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Unsubscribed today after realizing this show had just become a diary of an exhausted depressed writer. It used to be filled with lots of practical advice with a great message. The episodes were infrequent but loaded with good tips. Lately the show has just become a personal speakerphone where she vents about daily frustrations that vary from political opinions to being upset about her work not being more recognized. It’s a shame, I used to really enjoy it. I hope she eventually finds happiness.
Great practical advice. motivation, and integrity.
Suggestion: put an image on Apple Podcasts. Right now there’s no image or visual branding.
Mur Lafferty covers so many degrees of what it takes to be a writer, from the big picture to the day to day. Tune in and learn something. It’s a true pleasure.
You know those TV shows that go on for years past their prime? ISBW is the podcast equivalent of that. I listened since pretty much the beginning, then Ms. Lafferty allowed her personal issues and politics to pollute the direction of the show. I get enough agenda-driven media thrown at me from every direction, so I’m choosing to opt out of this podcast. That said, I wish Ms. Lafferty all the best in her writing, and all the best for her readers. Also a thank you. ISBW helped a lot when it was a wanna be writer talking to other wanna be writers. Now it’s just, well, not helpful any more.
I should be writing is the first podcast I listened to about writing and it is really one of the best. Mur, while published, brings a humanity and candor about writing life. She talks about struggles of writing, her experiences with agents, and all around pushes the listener to not give up and keep going. Listen to this podcast and be inspired!
I really love especially how podcaster opens up about depression and how it affects her writing work, yet the message is still, "We can do this, we can keep moving forward." Great insights.


I had high hopes for this little podcast. The author seems like a very nice person, however over 50% of the (short) podcast is ramblings of her life, what she did this weekend etc. the sound quality is not consistent but it's clear. It's also kind of all over the place. The only reason I didn't stop listening 5 min in was bc she has more 5 star comments than lesser stars. That intrigued me. Now on to the second one I downloaded and it's the same personal ramblings. Going to give it another chance.
It's super informative but I wish it was more upbeat.
This podcast inspired me to take writing more seriously, to start writing every day, and to even start my own podcast. After listening to a few episodes, you'll be sucked into Mur's world and crave her next monologue. Her candid, intimate way of laying everything out for her listeners from her doubts and fears, to her giddy triumphs, makes you really feel like you're along for the ride, and like her successes could happen to you. Could not recommend this more to any and all writers out there!
Her voice and personality sounds just like a language arts teacher at my school... It's kinda scary! Ms. Willow is it you?????
Must listen to podcast for any want to be writer or someone who just likes to hear writers talk.
I’ve been listening to Mur since she was a “wannabe” writer to becoming a published author, and she has always offered solid advice and encouragement. Mur is a born teacher. I’ve cut back on most of my podcasts due to time, but this is one I still look forward to seeing in my podcast feed.
I stumbled around this podcast and fell in love. Thanks to Mur I am writing agian! Thanks Mur!!!
I’ve been listening to ISBW since 2005, and it is hands down my FAVORITE writing podcast (well, except for Ditch Diggers, which is also amazing). You rock, Mur. Thank you.
I really benefit from mightymurs advice, and I also just enjoy listening to her. "Cloths need to get washed, kids need to be fed." She talks about integrating the writers life along with every day family responsibilities better than anyone I know. I look forward to each new episode.
Why would someone who is not a writer listen to ISBW? At first glance it would seem to make no sense. Well, actually, I recommend it to a lot of nonwriters, for it helps keep you motivated for anything that you wish to establish as a daily habit, or that annoying daily habit you need to break. Of course, most of what is here is specific to writing, but issues of confidence, bracketing time, and other ideas to establish patterns you are cultivating and transmuting those you are working to lose. You should be listening.
It's great to get advice from Mur Lafferty, as she began this podcast before she was a 'professional' writer, and has continued to share stories of her life to her first big sale and beyond.
I adore this podcast. It's not primarily practical writing advice (it has some, but if that's what you are after go to writing excuses). Instead, what Mur emphasizes is the emotional consequences and struggled of being a professional writer. I think many of us can sympathize with her struggles and it is nice to know there are others out there going through the processes of writing and self doubt. Should be required listening for all wanna-be fiction authors.
High quality, common sense advice on writing. This is now my go to podcast!
Mur Lafferty is the host, and now published author, who talks unashamedly about writing and her own ups and downs with the process, finding an agent, getting published and even her own life. Whatever you're suffering Mur has likely gone through and her ultimate advice - you should be writing. So grab the podcast and listen to it as you tap away at the keyboard or scribble in your notebook because you won't be disappointed.
Mur Lafferty almost perfectly embodies that little voice in the back of my head. I've been listening to back episodes since I found this gem, and the Letter to Mur episode on April 30th is absolutely what I hear sometimes. Lafferty has a great presence and confidence as she talks, and she's been in the business long enough to know how much to say and not to say. It's one of my favorite podcasts in any subject, not just writing. Thank you Mur!


I don't remember how I found ISBW, but I'm glad I did. Mur is a fantastic host and I have been consistently entertained.
The host's. Meandering thought process. Asides. And halting delivery will. Drive you. Mad.
I was introduced to this podcast through another podcast on writing. The interviews Mur provides are excellent and insightful. Her own discussions are thought provoking and full of good advice. One of the things I really like about Mur, because it is so rare, is her willingness to point people in the direction of the answer if she doesn't know it. She has pointed me in so many directions and has got me writing again, so I really appreciate her advice and openness about the process of writing and publishing.
I Should be Writing bills itself as the show for wanna-be fiction writers. That is a bit of misnomer. The show is really for working wannabe fiction writers. I would call them Aspiring Authors to differentiate them from the "oh I should write a novel someday" crowd. The show alternates between two formats. First is an hour-long interview show, featuring a pre-recorded conversation with a published author, including some of the top names in genre fiction. Each of these shows is followed by a Feedback Show. In these episodes the host Mur Lafferty answers emails and tweets from her fans. I Should be Writing is less about the CRAFT of writing than it is the WORK of writing. Each episode begins with Mur updating her listeners on the status of the projects she is currently working on. This involves stories about her process - and her life. She discusses what is working and what is not, and particularly whatever creative concerns she is currently struggling with. Despite the type of episode each one ends with a pep-talk, reassuring the audience that they can do it too. They can find the time to write. They can push past creative blocks. And if they just keep at it, they can improve and be successful. Beyond the content the show is also well-produced. It has excellent theme-music and predictable structure. But for occasional sound of the dog shaking its head you would forget that it was not produced in a professional studio. That makes it all the more endearing. My one complaint is the tendency for the show to pod-fade from time-to-time. It always comes back and you're always happy to see it. But every once in a while you hit the refresh button and nothing happens. A couple weeks later you might hit it again, a little harder this time hoping to shake something loose. When you finally find a new episode posted you can't wait to hear what's been happening since the last show. I recommend the show to any aspiring creative professional regardless of their medium. Anybody who wants reassurance that the creative process is a struggle, that you do get frustrated, and ultimately if you keep at it - you get better.
Excellent podcast, inspiring and full of great advice. It's been great following Mur on her publishing journey, and hearing her talk about writing has helped me stay focused on getting my own writing work done.
The vast majority of the time I throughly enjoy listening to Mur and she motivates me to get to writing. I just wish she would avoid the tapioca moments and spread out the production of episodes a bit. Despite not agreeing with her opinions on occassion, I will keep coming back for more!
Mur delivers what "want-to-be-fiction-writers" want to hear. She is relatable, reliable, and realistic. And not too bad a writer herself. Keep it going Mur and now I should be writing.
Always enjoyable, often thought provoking, sometimes inspiring. It's great to have Mur as my podcast friend.
I stumbled upon this podcast and have loved every second of it. Her topics of discussion are great to hear for the beginning writer. Her advice for more advanced writers provides a great pick me up. Her interview style makes it easy to listen. Yes, she does briefly get off topic at times, but not enough to ruin any podcast and she quickly returns to the topic of the show. I will continue to listen as long as this podcast is around.
A lot of incoherent rambling and at times whining
I turn to this podcast when I feel like throwing my keyboard out a window. Mur does not sugar-coat the writing life, but shares her own ups and downs, with blunt honesty. Great interviews, practical advice, and a glimpse into the life of a working writer. Always on my iPod. Karma Lee Nash
If you're looking for encouragement with a down-to-earth voice, this is the podcast for you. Mur has access to some great people for great interviews about the writing industry. Both she and her guests tell it like it is. And it's nice to hear how she's moving forward in her own career. I liked it so much I went into the archives and listened to nearly everything in the backlog. I've found this podcast very enlightening and motivational. It has spurred me on to get myself back on track in the things I do. So, great job, Mur!


Great Podcast for Readers and writers alike
When I listen to this, I feel like I am chatting with a friend!
Since Mur whines on tangents unrelated to writing, this podcast is only good when guests talk instead of her. FogCon runs March 11, yet ISBW has the ad during the March 15 show. I hope those poor advertisers got a refund for their wasted ad time.
Mur gives solid, positive, but not overly perky encouragement to anyone trying to write fiction for fun and/or profit. She actually doesn't like the same authors I like, but her advice (and that of her guests) is still helpful and listening makes me feel realistically optimistic about my pursuits. Enjoy!


This podcast is great. It's informative and helpful, even to a sometimes writer like me. It really helped me get through NaNo 2010. Mur is fun to listen to and incredibly sweet. Highly recommended for any writer!
Even of you've got no plan to write sf/f, or write at all.... Even if you're not artistically include but consume science fiction/fantasy, rpg's & other geekly pursuits with a passion... You're going to be. Fan of Mur Lafferty's ISBW! Mur brigs honesty, doubts, failures, candor in success and geeky excitement and humor (sometimes snarky) to this podcast. And after years of production she keeps it fresh by changing up release schedule and show formats -- keeping herself interested and continuing to bring you gems that explore artistic creation and the foibles of the human creators of works we love ad works we might not have fallen in love with yet!
This podcast is wonderful for anyone who is or aspires to be an author. Thank you for your honest, kind, stimulating, well thought out and inspiring words Mur!
Just a great podcast for writers. Not only for the tips, interviews, and resource reviews, but also for inspiration. Mur shares the honest struggles and victories of a writer going through the same issues as the rest of us. And she does so with wit, charm, intelligence, and integrity. Yes, you should be writing, but you should also be listening to this podcast!
I've been playing catch-up, listening to all the past episodes, and I have to say that Mur Lafferty is such an inspiration to me. I've enjoyed listening to her growth as a writer and I'm learning so much for my own budding writing career. She is a wonderful mentor and extremely fun to listen to! This podcast is awesome! Keep up the great work, Mur! Now...I should be writing!
I'm so looking forward to it.
I've been listening to this podcast for years and even though it's taken me so long to actually write a review, I really love it. Mur is awesome, honest, and it's inspiring to listen to her talk about her writing and interview other authors. This was my first writing podcast (my first podcast, actually) and it's still my number one =)
Pre-service teacher here, feeling as though I've now been thrown into a landmine of resources that I must somehow wade through - because it is far too good to pass up something like this for use in my classroom. I can already envision it: use the podcast to intrigue them and blind them to the malicious assault of information and LEARNING I'm about to unleash on them. Have them use that time to practice active listening and note-taking. Then? Launch them into action! Mur Lafferty is rife with writing wisdom - the blockages, the triumphs, the step by step trek through the murky jungle of writing for a living - or even for an education. She is upfront and honest. In this first foray into podcast listening, I felt as though my own experiences were speaking back at me through this computer, with a life of their own. And what's extra special cherry-on-top good about that? Sometimes it will benefit my students to have a voice that is not, in fact, MY own. This is the real world struggle of writing - it is not limited to the classroom. It is what I try to teach and what my students need to learn. Thank you for providing such a wonderful resource... coming soon to a high school English classroom near you! Thanks Mur!
Mur Lafferty offers a good balance of advice with interviews, so listeners get the best of both worlds in her podcast. She's encouraging and upbeat for audiences that, with all good reason, can get discouraged - and given her knowledge and background, amateur writers can take heart: it's actually good advice. Mur bills her podcast as "for wannabe fiction writers" but she herself is no wannabe - she's walking the walk, which gives her advice some extra credence. Truly refreshing to listen, as an amateur, to someone who's managing to stay positive while facing the same challenges most of her audience deals with.
'I Should Be Writing' takes a little while to get started, but is a good look inside a writer's brain. The first part of this particular episode deals primarily with overcoming bad habits such as fear, lack of confidence and distraction, which can make writing difficult, and gives the listener tips on how to combat them. While I tend to only suffer from the bad habit of distraction, having heard similar frustrations expressed in many a writers' workshop, I imagine most hopeful writers would find this sort of information invaluable. The second part is an interview with author Gail Carriger and is a refreshing change from most author interviews. While there are a few predictable questions about character creation and motivations, more specific questions about the careful choice of character names, and writing professionally under a pseudonym are very helpful! The podcaster, Mur Lafferty, takes great care to make sure her interview remains intriguing, and it sounds very much as if the author enjoyed answering her questions. The final part consists of the podcaster responding to email questions sent to her about writing. and I have to admit that's where I lost interest. I realize this may be helpful for some, particularly those who have sent in such questions, but I'm afraid that format doesn't really appeal to me. Overall, however, I found the podcast to be very interesting and thought-provoking, and I feel it is a good resource for potential writers just getting their bearings.
You have hooked a new listener here! I picked out two random podcasts (#140 and #137), and I found them highly entertaining. The interviews were inspiring, and I'll be tuning in weekly now. I've been wanting to write for a long time now, and I've realized I just need to do it. Hearing from authors and you I think will help me keep up my motivation to write. Thank you Mur for putting together these podcasts! PS: "Jar of Awesome" perhaps the best idea I've heard of in a while.