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These guys truly know their stuff! They really make it easier to understand this crazy, and often complicated, world of technology we live in. From cool/not cool to rapid fire segments, this show is well constructed and very entertaining. Thanks for all your hard work and please keep it up!
These guys stay on top of the current tech news. I don't always agree with their take on what's cool or not cool, but I never doubt their sincerity. It's a fairly quick paced 25 - 35 minute podcast that rarely, if ever, gets bogged down. They just move from topic to topic giving the information that's pertinent.
I love a show that can last 106 episodes and still keep the info and fun fresh! Great Job! Great Podcast!


By LwEEs
Hey Benglet, thanks for the tip. I was enjoying this podcast but after listening to the episode from 9/13/06, I rather just bother someone else with my Mac fanatic attitute. Bye, Luis Really, bye.
Check out show 09_13_06 at about 2:30 - 3:24 and hear what Charley really thinks about Apple and Mac users.