Bridging the Gap

Reviews For Bridging the Gap

I’ve been listening to Bridging the Gap for years, and it’s never failed to bless me and encourage me in my walk with the Lord. Pastor Lloyd Pulley has been blessed with the gift of teaching, and he illuminates God’s Word in a way that makes it both easy to understand and challenges the listener in their walk and relationship with Jesus Christ. I highly recommend this podcast!
I live in Fair lawn and attend CCOB Calvary Chapel old Bridge myself and my family walked in after months of hearing Pastor Lloyd on the radio, not knowing what to expect but I felt an urgence to get my family there. We arrived and a few minutes later Praise and Worship began and so did the tears of my wife and two daughters and me. Feeling GOD presence for the first time in our lives was humbling, convicting and uplifting. We attended Bridgefest and mysel and eldest daughter got Baptized at the beach it was AWESOME. DON'T WAIT FIND A CHRISTIAN BASED CHURCH AND MEET YOUR MAKER IT IS AN AWESOME EXPERINCE AND BEGIN THE WALK... CJG
Been listening since 2009, now refreshing and subscribing again. God bless Lloyd!
Pulley does a tremendous job connecting hearts turned toward God to a greater understanding of both faith & the Holy Spirit . TY may God continue to guide and bless u!!!!!
Pastor Lloyd is the man! Lol jk. But I definitely am fed by the podcasts.... Is nourishes my soul. I am absolutely going to make ccob my home church when I have the opportunity. God bless guys.
With Pastor Lloyd, what you see is what you get. He is a "real" guy with a blessed gift for teaching. I have had the privledge to sit at his feet for 11 years as CCOB is my home church. He is a true undersheppard to the Lord.
Thank You for sharing with those of us who live too far away to visit every week. Great Podcast. Easy to listen to.
i am 11 but i listen to him at night i actually work at bridging the gap, he was a good friend of my dad's
I listen to a lot of Calvary pastors via IPOD - from Chuck to Bob Coy to Mike McIntosh, and they're all amazing. But Lloyd is just so gentle and easy to listen to. And he's humble as well. Just a regular guy with the Spirit leading him. Not that he's any better than others, but I just feel so calm when I hear him teach. It's just such a simple and joyful experience. I got to attend Old Bridge for a while when I lived in NJ. If you're anywhere near - within an hour or two, you should really consider making it your church home.