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There’s some good news/analysis to be had but it’s buried under extreme-cringe old man banter & ads
Good information but Steve Gibson's voice sounds like he's going through puberty. When he gets excited, his voice screeches. It reminds me of the teenager character that works in the movie theater on the Simpsons. Frankly, its very annoying to hear.
I really love listening to Steve's high level breakdowns of tech, but there is too much coverage for current vulnerabilities (I know, I know, "Security NOW"). I would bet that the majority of these listeners just want a quick summary of these breaking news events, rather than a full blown dissection. I would much rather have more listener feedback questions to keep a greater variety of Steve's great answers flowing. Also, these podcasts are getting LONG! I simply cannot keep up anymore, as much as I love listening to Steve and Leo, I have a full beard by the end of the episode, and am forced to skip episodes often because they end up backing up. Make them shorter please! A great podcast none-the-less, and anyone who is interested in high-level tech and security should subscribe.
I look forward to every Security Now episode with Steve Gibson. The podcast keeps me well informed of the latest cybersecurity threats. Plus Steve is so good at explaining complicated topics. He knows his stuff and is really passionate about technology in general.
Keep up on what's happening in the IT community. The newest threats and how to protect yourself and your company. Steve is awesome at explaining the latest security threats in layman's terms but with all the information the securities community wants.
This used to be an essential podcast for tips on end-user security. Unfortunately, it has drifted into 2+ hours of Gibson reading mundane corporate security failure bulletins, relevant to almost no one since there’s very little anyone can do about those issues. This podcast needs to return to its roots on advising consumers about best practices they can use and apply on their own devices.
The main speaker pauses, at literally almost every single word as if he’s extremely distracted. It sounds like he’s trying to talk about the latest security information, but someone just slid a sheet of paper in front of him about the 9/11 attacks, and he’s seeing that info for the first time while still trying to keep talking about security information. The driving equivalent would be a person who approaches an intersection, but doesn’t look for oncoming traffic or even know which way they want to go until after they’ve completely stopped and waited. He sounds like he’s in constant reaction mode. This podcast is something that it sounds like he feels he has to do, but his mind is completely somewhere else. It is one of the most difficult things to listen to. Very tedious and frustrating.


I started getting interested in infosec/ tech security a couple of years ago and that's when I found Steve Gibson and Security Now. I have watched and listened to Leo for over a decade on various shows and he's always great. Steve is the godfather of security. This podcast doesn't have the finesse and high end editing like many mainstream shows do. It's more of a news update on the week of security. In listening to that you can learn a lot about how these things work. Over time the pieces fit together more and more. Over each weeks 2 hours or so of information there are 2-4 minute ad spots read by Leo. This is fairly standard. Steve also does promote this incredible product he built called Spinrite but that's mostly at the very end of the show. Listening to or fast forwarding through that is a fair trade for the hours of solid content. Please don't stop at Ep 999 Steve
He tells you everything that you need to know about your os during your daily uses with windows. He gives you the whole details how to avoid an issues with your windows. He is a bit annoying, but he knows his thing.
You simply can’t find a better security podcast or more intelligent host than Steve Gibson and Security Now. I know. I’ve tried looking for something to compare it to. The others seem either like they read the tech news or like Cartoon Network threw-up on a local news security segment. This is in-depth and Steve is more concerned with good security than putting on appearances. Intelligent without the extra.
Being a busy techie, it's not possible to concentrate on all the important events in my own guys made it possible. Thanks a TON!!
I unsubbed 28 mins into the 1st episode(start_ttls everywhere). Why? Really long sponsor ads, lots of misinformation, audio level of speakers voice being really low. The sponsor are was 2 minutes or so long, ain't nobody have time for that! "HTTPS is not processor intensive" it used to grab 30% of my CPU back in the day, yes, it was intensive. "self-signed certs are bad" - no, they're great for development. The problem isn't self signed certs, the problem is controlling who is allowed to install them. I could go on, but I think that's enough. The podcast seems to have good intention but it's full of itself while spreading incorrect information.
Been listening for several years and overall I enjoy since I have an interest in computer security. Steven Gibson does a great job of explaining complicated computing and security topics in a way that is accessible. He also has some interesting/quirky personality traits that can make the show entertaining. My main gripe is that these shows are 2 hours long!! I feel like it could be cut down to 1.25 or even 1 hour show. Sometimes the topics could approach two hours but to me there is a ton of fluff in there so make sure to listen at 1.5 speed and have the fast forward button at your fingertips!
SecurityNow is a must listen for everyone who owns a computer! Steve Gibson (Explainer-In-Chief according to Leo) is able to make the most complex issues simple to understand!
I love listening to Steve’s show and the topics he covers.
I've been listening to Security Now for more many years now and it seems to be spiraling out of control. The first 13 minutes of each episode are fluff and you miss nothing by skipping it. We do not need an introduction of all topics being covered, just start. I also do not care about a picture of the week, sci fi, or Steve's latest diet idea. I get the feeling that Steve is adding many of these topics to the agenda and maybe the TWiT folks need to gently curtail the excess. Much of the information is of good quality but increasingly I found this is a podcast better read (via transcript) than watched or listened to. Why? Because skimming allows to easily skip over the vast "miscellany" that dillutes the quality of the show.
awesome helped me learn everything about security i watch it everyday now
Any reason show notes are not included?
This is an amazing security podcast—the hosts are absolute security experts and provide detailed explanations of subject matter. The Security Weekly clowns could learn a thing or two or three.
Steve is well-organized, very knowledgeable and easy to understand, even for a non-tech professional like me. He and Leo put together a consistenly enjoyable and rewarding podcast
Informative, thoughtful tech news. Steve and Leo have that rare ability to both understand and explain complex subjects. I learn something every week. Wonderful!
2hrs? Ring doorbell? Let’s cut this down and cut out the cheesy advertising.
I’ve been listening to Security Now for three years now. I’m so grateful for Steve and Leo for an awesome podcast. Big fan here of the podcast.
This show is a great way to get news about the current security and anything tech related and I absolutely love it.
Yes, there are times I have absolutely no idea what Steve may dive into, but I keep listening because you will eventually get an experts take on the good and bad of technology security. I have heeded many of the suggestions provided. The “media” cannot provide detail like you get on Security Now.
Glitchy audio makes recent episodes a frustrating must-delete Show tied to some technology which doesn't work Go back to skype or a landline In light of Experian hack I turn to Steve and Leo to makes sense but words are chopped
The original and the best... sets the standard for cybersecurity podcasts.
Steve is an extremely likable and is very skilled in computer security. A must listen for anyone who takes security seriously
Security Now is one of the very few programs worth listening to on the TWiT Network. Steve Gibson is laser-focused on his areas of expertise and it shows. A new show dropping on the feed is always one of the highlights of my week!
Incredibly knowledgable and interesting host.
I like Leo and Steve, and I do enjoy listening to this show. However, Steve is at times a bit hyperbolic... as others have mentioned a bit "Chicken Little" in some areas. Still, I've appreciated his in depth analysis of real-world security isues over the years.
Great to listen for security news as well as entertaining. We need more people like Steve to help keep us safe when using internet. He reads the technical things, does the research, and explains so we don't have to( even if we could understand it).
Seriously. Over two hours to cover "news" and honestly it could take place in about 20 minutes. At least Leo isn't contributing to the extended, almost painful shared details. I will give another episode a try but this is just too much in one sitting.
Good stuff - Thank you
Great podcast that I learn a tremendous amount every week. Thanks Guys!
There is some neat stuff on this show, but unless you like ads and non-relevant jabber, there are probably better uses of your time.
I've been loving this series for a while now. If you want a recap about what's happening in the tech world from a security expert, this is for you.
So, I'm an old guy who's not IT but have worked with IT throughout my business career. Spreadsheets. Word Processing. And client database stuff in the very beginning. Then I toted around the early lunch pail 'transportable' computers. Moved up as the tech moved up. And now my every waking moment (and some besides) are all determined or dependent in one way or another vis a vis the internet. I'm no more a geek than the next guy. But since about a year, ago, I listen every week to you guys via podcast. Maybe two or three times while working out or on the weekend while puttering around the house. I'm just learning is all. Trying to figure out all this cyber. Beyond the 400lb 10yo our blunderingly enlightened supreme leader is convinced represents the extent of the current threat. I've begun drilling down on your show notes trying to get the big picture stuff in mind. Steve, your PHP malware description was wonderful. I get it. I can't code it. Heck, I can't code. But as my business executive training has taught me, the details are for the skilled pro's. That's why they get paid the big bucks. My objective is to see the broader surface. While I often must listen really hard and be persistent in the shownote reviews and admit missing a lot of what you're teaching, I'm absorbing massive insight and I'd 100% endorse listening to your show to any business exec whose business is impacted by IT tech (i.e., every warm-bodied c-suite occupier drawing breath). Keep up the good work, please!


perfect for morning coffee
Sorry, but this podcast really went down hill in the last few years. This was famous for super deep-dives into topics and great Q&A sessions. Now it's almost 2 hours of regurgitated news and a few minutes left at the end for any original content. Disappointed.
No bull, first hand knowledge, a real pleasure to hear something that does not obfuscate or misinforme.
I've been listening to Steve & Leo for about 4 or so years now and I find the netcast (I'm paying homage to the fact that Leo never seemed to care much for the term podcast, instead preferring the more neutral netcast) to be informative and enjoyable to listen to. The production quality is top notch, and the material covered is always current and relevant. I like the friendly banter between Steve & Leo and I enjoy their discussions about science fiction, television shows, etc. They're just two smart guys that are enjoyable to listen to. I purchased and have used Spinrite to successful revive "dead" hard drives, so I don't mind a little self-promotion on Steve's part, doesn't bother me at all and honestly, once he gets talking about the technical details of how Spinrite works, it becomes a joy to listen to for the geek in me! :) Keep up the great work gents and thanks for so many awesome episodes, here's to many more!
First to the naysayers complaining about ads, why don't you just replace the ad revenue with your own money? Puh-lease! Although some to a lot of the security info Steve and Leo provide goes over my head, & even scares me about the whole Windows environment, it's a terrific resource as well as a terrific show! If not for this show I'd have been hacked, wacked, and digitally chopped up years ago! Great service from the best of the good guys who are unafraid of the evil bad guys! Thank you!
This is a great IT podcast, not only security-oriented. Steve discusses news and articles, sometimes geeky, technical topics (which always start with the basics, so you can follow along), and also Q&As. It's really worthwhile to listen to it every week.
This is a MUST-LISTEN-TO podcast for anyone in the security field.
SecurityNow does a disservice to any other podcast about actual networking or information security, as well as its listeners by diluting the depth of content to not much more than that of a morning radio show. With hardly any technical analysis of news, the only use of this show is that you do not have to take the 15 minutes to read the latest news stories of the past week. Instead you can listen to this show for an hour or two, get the story read aloud with commentary that doesn't teach you anything about the tech behind the story or bring any novel thoughts to the table. Any of the thoughts brought up seem recycled from others or have the mindset of the Windows 95 era. Of course what SecurityNow would be complete without some entirely unrelated health or social dribble. I've listened for the past year and hope it improves but at this time it's not worth the listen. This is not to say I haven't heard a single item on this show that made me want to follow up with actual research, but I can't say I've learned anything from the show itself. In short this show is nothing more than a reading of last weeks news with zero technical analysis or meaningful discussion. If you're a technical professional, look elsewhere. If you're looking to learn about security, there are higher quality and more efficient sources.
Bar none, the best information about computers security. Listening to this show for 10 years has been like taking a computer science class. But it may be over your head if you are not already a techie.
I been on board since episode 1 keep it up