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Thanks for bringing me laughter!
Love this podcast!! Love John’s hyena laughter!


By Mykkon
like the laughing laughing one...
Who said podcast has to be very serious! The authenticity of PHK is the best ever podcast and I don't think there's any other podcast can ever replace PHK. I have not only listened all episode since day1 but repeated so many times in each episode, I can't remember even remember how many time. Every episode has it's own uniqueness that bring the audience and listeners the laughter, the joy and some even the tips in our daily life. I've been living in US for long time and ever since I found this podcast, I've been listening and repeating many many times. I've already "married" to PHK. Dear John, thanks for the outstanding job. 
I am listening to this at work. Haha... Don't get to speak Penang hokkien much in San Jose, CA. But at least I can listen to this podcast with much amuse. Love it! Thank u very much John!!
John and his guests are so dang hilarious!!
You are funny. You are entertaining. You connect us to our past. You bring us laughter and joy. Thank you all.
I really love your podcasts.. Aww, somehow it made me feel homesick here in the U.S.
Kudos to John and also the rest of the gang who have brought a little piece of home to those of us so far away from home. Makes us feel nostalgic, melancholic but warms the heart at the same time. It makes us appreciate our roots and makes us realize how much we've taken our hometowns for granted. Your podcasts have brought a smile to my face, a grin from ear to ear, a tear down the cheek and laughter than cramped my tummy. Keep it all up! Cheers! Ron ex-VA, MN, NC, now in AZ but always a Penangite through and through