Life.Church with Craig Groeschel (Video)

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Of all the church podcasts I watch/listen to online pastor Craig is the one that connects me to Jesus the most. I cried watching hope in the dark part 1. It really spoke to me in my season to not give up. All his sermons are awesome.
This sermon is special. It’s a call out and it hit me exactly where I needed it. Have listened twice today. I want this message to burn into my spirt so that I live it out!!! Thanks pastor Craig
Good messages. Real answers for life.
I've never visited any of your church site not do I use church online but I listen to your teachings via podcast. You are definitely one of my mentors. Thank you!
Never listened to church sermons outside of church. But then someone asked me to listen to a message one day that was relevant to what I am going through. Now I can't wait to hear the next one. Thank you for this.
These sermons were a blessing, I love listening to Pastor Craig he is one of my favorite preachers!!
After 40 years of wandering, God brought me home through Pastor Craig's message. I never heard the Word like that before. Praise God for his humble servant, Pastor Craig.
Powerful messages relating to life and our walk in Christ. He is an anointed speaker.
God is working wonders through pastor Craig.
I learn lot form listen your message I find by asking GOd show church on Internet he did thank you for being here God bless you
Really cool!


By FalTam
Pastor Craig is real and to the point. He doesn't dance around the truth, he speaks truth. These podcasts are uplifting, convicting, and life giving. God moves through this ministry and through every word Craig or his guest speakers say.
One of the best pastors in the country!
I needed this right now - I wish that I would've heard the series, 'Those People' 15 years ago when I was in Bible college preparing for pastoral ministry. Church people, staff, church leaders, friends, family can be and are manipulative. Pastors can be manipulative - lets face it - we manipulate each other and this should not be happening within the Body of Christ. Thanks Pastor Craig for this anointed and insightful message. May we have nothing to do with manipulation - Lord help us all!


Love this...if I had a church like that in my community I would be going to it. Absolutely Love it!
Listening to this podcast is how I stared to look for God again. Thank you, and 2 years later I'm still tuned in.


Love listening to the sermons, being fed spiritually. Though Lifechurch is not my home church, but I love hearing the messages and sharing what I learn from them with others. Keep up the good work. God bless.


By Chyzy
I've gone to this church since I was in middle school and now I'm graduating college and did it with Christ and Graig's amazing guidance and faith! His words also saved my family and my life! Whenever I can make a service these podcasts get me through the week! Amazing quality and content! <3
I loooove listening/watching to lifechurch!!!! But lately, Yes, I was also havin a hard time downloading from my compu and itouch. I did also had times where the screen was just blank and only sound.


By z28boy podcasts are awesome. Haven't experienced any problems.
I love life church I have been going there my whole life I am only 14. I go every wheek to switch and regular services. I love to listen to what Craig has to say and what his view on things are I would not want to go to another church. I have been to another church but doesn't compare to life I will go to life church until the day I die. '' WHO EVER FINDS GOD FINDS LIFE ''
I love listening to Pastor Craig, he is a blessing.... I have been having some problems with the podcasts lately, they freeze and I can't hear them, anyone else experiencing this?
Pastor Craig, God has anointed you, there is no question.


By MPC70
I love that the truth is spoken in love! May God continue to use you to get His word out! In Him, ~Claudia


By NYSoy
Got to know him from hillsong conf great and challenging messages love him
Love it!!!
This is amazing
God uses Craig and to bring understanding to God's word and trains us on how to live the Bible here and now in a fun and challenging way.
I love to watch these on my ipod....I would really like to see some of the older messages put on iTunes so I dont have to watch them online.
It is sooo nice to be able to hear a great Chirstian podcast to keep me strong in my faith and daily walk with God! this podcast is great, and Craig is soo funny. But he is pracitcal and really kno's his audience! this podcast is great, and really encouraging!!!! SUBSCRIBE AND U WONT BE DISSAPOINTED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank u soo much, u r a true blessing Craig! keep em coming!
Amazing, amazing, amazing! Craig and the teaching team ROCKS! Subscribe now.
If you like this you should check out Trinity Church of East Lansing podcast...AWESOME!!!!
My husband and I love LifeChurch. I'm so glad that we found it here on ITunes, it has made such a positive impact in our lives. We both have our nano's loaded with LifeChurch podcasts and it is a frequent topic of our conversations. Craig - and all of the pastors - are fantastic! It is hip, fresh, entertaining, keeps your attention, feeds your brain and fills your heart. Thank you LifeChurch!
It really inspires me the way lifechurch uses media to proclaim Jesus. Finally something relevant!
Been listening to this pod for 2 years now. I've looked at all kinds of church podcasts... and I can honestly say the message Life gives is VERY MUCH God inspired. People can usually tell when a preacher is being phoney; Craig is deffinitely not that. I can see the Holy Spirit living in this man (even if he doesn't like cats ;) - Jovan

By KateC
Awesome! is awesome and God is using this place like no other!!! Thank you all for being a part of it!!!
We needs churchs like this in Salt Lake City UT.My wife and I are from okc. There are not church's like that out here.Love to watch ipod video


By Grl4God
this guy is a great preacher, he really gets to you. and I am excited to watch all of these great vidcasts!


By spage
I never miss LifeChurch.TV. They are relevant. Craig does a great job teaching Bible principals and the Gospel. It's never about him, it about Jesus. Well done
i have been going through a hard time in my life recently...this has really helped.i listen to one of these podcasts every night before i go to sleep and it makes me feel like everything's going to be ok. thank you -hannah
After hearing Craig's series on "30 Days to Live", I went out and bought an iPod just so I could listen to LifeChurch's back sermons. Craig's book - Confessions of a Pastor: Great! Fort Worth, Texas is blessed to to be one of the newest satellite campus.
i love this podcast cause...i cant allways make it to the life church...but yet i can still can


By don09
I have a video ipod but it's not letting me download it to my ipod. Did anybody else have this problem? Really want to watch these episodes. Thanks!
informative and moving sermons. The pastor is genuine and is far from cheezy.
Grounded in the word; LifeChurch's message is honest, simple & direct. If you let it - it will seep thru to all your cracks & broken places in your life; & show you the way to be whole again or for the 1st time. This is a good place to start or start over. I strongly encourage you to check it out...
Real...challenging...applicable for my life...good stuff
These podcast's are worth the time. The things learned and then (if you dare) applied are eternal. Yes. The messages are biblical, logical, and usable. Ponder the words spoken, try it out, what do you have to lose? I watch these cast's in addition to attending a biblical teaching church and am a more knowlegable person because of it. Insead of watching the empty entertainment provided by television and cable I take a litle time to enjoy these podcast's. It's worth it! Very well done! It's FREE and it will make you a better person. NO DOUBT.....CHECK IT OUT.... p.s. - thank you Jesus for the work you are doing through these people.