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2hrs? Ring doorbell? Let’s cut this down and cut out the cheesy advertising.
I’ve been listening to Security Now for three years now. I’m so grateful for Steve and Leo for an awesome podcast. Big fan here of the podcast.
This show is a great way to get news about the current security and anything tech related and I absolutely love it.
Yes, there are times I have absolutely no idea what Steve may dive into, but I keep listening because you will eventually get an experts take on the good and bad of technology security. I have heeded many of the suggestions provided. The “media” cannot provide detail like you get on Security Now.
Glitchy audio makes recent episodes a frustrating must-delete Show tied to some technology which doesn't work Go back to skype or a landline In light of Experian hack I turn to Steve and Leo to makes sense but words are chopped
The original and the best... sets the standard for cybersecurity podcasts.
Steve is an extremely likable and is very skilled in computer security. A must listen for anyone who takes security seriously
Security Now is one of the very few programs worth listening to on the TWiT Network. Steve Gibson is laser-focused on his areas of expertise and it shows. A new show dropping on the feed is always one of the highlights of my week!
Incredibly knowledgable and interesting host.
I like Leo and Steve, and I do enjoy listening to this show. However, Steve is at times a bit hyperbolic... as others have mentioned a bit "Chicken Little" in some areas. Still, I've appreciated his in depth analysis of real-world security isues over the years.
Great to listen for security news as well as entertaining. We need more people like Steve to help keep us safe when using internet. He reads the technical things, does the research, and explains so we don't have to( even if we could understand it).
Seriously. Over two hours to cover "news" and honestly it could take place in about 20 minutes. At least Leo isn't contributing to the extended, almost painful shared details. I will give another episode a try but this is just too much in one sitting.
Good stuff - Thank you
Great podcast that I learn a tremendous amount every week. Thanks Guys!
I very much enjoy this show. It could be better if Leo would interact more. In my opinion the shows where Padre sat-in were much more enjoyable and informational. Leo has publicly stated he does his knitting while Steve talks, and this is quite evident. The silences between Steve's topic transitions are annoying and uncomfortable. I have also noticed lately that Steve has to ask for a coffee break. These are instances where the co-host should step in.
There is some neat stuff on this show, but unless you like ads and non-relevant jabber, there are probably better uses of your time.
I've been loving this series for a while now. If you want a recap about what's happening in the tech world from a security expert, this is for you.
So, I'm an old guy who's not IT but have worked with IT throughout my business career. Spreadsheets. Word Processing. And client database stuff in the very beginning. Then I toted around the early lunch pail 'transportable' computers. Moved up as the tech moved up. And now my every waking moment (and some besides) are all determined or dependent in one way or another vis a vis the internet. I'm no more a geek than the next guy. But since about a year, ago, I listen every week to you guys via podcast. Maybe two or three times while working out or on the weekend while puttering around the house. I'm just learning is all. Trying to figure out all this cyber. Beyond the 400lb 10yo our blunderingly enlightened supreme leader is convinced represents the extent of the current threat. I've begun drilling down on your show notes trying to get the big picture stuff in mind. Steve, your PHP malware description was wonderful. I get it. I can't code it. Heck, I can't code. But as my business executive training has taught me, the details are for the skilled pro's. That's why they get paid the big bucks. My objective is to see the broader surface. While I often must listen really hard and be persistent in the shownote reviews and admit missing a lot of what you're teaching, I'm absorbing massive insight and I'd 100% endorse listening to your show to any business exec whose business is impacted by IT tech (i.e., every warm-bodied c-suite occupier drawing breath). Keep up the good work, please!


perfect for morning coffee
Sorry, but this podcast really went down hill in the last few years. This was famous for super deep-dives into topics and great Q&A sessions. Now it's almost 2 hours of regurgitated news and a few minutes left at the end for any original content. Disappointed.
No bull, first hand knowledge, a real pleasure to hear something that does not obfuscate or misinforme.
I've been listening to Steve & Leo for about 4 or so years now and I find the netcast (I'm paying homage to the fact that Leo never seemed to care much for the term podcast, instead preferring the more neutral netcast) to be informative and enjoyable to listen to. The production quality is top notch, and the material covered is always current and relevant. I like the friendly banter between Steve & Leo and I enjoy their discussions about science fiction, television shows, etc. They're just two smart guys that are enjoyable to listen to. I purchased and have used Spinrite to successful revive "dead" hard drives, so I don't mind a little self-promotion on Steve's part, doesn't bother me at all and honestly, once he gets talking about the technical details of how Spinrite works, it becomes a joy to listen to for the geek in me! :) Keep up the great work gents and thanks for so many awesome episodes, here's to many more!
First to the naysayers complaining about ads, why don't you just replace the ad revenue with your own money? Puh-lease! Although some to a lot of the security info Steve and Leo provide goes over my head, & even scares me about the whole Windows environment, it's a terrific resource as well as a terrific show! If not for this show I'd have been hacked, wacked, and digitally chopped up years ago! Great service from the best of the good guys who are unafraid of the evil bad guys! Thank you!
This is a great IT podcast, not only security-oriented. Steve discusses news and articles, sometimes geeky, technical topics (which always start with the basics, so you can follow along), and also Q&As. It's really worthwhile to listen to it every week.
This is a MUST-LISTEN-TO podcast for anyone in the security field.
SecurityNow does a disservice to any other podcast about actual networking or information security, as well as its listeners by diluting the depth of content to not much more than that of a morning radio show. With hardly any technical analysis of news, the only use of this show is that you do not have to take the 15 minutes to read the latest news stories of the past week. Instead you can listen to this show for an hour or two, get the story read aloud with commentary that doesn't teach you anything about the tech behind the story or bring any novel thoughts to the table. Any of the thoughts brought up seem recycled from others or have the mindset of the Windows 95 era. Of course what SecurityNow would be complete without some entirely unrelated health or social dribble. I've listened for the past year and hope it improves but at this time it's not worth the listen. This is not to say I haven't heard a single item on this show that made me want to follow up with actual research, but I can't say I've learned anything from the show itself. In short this show is nothing more than a reading of last weeks news with zero technical analysis or meaningful discussion. If you're a technical professional, look elsewhere. If you're looking to learn about security, there are higher quality and more efficient sources.
Bar none, the best information about computers security. Listening to this show for 10 years has been like taking a computer science class. But it may be over your head if you are not already a techie.
I been on board since episode 1 keep it up
This podcast has something for everyone. Steve covers what both security professionals, enthusiasts or just everyday users need to know about the past week's information security news. He explains the problems and solutions in great detail that's easy enough for beginners while still going deep enough to make it a great review for professionals.
Always grounded in the technical details in a way that's accessible!!
I don't always understand everything he is talking about, but it is still very enjoyable and informative.
Good quality and decent content, although heavily biased. Too often they go off on rants about unrelated products and it is far too heavy in the sales arena. I can handle ads: all the key security podcasts have them. I don't want to listen to a 10 minute dissertation about a USB charger then have you repeat the manufacturer's name several times and stress that it's for sale on Amazon often as well. I would have rated better had this podcast been less advertising and sales focused and more focused on security.
Love the content. Sometimes seems a bit long winded. But overall great!
Steve has some quirky ideas and habits and a major stutter that becomes more pronounced the more you increase the podcast playback speed. Great catch up on security news I find it very ironic and worrisome that a security "professional " is still happy using Windows XP. Laughable. Leo keeps him in check usually.
a fun way to keep pace
Once a week is not enough! :) really is one of the best podcasts out there for computer/internet security
I love Security Now. I listen religiously and refuse to ever miss an episode. It has changed the way I think about computer security issues. Thank you, Steve Gibson!
Basically the title sums it up. Podcasts are terrible when they're punctuated at every turn with a sales pitch. Crappy products too and it's insulting when the hosts pretend that a doorbell with video capabilities is the must-have device of the year. Right. The hosts conveniently claim a wall between technology and policy but somehow have no trouble concluding in their last podcast that Apple should roll an FBI-approved version of iOS on top of severely flawed an unenlightened reasoning. Stick to the technical details maybe. And drop the ads by 80% or so, this isn't FM radio.
Keep up to date on Tech security issues. Great advice from a very knowledgeable source. <3 Steve Gibson
If you are not listening to this podcast then you have no idea what's out there!
I've been listening to this show for about 5 years, and have learned so much. As a programmer, I can say this one podcast may have done as much for me as my computer science degree in the real world.
Have listened to it for years… Great show.
You’ll need the special air mix for the deep dives this podcasts does. The only tech podcast that doesn’t dumb down the news. If you want the meat of each show, skip the first half of security news and chit-chat; slide straight to the 50% point of the show and slim down your listen time.
Steve is delightful as the brains behind this show. His curmudgeonliness is amusing and endearing.
Steve's input and knowledge are just phenomenal. I wish I can download every bit of technical experience and knowledge he has :) keep up the great work.
I love the show. I listen to every week's episode. 90% of the info is super good and interesting ... But sometimes Steve will go off on the technicality of something and never ties it in with the issue at hand. I think Leo needs to ask, "so what does that mean for me" every once and a while to wheel the technical genius of Steve back to the listeners.
Very informative
Leo is the most ignorant and poorly informed co host in the world. Do Steve, the podcast, and the listeners a favor and replace Leo with PadreSJ or somebody who actually knows what he or she is talking about. Steve is 10/10, Leo is 1/10. Podcast is still worth listening to, but Soup gets annoying after a while. It was nice when he was on vacation. It was a nice break from the shilling, Leo's annoying anti-Adblock rhetoric, and the annoying interruptions of Steve's brilliant train of thought. GET OUT LEO!
The title says it all.