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I’ve utilized Rick’s travel guides for years. And his show and podcast add another layer of depth as I better understand why he appreciates particular places, people, and experiences. Now stuck in a pandemic, closing my eyes and listening to the podcast is the closest thing I have to traveling the world.
I love to travel and have used Rick Steves guidebooks on several trips. I have been getting the travel bug due to being stuck home during the pandemic, and this podcast really helps me get my travel fix! I’m really excited to travel again once it’s safe and this podcast is helping me plan my future travels and is nice relaxing listening at work.
Why bother having guests on at all?
My hero: Rick Steves is about much more than travel. For years, he has captivated our interest with his coverage of various locations around our planet. He is so respectful of other cultures, and does a great job trying to help others to be curious and show respect for how we all live differently. Oh how I wish we had more people like Rick in leadership positions. If he ran for office, he’d definitely have my vote! :-)
Living vicariously through your efforts has been a pleasure. Thank so much!
Lots of good travel info if you can stomach the far left politics.
Enjoy listening to Travel suggestions and Rick interviewing guides. Have used on many of our own trips.
Public Television stations like PBS are wasting American tax dollars on extremist political hacks like Rick Steves!
One of my favorite podcasts!!
How about interviewing more women guests? Four out of seventeen isn’t great.
I enjoy his PBS shows and his podcast, which covers more than just Europe. He has an incredible variety of destinations that he covers, and has local guides/experts to opine. Try this travel podcast if you enjoy taking a journey without leaving your home.
I really like Rick Steve’s Europe on PBS, so I thought I would like his podcast, but for goodness sakes he talks over his guests so much it is hard to listen.
This podcast perfectly combines travel information with cultural history in a way that is so pleasant to listen to. I have learned a great deal about various cultures and reinvigorated my love for adventure!
Everyone knows that Rick is an expert on Europe but in this podcast he tackles places and experiences around the globe. Rick has great guests and he always asks the questions that go behind the surface. If you are interested in international travel then this is the show for you.
Like most Americans in the summer of COVID - sitting at home and not able to travel, this episode on tales of the kindness of strangers while traveling was a wonderful reminder of the great travels many of us have experienced and honestly brought a tear to the eye in hearing of the travel experiences of others and the universal kindness of starters in a foreign land. It’s was wonderful to travel in the mind back to similar experiences I have had and hear the wonderful stories of others who despite all the negativity in the world, that there are wonderful experiences that we will all enjoy again, at sone point, and the joys of traveling in the past and future. It was a lovely episode that I hope he does more of and it was a lovely journey and affirming to listen to while enjoying a glass of foreign wine and bringing some joy and the anticipation of future travels when we return to some degree of normalcy. Great podcast and a great offering from Rick and team.
Rick, I love your show and all the wonderful information you provide, but please stop interrupting your guests!
I love listening to Rick Steves. He is a true professional. His guests are interesting and the whole feel of the podcast is light and upbeat. Very uplifting in these strange times. I can’t wait to travel again. Thank you Rick for being a positive voice for travel and understanding of our fellow beings on this surprisingly small interconnected world.
My values are rooted in allowing all sides to be voiced and heard with respect. I am all for intellectual diversity and challenge Rick and his political comrades to embrace it at this time when “the other” is being wildly censored on social media platforms and maligned by psychologically manipulative political factions lusting for power. (Hey, listeners of Rick should be smart enough to recall that censorship and ridiculing their opponents as dumb and backwards is something the historical fascists employed. Ask yourself if you have ever engaged in that behavior.) Yeah, Rick is a straight up pot-loving Socialist. He does not pretend to be something he isn’t, and I don’t find him mean-spirited. I don’t agree with all the political mishmash presented on his show but feel I am better informed after listening to a different view. The political activism is a downer when so much of the show is focused on it. My favorite podcast episodes are when Rick speaks with citizens of actual cities and nations about their home, their cities, their culture, way of life and the people. I can overlook the occasional pushy, lopsided political activism totally to hear from these citizen experts. (Can’t wait until you get the guts to bring on political/economic system opponents involved in global travel to discuss these things like capitalism, climate change, the ramifications both good and bad of pot and alcohol freedom, etc. Conservatives don’t just exist in the United States although many of you supposed educated, cultured listeners seem to think that. Rick, you might help bring about some necessary healing if you did this. None of us should be afraid to have these discussions and friendships with people we don’t see 100% eye-to-eye. Next time you have Dahr Jamail on, for example, bring on someone related to the industry who has an opposing viewpoint.)
Rick Steves has built an industry around his travel books and tours. His podcast features knowledgeable, articulate and interesting guests but is unfortunately spoiled by his constant efforts to indoctrinate his listeners with his left-wing political views. He preaches diversity and open-mindedness but seems to have little tolerance towards persons who don’t share his views. For example, he disparages the oil industry for coining the term “global warming” then labels anyone who questions climate change dogma as a “climate denier”. In another example he judgmentally asserts that a named individual “much have been really corrupt” solely because he accumulated a large fortune. I struggled to hear a self-proclaimed Christian be so hypocritical, and finally had to unsubscribe.
I appreciate the variety!!
You’ve gotten too religious. It seems lately most of your podcasts regard religion. Begins to be like prosletyzing and is boring.
Just found his special on food in Europe today and I loved it! I’m officially subscribed and look forward to learning much more in subsequent episodes ☺️
Great podcast to listen to while looking for inspiration. As someone who has done a lot of traveling before and owns a travel blog, I really enjoy listening to other people's travel stories and about the many awesome out there that I still have to visit and take my children to.
I grew up watching Rick Steves on PBS, and have been lucky to visit Europe with Rick's audioguides in my ears and book in my hands. This podcast a great way to discover lesser known destinations, rediscover classic vacation spots, and learn more about other cultures. Lots of love from a mexican who grew up in the States, and recently moved to Canada from France.
I’ve been listening to the podcast during my hourlong walks since the COVID 19 outbreak. Since cancelling a April trip to Scotland/Ireland & not seeing any travel in the near future, this show takes me to a different part of the world each day. It’s so delightful to hear about experiences shared by your guests be it kayaking down the Mississippi or experiencing small towns in Italy. Such a great way to escape from today’s world crisis. Thank you, Rick.
I really enjoy listening to this podcast. But I don’t like the political influence. I find it uncomfortable.
Rick clearly has a vast amount of general travel knowledge, and the format of the show is good. However, he constantly interrupts his guests, which is annoying at best, and at times, extremely rude. If this could change, my rating would go up at least one star.
I have loved Rick's travel shows, advice and tips for years. I am however frustrated at repeated recommendations to power through jet lag or use caffeine. Jet lag is sleep deprivation. Traveling while in such a state is dangerous and miserable. Take a nap, go to bed early, drink water. One hour spent rested, alert, and happy touring a town is far better than two spent groggy and grumpy. Do yourself, your traveling companions, and everyone a favor. If you are exhausted, rest! Travel Safe. Travel Happy. Kindly, The well-rested traveler.
I am already a big dreamer, but listening to Rick and his guests makes me think I am in the country he is talking about. I have so many places on my list thanks to him and add more every single day. Keep them coming.
Love this show! I listen almost every day and am catching up with all the old episodes. Rick is a great travel mentor! Keep on traveling!
I really recommend Strange Places much better
While I generally enjoy the guests and topics covered, Rick’s constant interruption and cutting off his guests while they are talking is rude and annoying.


Hi guys please speech about Mongolia which has such a rich History. It should be interesting
I noticed a few other comments about Rick’s annoying habit of constantly interrupting his guests. Does he listen to the interviews? If so, doesn’t he hear himself? I love the concept of the show and appreciate his deep knowledge, but his interview style is distracting. Let your guests finish their thoughts/sentences, please!
My wife and I are planning a trip to Italy and this podcast is proving to be a goldmine for figuring out our itinerary. Rick Steve’s and his guests stay focused on what makes a great trip in the limited time available for vacations. Thank you Rick!
I am frequently awestruck at the depth of feeling Rick and his guests convey on their topic. His sensitivity and respect as the outsider, and their expertise and, typically, pride in their home combine to give us listeners a most valuable experience. Rick is a terrific role model for travel—actual or vicarious—as a path to world peace.
Love your travel interviews, but prefer not to have the political commentaries. Example: "Kerouac's Firewatch"
Amazing actor. Awful band...really really bad!!!!! JESUS but SLEEVELESS -LES COUCHON- 💄🐷🍒👠
He talks over all of his guests! I understand he’s travelled the world back and forth, but the point of having guests is to let THEM share their expertise. I feel like he’s constantly interjecting and adding his opinion - which is often corrected by guests - and it’s irritating to the point where I had to take a break from listening.
I like this podcast and I like that Rick covers multiple things in one show to keep it fast paced. But about one in every five downloads glitches on me and I don’t get to hear it. I don’t have these issues with the other podcasts I follow.
I love Rick Steves Podcasts; he seems to hone in on The obscure travel topics I love to hear about. This is also an excellent way to discover new books that you may not of heard of, but are excellent reads.
I’ve always enjoyed watching Rick on his travel shows, and it translates well to podcast. My only request is for him to interview one or two people in each podcast vs three. When there are so many different topics to talk about and people to interview the whole thing is rushed and feels lacking. Love the show - just wish it was one or two subjects max per podcast.
Rick. I have been a podcast junky for a couple years now and listen to little else. I have had about 8 that I rotate through and have hung on every episode. However, I can honestly say since I did a search for travel podcasts and listened to the first episode of yours I’ve not listened to ONE podcast I had previously subscribed to. I wake up at 530 every morning now just so I can go for a run while listening to your shows. I make an excuse to go for drives to listen and every spare moment you are in my ears. Everyone I know asks me where I’ve traveled to today. And my answer is Istanbul Budapest Cairo Disney Land Ireland .. learning about the wars of our past and the history of our planet.. how to find our ancestors, how to appreciate our roots, and be still, and be present, and learn to live life on another deeper level. Ive road tripped the south and know the best places to have clam chowder in the East.. I’ve hiked Mount Everest and been on safari in Africa.. I AM IN LOVE!! Ever since living in Israel at 14 yrs old for a year something has been awakened inside me and travel and history and people are in my bones. I’ve learned so much and feel life more deeply and you’ve fed my soul. I hope that some day I can go and experience the beauty of this planet and its people and all it has to offer, but until then thank you thank you for opening up this world for us all!(And I don’t agree that you interrupt your guests. You’re perfect!) Love, Your #1 fan Haley Carlson in Utah ♥️🌎
I've been listening to this podcast forever. It's very engaging and informative. It compliments the books brilliantly. However, please, Rick, stop interrupting or cutting off your guests when they're talking. Sometimes they're in the middle of a story or an explanation, and you interject with YOUR explanations. I think your guests are smart enough to explain things to your audience. That's my only beef with this podcast. Otherwise, keep up the good work. Thank you!
The show does a great job being engaging and encouraging listeners to continue to be excited about travel. I love how the show highlights experiences that can take you off the beaten path. Also neat hearing experiences of callers.


By nanjso
So many wonderful places to go, but I’m sad that I may only know many places through Rick Steves. Thanks for the opportunity to learn about the world!
I do not beg, so I worked and travelled the world on paid vacations. I am so happy to listen and watch virtually now from 72 to my present 77. Travel is the very best educaton on the good, bad, and ugly.
I am a huge fan of travel podcasts and listen to them religiously. I listen to travel podcasts to be inspired and to gather useful information to apply to my own travels . I LOVE the Travel with Rick Steves podcast because it’s ALL ABOUT TRAVEL and not much else. I appreciate that episodes get straight to the point, the subject matter is discussed without too much personal banter like many other travel podcasts. And of course there is Rick, who is a master host and guides conversations with his guests so well. The reputation of Rick Steves’ content and production quality translates to his podcasts. I only wish there are more, more, more episodes!
Love listening to this podcast at work. Thank you Rick Steves!!!