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If you’re interested in tech and how it relates to left leaning politics, this is your podcast. Me? I’m sick of it.
Nothing's better than Leo and his team.
This is a joke.. right? this is a 0 star rating.
I always search Twit cause that's where I know I can find Leo, he most always has Great variety of content and a wealth of knowledge... Are you a Doctor? Shees what a genius ... and yes since Screen Savers... sorry Laporte
Keep up the good work!


By macaell
Been listening to Leo and his gang for years.
I've loved Leo since the screen savers-i still have the autographed picture of Katie and Leo from those days that I treasure dearly. leo is a rock star tech guy-he knows absolutely everything there is to know abt technology. he is also nice and funny and NOT your "companies computer guy". Leo will never make u feel bad u don't know something like SOME arrogant computer people. I am constantly taking notes during leos show (the tech guy show is my fav). I also love that Leo helps new developers who call in asking for help. LEO IS THE BEST!! I LOVE U LEO!!!!
Leo Laporte stands apart from virtually all podcasters in that he is not only knowledgable about a topic (in this case, consumer technology), but he is a professional broadcaster as well. It makes a huge difference in the listenability of the show. Broadcasting is a learned art form, and having the skills makes a huge difference. Laporte has them in spades from spending his career in front of a microphone, which makes all his podcasts pleasant and engaging. There's a reason why he is among the most successful independent podcasters on the Internet. Did I mention they cover technology?
I have followed Leo thruogh the years and know he always provides a great service and gives honest opinions. This is a must have podcast feed for anyone that likes tech stuff
Leo is a true professional! I have been a fan for about 20 years of all of the shows he has been on! It's great to see him, his network and his friends come full circle and to have a tech network of their own! Leo, Thank You for all your hard work and the great shows you put out in a daily basis!! A MUST subscription on ALL devises!
Great feed for keeping up with TWIT's most popular feeds. I would like to see Tech News Today added to this feed and it would be complete.
He lost my support when I learned he is a very intolerant man.
Leo Laporte is the god of tech podcasting.
If u like tech u will love these podcast. Leo u rock
The TWIT shows are the best day to day news on whats happening in technology. I love Mac break weekly, twig, and twit. I find myself knowing more about tech than many others just from listening daily. I like to listen at night as I go to sleep. Keep up the great work Leo and crew!
I became a fan of Leo in the Tech TV days. I anxiously awaited his return. Leo's a podcasts are great. My only gripe is when some of his guests try to inject their liberal politics into the shows. Thankfully Leo always steers the show back to it's intended subject matter. Welcome back Leo!
I love his advice is awesome.
Excellent. Listen to him on his tech guy show too!
Over the past year I have found myself listening to more and more of Leo's tech podcasts. I always have them running in the background when I am surfing the net or doing work. I found this podcast when I ran out of podcasts to listen to one day and have enjoyed just subscribing to this one opposed to the several others. Great work Leo
Great shows. Not a big fan on how he drags out plugs. Sometimes it can be effective to be brief. I'm not a plug hater at all but they need to be shorter at times.
Great shows! Too bad Leo doesn't advertise this podcast - I never knew what it was and didn't check it out right away. Now that I realize it's a collection of all the shows he produces, I don't need to hunt them each down separately. Thanks for everything, Leo!
Leo is plowing a path right down the middle of traditional media. He has reset the standard of Tech entertainment, yet humble. Sets a business model to those that come after him. The shows keep getting better, in his prime.
Not since Tech TV has there been shows like these. My personal favorites are Security Now, Windows Weekly, Mac Break Weekly and the granddaddy of them all TWIT!!!


Leo Laporte has a gift for communicating complex technology so that almost anyone can understand it. And his passion for it translates to the listener and makes you hungry for more. I always eagerly look forward to the next show, constantly checking my iTunes Podcasts folder. I would greatly encourage all to subscribe(it is free) to Radio Leo.
I listen to most of leo's shows. I find them very interesting.
The best in my opinion is TWIT and MacBreak weekly.
This is a great way to keep track of all the TWIT podcasts under one subscription, especially those (Futures in Biotech, TWiL) that don't get updated on a regular basis. You really can't go wrong with any TWIT podcasts--they're all top notch.
All you need to know from the man who knows it all. And whatever he isn't clear on, he has a panel of experts in every field to cover the bases.
I can't believe how much I enjoy this podcast. The various experts are a great mix of different expertises but more importantly, different personalities. It's actually witty. Something you don't find in most radio/tv/podcasts. A fan has created a website that lists the software and other picks from the show, which is incredibly handy. This is my favorite podcast and I'm barely a geek.
I'm an old time Tech TV fan, and was absolutely thrilled to discover Leo's TWiT series of netcasts! I feel like I could just sit with Leo for hours on end engrossed in great conversation about tech (and now, even about munchies!). It stands apart from all of the other hipper-than-you twentysomethings trying to be ever so cool on their netcasts. Leo is a true pleasure to listen to each and every day.
any and all tech problems discussed, FANTASTIC SHOW!!
You will really enjoy these . It is refreshing to get honest advice" Leo is Awesome!!!!!
Leo puts out some of the best netcast's out there. I hope he can keep up the pace until he gets enough sponser's so that he can pay sombody else to do all the editing and rendering for him. Until then keep up the good work. And keep fighting the good fight for all us GEEKS !
I've been watching Leo since he was on ZDTV, now I can only enjoy him on iTunes since YES Network took over. This guy is an all around tech genius, and he tells it like it is. I love KFI tech guy, I listen to it every night before bed. Monday's are great because I can download the weekends shows!
Wowser Leo, did you listen to the second half of your "unrestricted" interview 4/06/06? I finally turned it off when my eardrums started burning. You are a genius and I love all your stuff, but you must have mistakenly hit send on this "G" to "R" one, those guys were foul fools, I was embarrassed God heard me listening.
LEO is awesome. Good info from him always! Leo you are interesting, informative and entertaining. We can't thank you enough for the great work you do. YOU ROCK! (as much as us tech geeks can rock..haha :D
What can I say.....when Tech TV made that terrible change and a lost those cornerstone shows like "Call for Help" and "The Screen Savers", I thought all was lost when it came to keeping informed on the latest trends. But now we have "Radio Leo"!! It is so good to hear Leo and many of my old Tech TV favorites again. I once again can get my Leo Fix ; ) The TechTecher Brad Niessen
I have heard this show a couple of times and love it. The only issue I have with the show is not with the show but Itunes, the link is always broke "not a valid url..". "Podsphere to Apple, if I can't count on Itunes for content I'm not likely to come here to buy anything".
I originally subscribed to TWiT, but later found that Leo had other podcasts and so I tried them as well. Now that he's creating new programs left and right, I find it easier to just subscribe to Radio Leo and get them all without having to find each one. I particularly like that he collaborates with others to start podcasts on a variety of tech topics and he lets those other people shine through. Leo has three decades of radio experience, and that really shows in how he makes these programs work for his guests/partners as well as the audience. Sure, sometimes I don’t have time in one week for the whole four hours of “KFI Tech Guy”, but I can read the show notes to know whether to skip it all or just fast-forward to the parts I want. Speaking of show notes, there’s more than just the text in the MP3 tags on the audio file. Use the Website link in iTunes to go to his web page. Many of his shows have more material online to follow up on what’s on the show.
Okay here is the thing, Leo has been around for a while. from ZDTV to Tech Tv to G4 and can be heard in LA on KFI. Yes, he talks about APPLE to let us PC folks know we have options. The truth is (and Leo would admit it) that each platform excels in different things. I am a PC guy, but guess what? I'm getting my children a Mac. They will learn both platforms. They great thing about podcasts are you can look at the description and chose to listen or delete. I normally download them abd delete the one's that don't interest me.
I've enjoyed listening to Leo since his TechTv days. His podcasts are informative and entertaining. Some of my favorites are This Week In Tech and KFI Tech Guy.
The ONLY thing that Leo Laporte talks more about than Himself, what HE'S done, where HE'S been and what HE'S doing, is pimping for Apple. He wastes not a moment to bash Microsoft, Norton (cause he's pimping for a AntiVirus company no one has ever heard of) or any other company that he doesn't have a commercial for or he doesn't get FreeBee products from! Leo Laporte is the biggest Apple pimp in the Media, and it is sooo transparent that he actually thinks he gets away with it on every show. Only the dumbest listener would think this guy is an objective "journalist", as he like to claim he is. Take a pass on this show / Podcast, especially if you're a PC user; otherwise be prepared to be belittled and forced to hear Apple "paid" commercials for the next hour of listening.
Since the days of ZDTV (and later TechTV) I've depended on Leo for the latest and greatest in technology. It's good to see that even though that network sold out, Leo hasn't. He still supplies top notch content with a great sense of humor.
These show are the best tech content you could ever hope to find! These show will help you get your geek on. You will laugh, you will cry, you will learn a lot. Really. Keep up the good work guys!
Leo and his friends are a great way to get your weekly tech fix. I listen to Radio Leo at work and it makes my day go by a lot faster. 5 stars all the way Thanks Leo
I'm 12 and I love this podcast! Its so good! All of the shows in here are awesome