Bridging the Gap

Reviews For Bridging the Gap

Been listening since 2009, now refreshing and subscribing again. God bless Lloyd!
Pulley does a tremendous job connecting hearts turned toward God to a greater understanding of both faith & the Holy Spirit . TY may God continue to guide and bless u!!!!!
Pastor Lloyd is the man! Lol jk. But I definitely am fed by the podcasts.... Is nourishes my soul. I am absolutely going to make ccob my home church when I have the opportunity. God bless guys.
With Pastor Lloyd, what you see is what you get. He is a "real" guy with a blessed gift for teaching. I have had the privledge to sit at his feet for 11 years as CCOB is my home church. He is a true undersheppard to the Lord.
Thank You for sharing with those of us who live too far away to visit every week. Great Podcast. Easy to listen to.
i am 11 but i listen to him at night i actually work at bridging the gap, he was a good friend of my dad's
I listen to a lot of Calvary pastors via IPOD - from Chuck to Bob Coy to Mike McIntosh, and they're all amazing. But Lloyd is just so gentle and easy to listen to. And he's humble as well. Just a regular guy with the Spirit leading him. Not that he's any better than others, but I just feel so calm when I hear him teach. It's just such a simple and joyful experience. I got to attend Old Bridge for a while when I lived in NJ. If you're anywhere near - within an hour or two, you should really consider making it your church home.