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I was so thrilled to find Jonathan Burnham's church and listen to his sermons. I sat under his father's teaching and preaching at the Chapel in Akron when I was first a Christian. I learned so much, was so blessed by his father. After hearing one of these podcasts, the Christmas one, I know I will be just as blessed as before when listening to his father. Oh to hear the Bible come to life, the greek and the hebrew, the practical application to life again like this, I know I will be greatly blessed. Marge Crystal Lake, Il
Jonathan's words changed my way of thinking and opened my life to Christ. His has changed the way I view every aspect of my life .His sermons are bible based .Jonathan has a special way of putting the picture together so it make ABSOLUTE sense.
My family and I love the hear Jonathan Burnham speak. He is a very compelling speaker and speaks directly from Gods word. He adds historical backgrounds that give so much more than we could get from just reading the Biblical passages on our own. We truly appreciate this website and podcasts. I try to listen to his sermons more than once. There is so much I have learned from listening and studying what Jonathan has prepared. Jonathan's Love for God really shines through his teachings of Gods word.