fave podcast that I’ve ever heard in my life (other than my own podcast!). Thanks mates for keeping good people not only entertained, but very very informed from a pristine, quality source! Thanks! I’m a fan! Sincerely, John Kooz
The hack is definitely a slice of home since I’ve been living abroad. Even just hearing your voices helps with the occasional homesickness!!! Thank you for keeping us up to date with what’s going on down under! :)
As an American with several ties back in Australia, this is a great way for me to stay in the loop on Australian current events and how similar things are happening in the US. Tom Tilley is killing it, glad to have you back and keep up the good work!
Cool show
Designed for the 18-25 age group but I'm older than this and still love it. I find they explain current affairs in an easy to understand way. They also talk about current relevant topics like body image, recreational drugs, medical marajuana, politics a bit of everything. Don't think I will stop listening any time soon!
Great reports from Australia and around the world.
Great show, we need more shows like this.